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  • wow JT - that was some stint of no feeding!! how were your boobs after that?!

    great day today with the kids at techniquest in cardiff.  buttons, knobs, levers and lots and lots of water. E was like a drowned rat. how come she was the only kid soaked from head to toe?! it was brill tho.

    we went over there for 10am and left at 2pm (and i paid with tesco vouchers as well so bargain!).  we were driving home and i thought it was a dead cert for E falling asleep as she normally sleeps 1 - 2 pm (she is 19 months).  i looked in my rear view mirror - J (aged 4) sound-o; E still bopping along to the tunes on the CD.  errr!?!?! she did nod off eventually - but her older brother beat her to it! she really is dynamo-madam!

  • oh and i have friends with kids like yours who break everything JT.  J's best friend alex has a brother who is 6 months older than E, and every time he comes he breaks something. always a toy but often something else as well.  this time it was E's cot.  he climbed into, jumped up and down in it and broke a slat. ARGH!!
  • I also have visitors that break stuff and spend the whole time chasing them about trying to lure them into a safe area or to the table to eat!

    Welcome runnin free- I'm the opposite of you as I have 3 boys! 

    Pink- Is there a reason why you aren't looking forward to the birth? Hope you can get some assurance-I had a baby here on Saturday who arrived 13 mins after her mother got to hosp without pain relief -doddle. 

    Caro- sounds exciting and glad you got the time recognised. I don't mind doing overtime but don't like the fact it is taken for granted all the time. 

    CM - I think my boys would love technoquest if E was old enough. Only thing would be the journey as Cardiff is a good 1hr half from home and Tom does like to vomit... 

    Cleaner- we had a cleaner for a few months but she gradually did less and less and I surprised her one day by being here and she turned up having just been to the hairdressers plainly hoping to whip around and be gone without breaking into a sweat. Couldn't justify the cost as I knew I could do it just as well in an hour and it had been costing £20 a week. 

    Racing- I am lucky in that our club enters the cross country league so that gives me 5 races between  now and Feb and we have a few halves, a 10 mile and a 17m between Sep and Xmas. 

  • oh yes, camlo - your boys would absolutely LOVE technoquest. E had a total ball. i think they would have to be walking really to get the most out of it though.  it was busy so crawlers and cruisers would probably be flattened by over-excited toddlers and pre-schoolers. i paid with tesco vouchers so it was really cheap.  and the car parking isn't too bad for cardiff as it is in the bay so not £50 an hour like it is in the centre image

    have put photos on facebook

  • CM - you made it onto FB now??  Are you in the Mums Running Group?
  • Really quick hello from me as I'm sure I'm about to be interupted by a hungry baby (fast asleep at the moment)!

    Thanks for all your congrats - both here and on FB! For anyone who missed it, baby Conrad was born last Monday (18th Oct) and weighed 8ib 1oz. I did end up being induced but only had to have one dose of gel which started contractions and he was born about 7.5 hours later. The contractions were actually fairly manageable for the first 6.5 hours and I was supposed to be re-examined after that but the midwife came and said she was too busy to see me or to do anything else that night (next stage would have been to break my waters) and would see me in the morning! We were pretty unimpressed with this but luckily things kicked off as soon as she left the room and he was born less than an hour later. Had two tears but otherwise had a natural birth (apart from the induction) and managed to just use the tens machine.

    Have spent the last week getting used to having a newborn again and it is lovely if not quite hard work (more looking after K than looking after C!). He was getting his days and nights muddled up so I didn't get much sleep at all the first few nights but he is a bit more settled not and has only woken for a feed once in the night the last 2 nights (although it's taken a couple of hours to get him bacl to sleep again). Feeding is going ok although it's painful on one side and my nipple is all cracked - latch is better now so it's not getting worse but it's still not healed. 

    Sorry for the me post - haven't had a chance to read back properly so I hope everyone is ok, especially Lotte after the accident and CC with news of hubby's job (sorry to anyone else I've missed). And congrats to PP - you didn't waste any time did you!


  • Yve it sounds like you did really well with just the tens machine. He isn't a tiny baby either so well done!!

