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  • oh and thanks TT - i am considering trying to get some help from someone on how to 'engage' with T. i am wondering whether there may be some strategies i can use in conversation. i never end up getting an answer from him on anything so am wondering whether i am just approaching it in the wrong way. perhaps i need to phrase things differently or use different tactics. i have tried the 'i assume if i don't hear from you, you agree to this' approach but that has backfired - because he doesn't read it in the first place.

    perhaps we agree to a weekly phone call at a time when he promises to answer the phone; and we promise to give each other answers? not sure really. may try discussing it at mediation, but the mediators are a waste of space and don't actually help or give advice. but still charge £160 for an hour...

  • ((CM)) Sorry to hear of the continued woes - what a d**khead, is all I can say! I agree with MM, great idea on the concert, I'm sure J would love it. And hope the Welsh goes well tomorrow! I would love to take it up again someday - I did have part of my schooling in the 'Welsh unit' when I was in primary school and was pretty good, but it's all gone now apart from some select phrases!

    ((Lotte)) So glad you're all OK. Where were you on the M6 when it happened? We're in Keele, between J15 and J16, so not far from Stoke at all. But far enough!! Are you home yet? Or have I skimread way too fast and missed it? I am such an internet exile these days!

    ((CC)) So sorry to hear about the closure. Such a sad thing to happen. Hope you're OK.

    Congrats to Yve!

    ((EF)) I feel your pain! Hope you get some answers soon - good that you're ovulating though, at least you have something to work with. x

    right, I must go to bed, I am pooped. Sorry not to reply to everyone, I really couldn't remember it all!

  • CM, I second what TB said, what a d*ckhead! All I can say is that well done you for leaving because although it's not easy, it must have been so much worse before you left him.

     EF, I'm sorry to hear that AF is staying again. IVF really is the last resort now-a-days. As many others have said, at least you're ovulating which is half the battle. 

    Well, hubby is full of a cold and umming and arring about this HM tomorrow. I said if he does it I'll run with him (he's slower than I am), that way I'll have to be sensible and run slowly too. 

    TT, I have no symptoms what-so-ever. I'm not sick, my boobs aren't sore nor have they grown. I do keep getting period type cramps and lower back ache and I am tired (but then I'm always tired!) but that's it. I'm convinced that not all is well but what can you do other than ride it out and wait and see? I may be being completely paranoid! 

  • Struggling to catch up!

    Tatty - it was pretty close to you then. The accident happened between junctions 14 and 15. 

    We got home yesterday morning. Almost didn't make it to the boat on time but thankfully they waited for us. Just so glad to be back. Having a nightmare though trying to sort things out. Being played off by the insurance company against the police and it is very frustrating to say the least. Still haven't got any replcacement car organised.Have been trying to complie a list of all the things that we lost from the trailer but its taking ages.  But very touched by all the support and phone calls we have had since we got back. The phone has never stopped ringing after the local paper and radio did a wee story. 

    Mentally was desperate to get out for a run today, so I did, but my body wasn't quite ready image sore piriformis and left knee (??it was the right one that I had the injury to!) Can't seem to shift this chesty cough either. It is not too bad generally but still a bit of gunk coming up when I ran today. That must be about 6 weeks I have had it now. But our Sophie has the same for about the same time so must just be a beggar of a virus to shift.

    Ok enough of the self indulgence from me.

    CM (() imageto T!  Great idea to try to let J see you sing. I think it is important for kids to see their parents achieving things in life.

     EF (()) 

    MM - when my eldest two were little the advice was to wean at 4 months. Which i did and they were on meat etc well before 6 months.  The others I tried to wait until nearer 6 months but never quite managed it. 

    Welcome Louise. I have 6 kids ages from 10 down to 2 year old twin boys.

    Lol Camlo - I certainly have granny boobs. There is nothing there at all and def more skin than filling - gross! Wish boob jobs were cheaper.

  • Thanks for the thrush advice, I rang the GP yesterday to see if I could get an appointment with a female doctor (too embarrassed to see a male doctor, especially if it's the idiot I usually get lumped with!) on Wed when S is at childminder but they have no appointments free. They said to ring on Wed and see if there were any slots so I guess I'll have to do that.  It's not so much painful now, although it has been, it's more itchy which drives me nuts and hurts when I scratch image

    Success today, managed to get N to sleep in his room for an afternoon nap image  Child-free downstairs!  Had to wake him in the end, sleepy baby!  The secret was putting him down when he was getting tired but still happy, once he starts shrieking there's no going back...  Not sure if that's going to work on a normal day on my own when we're out and about and S is keeping me busy.