    I have a scan tomorrow as I've been spotting.  I'm still getting my head round the idea of being pregnant so if it's not meant to be I'd rather know sooner than later. It's still a bit nerve wracking though. Ho hum, I'll keep you posted. I think I'll give the club run a miss tonight. 

    talking of running, MM, your "slow" runs are my fast runs. Honestly, you are pretty awesome. Fab running from Carovet too! I bet it felt nice to hit the trails after what sounded like a horrendous time at work. Good to hear the dogs are doing ok though. 

    JT, the comment about your neighbour putting her shoes on kitchen roll made me laugh out loud! When I lived in N. Wales the woman from the end of the street used to sweep the road from end to end, and all at 6 in the bloody morning. I felt like telling her to come and do my housework if she was so bloody hell bent on cleaning at that hour! 

  • Camlo, I am kind of looking forward to the birth. But because I just have no idea what it'll be like I just can't visualise it and feel prepared. We're doing NCT classes so I'm fully informed etc, perhaps I'm reacting to their ethos of "do it as naturally as you can" and feeling pressured by that, or concerned about the alternatives.

    I'm not a control freak, but I do like to have an idea in my mind of what will happen. And I just don't know. Baby is currently breech at 30 weeks (early days I know) so an elective at 38 weeks is sounding appealing just for the control factor. 

    I think I need to spend some time at the weekend writing down my birth preferences and hopefully that'll make me feel a bit more ready. I think a few weeks of mat leave pre-baby will help. Work is an unwelcome distraction.

    Anyway, wrong thread for all this stuff... 

  • *lurks*

    flipping heck, you lot dont half like to gab over here!!!!  image

    how many pages of reading?

  • Farnie - I know, I can never keep up these days!!! Hoping maybe one day I might be able to post on the other side - bit less busy on the PR thread! image 

    Another Louise for a middle name here - late 70s child.

    CC - good to hear from you, not surprised you got sick of visitors!

    Yve - great to see you and many congrats again! Hope you get some more sleep soon...

    ((PP)) Hope the scan goes OK - spotting isn't always a bad sign. Thinking of you x

    Managed to get out for a run this morning, yay!  First time in 2 weeks because I have been feeling so foul. Still coughing up some gross stuff but felt like the run loosened it somewhat (sorry, TMI!). did about 3 miles in 27 mins ish so quite nippy considering I've had some time off. The hideous weather probably made me run faster, mind - it is freezing cold and raining. Been ploughing through a large pile of marking this morning so having a break now. So far have done 30 Yr 9 reading tests and 7 Yr 9 essays on poetry (only 23 to go!). Some are quite entertaining. After that I shall be treated to the delights of 32 Yr 7 autobiographies and 62 Yr 8 Gothic stories. What fun!

    Bit of a GRRRR this morning with the car. It's gone in for a job that we've been putting off for yonks on the air conditioning. It was meant to cost £375 but they phoned just now to say that it needs another part replacing, which will cost another £100 on top! AARRRGGHHH! That's my shoe allowance for this month down the drain, LOL.image 

  • TB, I feel for you re the car expense. I drove ours into a kerb at the weekend and burst the tyre imageso we had to cough up £170! Abi's middle name is Louise, maybe because I am a late 70s child and was brought up with so many girls who had that middle name! Enjoy the marking!

    Hi Farnie. 

    We've got visitors coming tomorrow CC. My oldest friend and her son, they're only coming for one night though so I can cope with that. The Spanish have a saying which translates roughly as "Fish and visitors start to smell after 3 days."  image

  • Hi Runnin'Free, welcome to "the other side" image

    Congrats Yve if I didn't say it already!  Just a Tens machine, fantastic!

    Sophie's middle name is Louise but that's just because I have a couple of friends with that name (70s children!) and like it.

    Caro - sounds like a tough day, glad it was all worth it and that they've given you time off in lieu.  Is the A&E thing to supplement your income?  Sounds like something new and different.

    image at that Spanish saying, PP, too true!