    Have been reading back but no time to reply to everyone - sorry.  CM ditto what others have said about T!  Lotte glad you seem to be ok.

    PP - I seem to remember feeling like that in the early days with N and it all turned out ok.  Stupid how you almost wish yourself to feel cr*p, then once you do you wish you hadn't bothered!  It's weird those first few months when the only thing telling you you're pregnant is a little blue line...oh and no AF of course!

  • well - i survived!! i am not sure whether any of it went in, but i sat and concentrated for 6 hours and i followed what was going on. phew!

    glad to hear you are all home in one piece, lotte - hope the car gets sorted soon as there is no way you can manage without one!

    spoke to the kids this morning as they are at T's - and guess what? his mum is down again... so that is confirming my suspicions about how he is coping at the weekends!!

  • ooo - nasty itchy scratchy thrush boobs, JG. hope you can get it sorted. would it help to put yoghurt on them!?!?! would make a right mess of your bras, but perhaps with breastpads?

    i just called the kids to talk to them before they went to bed and J was so delighted that i had been learning welsh today and we had a little conversation. nothing exciting - just hello and how are you etc, but he replied. bless! and he was so excited as well. makes it all worth it really.

  • That is great about talking welsh to J. I grew up on the Isle of Sky and spoke Gaelic but we left when i was 8 and i can't remember a single word of it. Wish i still spoke it though. There is gaelic speaking primary schools here now and they have classes at my daughter's high school but there was nothing like that when I moved here.

    TT ;0)

  • TT - i think the welsh thing is a mixed blessing really. it is good that they teach them another language from nursery BUT ... (and bear in mind, i did modern and medieval languages at uni so am passionate about languages) i don't really see what benefit they get from asking primary school teachers to teach the kids effectivey a foreign language.  JT may well have different views as i know she is an 'english' teacher in a welsh primary but i do wonder just how authentic the welsh is that they are being taught.  the teachers are not native welsh speakers - some of them have done language classes as adults because they need to learn welsh to teach incidental welsh in the primaries.  and the pronunciation is frankly appalling... and at the primary J was going to go to (the one in the local village to where we lived) the headmaster thought the whole drive to get the kids talking to each other and discussing topics in welsh was farcical because the teachers didn't have the level of welsh to make it possible.

    you wouldn't expect every primary school teacher to teach half a lesson in french, so why should you expect the same teacher to be able to do it in welsh? fine if the teacher is a native welsh speaker or speaks it to a good level.  rubbish if it is the class teacher who is being forced to do it to meet a welsh assembly initiative!

    in J's school there are no kids who speak welsh at home. and yet most of the stuff that is up on the walls in the classroom is in welsh. (and it is not a welsh medium school).  just very suspicious of it - that's all!

    oh - and then welsh is done at high school at the expense of foreign languages.  you *have* to take welsh - but you don't have to do another language.  and that is cr4p! they could actually be learning something useful (sorry camlo...)

  • On long drives I used to put on welsh BBC just because I thought it sounded funny!  I still find it odd when we go to Snowdonia, Llanberis etc and people speak welsh in cafes etc, I don't know why I find it odd that people should speak another language in Wales, but I do.  Also all the road signs being in both, same up in the highlands with Gaelic.

    I have a friend (one of many ex vets I know) and this one has retrained as a primary teacher, but she married an Irish vet and lives in Ireland.  She has to pass an Irish exam to teach in a primary school there.  She is capable and will do it, but in the meantime she can't find a job and yet she would be the most amazing teacher  - and of those really annoying people who is super intellegent, plus really good at singing, violin, piano and art - ideal for primary teaching.

    Busy day at work - we have a new graduate vet with us now and it was her 1st Sat and I was on with her.  Saturdays are always manic and this was even more so because, through no fault of her own, she is obviously slow, and has to ask lots of questions etc.  We were all there once, and I am as helpful as I can be, but I did eventually leave at 6.45 and leave her there (we're supposed to leave at 6) because I haven't really seen M for any length of time since Wed now, and I wanted a goodnight cuddle.  I don't mind helping her, but I'm not prepared to stay very late to babysit her when really that should be the bosses job.

    Normally I do a 10 mile run before work on a Sunday, but realised due to hubby being at home I can do my long run on another day next wk, so I may only do 5 or so in the morning, and 10 on another day.

    Lotte - welcome home!!!  Good luck with all the insurance red tape and beaurocracy..........

  • Can't remember if I said, but we are off on hols - so have a good week everyone!
  • No offence taken CM, although i live in Wales I do not support the whole welsh language initiative. The cost of dual printing for leaflets/ signs etc is astronomical and we even have to answer the phone in Welsh when we can't actually speak Welsh. Eldest did his GCSE but I don't think he could speak a word now as they only learn it like reciting times tables.... Other thing I don't get is why towns have English AND Welsh names. I don't say my name is Mary but in Wales you can call me Mair....
  • CM - sounds as though you had a good day after all. I would have been sitting there and they may as well have been speaking Martian!

    Lotte - welcome home, bet you are glad to be back. Are you or any of the kids having any bad after effects of the accident? Sounded so scary, really hope you get all the practical stuff sorted soon.

    JG - hope you get the thrush sorted - sounds really painful, fingers crossed for an appointment on Wednesday.

    Kinsey - have a great holiday, where are you going?

    Well, all the aunties, uncles, grandparents and great aunties have gone home. Poor Max was a bit tired at first so not on top form but Mr TT took him for a snooze and he really perked up. He now has more snuggly warm clothes than he can possibly wear in the four weeks we are here!

    We have a day to ourselves tomorrow before some good old friends arrive on Monday. We shall be asking them if they would take Max in if something happened to both of us, feels a bit morbid but it is something that does play on my mind.

    PP - enjoy your half if you do run tomorrow. Take it easy and just enjoy the run, don't go silly!!

    OK should go to bed now I guess. Night night all and good running for all out tomorrow.
  • JT - get to the doctor quick!  You need Nystatin (?) drops for Archie and I've got Daktarin cream (specifically, not gel - said the MW) for me.  I have had it really painful and this itchiness is slightly preferable but just drives me nuts instead image

    Just skim read as got to get to bed.  N has fed quite a lot today so I really hope he only wants one feed in the night...

    Good news about Archie gaining, JT.

    Went to the supermarket earlier to pick up a few bits and bobs.  It's a 10-15 min drive away and I whizzed round as fast as I could but was gone just over an hour.  Got back at 7.15pm (S's bedtime 7pm ish but she's really tired at the mo as she has a nasty cough keeping her awake) to N screaming the house down, toys EVERYWHERE, kitchen a tip, hubby totally flustered and snapped "where have you been? I thought you were just going to the shop up the road.".  Turned out S had said she needed a poo and wanted to do it on the potty so hubby ran upstairs and got the potty, took her trousers down and nappy off...and she'd already done it in her nappy and it went everywhere!  And she fell over and banged her head and wailed and refused to put her trousers back on and had generally been a pain...  I had to smile to myself, I was gone an hour, not the whole weekend, maybe I'll be more appreciated now...image

  • haha JG - men...

    JT / camlo - that is precisely what i feel about welsh too.  my nanny's younger sister is 14 and has been doing welsh forever but can't actually speak a word of it.  WHAT is the point of that?!

    well i ran this morning.  tried to find an alternative route back but i am hampered by the presence of the M4 and the river usk and there are limited places to cross both so i ended up basically on an out and back route again. but it was nice enough and i found the glebelands, which is a park everyone talks about here. i have always nodded sagely thinking - god i have no idea where that is. but today i found it!

    hope everyone has a good day. glad things are improving JT. weight gain sounds fab!!

  • 5 miles for me this morning, started at 7.30 in 3C!!  Very sunny and lovely, once my fingers had stopped hurting, and was soon sweating.  Decided not to do my 10 miles today before work, as I would normally do on the Sundays I work, as given that hubby is now at home I may as well take advantge and do it tomorrow afternoon instead.

  • Ha ha! I live the IKEA highchair too. Just off to see if I can fit it in the dishwasher!! image

    JT and JG, hope you can get the thrush sorted, not what you need right now.
  • Thrush sounds awful, hope you both get sorted v quickly.
    Managed a truly slow 7.66 miles this AM but it was gorgeous - my idea of perfect running weather, coldand sunny. Felt really ropey last night and thought i was getting the vommy bug that's been going round but 12hrs of sleep has helped. I'll take it tho as anexcuse for rubbish run. Sorry re any typos haven't worked out best wayto move cursor to make changes on this phone. Lou has emptied out all ghe fairy cake cases and i don't have the energy to get them back!!
    Spoke to one of the gym instructors today to say well done as she did chicago mara and came home second GB woman behind liz yelling and 39 th woman overall. 2.46. So impressed for a non professional. Shes doing london next.
    Lou now singing alice the camel and demanding her sun hat!! Better go!
  • EF - you always make me laugh! well done on getting out for a run. and wow - that is an amazing time for your gym instructor!

    i believe i may be turning into my mother. i have just stopped myself as i was writing my shopping list when the first items were:

    - milton
    - bathroom spray
    - toilet cleaner
    - shower spray

    as if that wasn't bad enough, i was walking past where i had hung the washing up to dry last night and thought 'those pyjamas of Jacob's (that i bought and washed yday) would look so much better if i ironed them'.

    this is a STEP AWAY from the iron moment - clearly! although JT and minks would probably approve image

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    Great South Run for me today - managed it in 1.31.34 which I'm quite happy wih as it's the first time I have ran 10 miles (except on 2 pregnant occaisions)  for about 3 years and also a PB for me too.
  • Well done Chynah!

    Also forgot to say hi to the newby (forgotten your name, sorry! image) I've got Sophie who's 2 and 4 months and Nicholas who's just about 3 months.  And I don't run a lot or fast but I do like it image.

  • Right must see if I can get highchair in the dishwasher .....

    EF- good running and fab for your gym lady!!!!

    Chynah- Excellent race- I quite like a 10k distance now, you don't feel like you have to prepare for years and you can actually walk properly within a week!

    CM - if thats my Mums shopping list you better add bovril, tena lady and nice (niece) biscuits..... 

    Herefordshire cross country league kicked off today, 3.67 miles of mud, downhill mud and uphill mud... don't know how I did but think I was fairly middle of the pack?   No tea after though so drove nearly an hour home cold and thirsty.... next time I'll take a flask!

  • Glad you're back safely Lotte.

    Fab running Chynah, well done on the PB. 

    I didn't get a PB during the half mara today but then, as I do have a passenger on board, I wasn't pushing it too hard. I did it in 1:59:52, so 8 seconds to spare!

    Ouch to those with thrush, it sounds grim. 

    lol to JT telling the kids to stand on the door. I must say that I hated the whole dual language thing when I lived in N. Wales, it seemed like such a waste of paper, not to mention money. Welsh is important and I don't think it should be dwarfed by English but I don't think it's handled very well. 

    can't remember what else has been said. Sorry to anyone I've missed. I'm battling tiredness so that I can watch x-factor but I'm not sure I'm going to make the results! 

  • oh yeah, EF, that's absolutely amazing about your friend. She must be really pleased with that! Well done her!
  • well done camlo. you do pack a few races away, don't you!

    and congrats, PP and Chynah on your great results!

    camlo - i have since added washing up liquid to my list. but that doesn't make it any better, does it? no need for tena lady, yet, and i have never bought bovril or nice biscuits in my life!! i suspect my mum has bought nice biscuits, but she is veggie, so no bovril!

  • LOL CM and EF, you both make me laugh!! I'm afraid I still need tena lady for my faster runs, PF is still not great when I'm pushing the pace.

    Step away from the ikea high chair and dishwasher girls too image!!

    Well done to your gym instructor EF. I'd love to have that kind of time, maybe one day.....

    Weldome home Lotte. Hope you get everything sorted. Look after those legs though, now is the time to have a rest for sure.

    Well done PP and Camlo and Chynah. Lots of racing going on. No running from me though, still full of cold, headaches, green snot. Yuck!!

    Boys party went rather well today. Here is picture of cake...

    Now off to bed as am pooped...
  • PP - as well as being a PPPB, maybe it should be a BOBPB too (baby on board).  Hee Hee. 

    JG - sorry but I laughed at your story, hope Mr JG has been extra nice to you today image.

    CM - yes, do step away from the iron.  Sit down and pour yourself a stiff drink!  Do you get the kids back this evening?

    Chynah, well done on your 10 miler, great time.  It's not a distance I've ever done, maybe I should look out for one as a stepping stone to a half in the spring.

    Max has not been his usual smiley self today, too much disruption I think.  We have some friends arriving tomorrow with their 2 daughters (about 8 and 11 I think) so he gets no break from it either.  I went out to my old circuit training class tonight, was great to catch up with the old crew and I am sure I will ache like hell tomorrow imageimage but I left Mr TT with a squealing Max.  He's got a bit of a chesty cough too.  I went into Boots today and was pretty shocked to discover the only cough medicine you can buy for under 6's is for tickly coughs, you can't buy any of the medicines for chesty coughs!  The assistant did actually say is was now 'illegal'!

  • MM - cross post - awesome cake!!!
  • wow, MM - that is stunning!!! hope they appreciated it! we did a pirate's hat for J's 4th birthday - 2lb of black icing.  niiiiiice!

    hope your cold improves.

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