    Roslyn - thanks for the signpost to that website, I've had a read.  It's making me wonder if I have got thrush or not - basically my symptoms are (sorry if TMI) intense itching which I'm now wondering is caused by little blisters on my nipple.  I've also got a red rash round the side where he sucks but the itching can be all round.  And it was really painful afterwards at one point which it's not now - could be the aftermath of thrush or something else??  HV is coming (supposedly image) this afternoon so I might ask her, otherwise try for that docs appointment tomorrow.  I sometimes wonder whether the Daktarin cream is causing the rash and dryness?

    I don't really want to put this in writing as it will probably jinx things, but I seem to be on a roll with getting Nicholas to nap upstairs...  He either cries on and off until he goes to sleep, or just now he shrieked for about 10 mins so I went and tried him with a dummy (which he's not always bothered about) and it seems to have done the trick image.  2 sleeping children for me!

    Caro - vet question: I've started Ralph on the Royal Canin diet food and am giving him about 90g a day as that's what it says on the packet.  He still complains for food all day so I'm guessing it's not too much?  Also, how quickly should a cat lose weight?  I doubt if he's even going to lose any but I live in hope... He was about 6.75kg at the last weigh-in (!)

    CC - know what you mean about visitors!

    Ok I have a nursery question.  I've been and picked up a form for the local nursery for when Sophie's 3 (next September!) and you can choose 5 mornings, 5 afternoons or 2 full days and a half day.  What is anyone's experience of this?  From a work point of view the full day things might be best but would she get too tired?

    Oh spoke too soon, he's awake...

  • CC- yes it was me, shopping all done, just a few stocking fillers to pick up and photo books to make up in Tesco for the Grandparents and that's me. Still got a load of stuff 'stored' in the boot of the car and parcels that have been delivered are hiding under my bed, no idea where I'm going to store it all and dolls house is still boxed in the garage and will require building and safe storage.

    Mr TT went for his vasectomy this morning and was not a success . He is not a happy man! They did the first side easily and pain free but couldn't get tube to come down enough on second side, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort for him and they had to abandon trying as the swelling was too much. They have referred him to hospital to have it done under general but are going to try again next month before his hospital appointment comes through.

    TT ;0)


  • God TT - I just assumed it was nice and easy and straightforward - I didn't know it could get complicated.  Ouch.

    JG - Wilbur, my 3.8kg moggy is on 50g a day, so 90g does sound like a lot to me!  I never believe what they say on the packet as I think it's a ploy to get you to feed more so you need to buy it more often.  Is he on the light or normal variety?  Wilbur is on one called Fit 32 - ridiculous name.

    Yes the extra work is to supplement the income, I figure if I have to work most wk ends for the forseeable future then we still have our family time Mon-Wed and I'll work Th-Sun.   It won't be forever.

    Just did 5 miles in the wind and rain, yesterday was so so lovely and today so yuck!

    Right got to fill in complicated forms to get us some tax credits, read a cover letter for a job hubby's aplying for and fill in a new starter form for my new job.  Plus pilates this evening.

    By the way, is anyone else watching Downton Abbey?  I absolutely love it.

  • Oh TT thats dreadful. It was so straight forward with MrMM, barely any pain. I hope they get it sorted soon...

    By contrast CC, here has been shocking weather today. Pouring and so grim. Just took boys out on ride round the block in the rain. They are still bouncing off the walls though.

    Wish I could get my run over and done with today. Not really well enough for club session tonight.

  • CC if you have cable tv then you can usually get it if you look at the audio description channels - they usually show English ones.  Andy often watches BBC1 on audio description when england are playing footie cos we don't usually get it up here and I am pretty sure ITV have the same deal!
  • wow- 8.30, JT. that is brilliant!

    mank weather today but spent the day in Cheltenham with an old friend and her 3 kids so my 2 were happy!

    hope all is ok PP...

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    My two started nursery at 3 months and do 2 afternoons a week whichalways knackers them specially as Nate gave up daytime naps at 9 months old but then I like to have a thoroughly tired child whos fit for bed wth the prices I'm paying!

     PP - fingers crossed for you - I had an early scan with Lexi (around 7 weeks) and found it very reassuring to see her heartbeat flickering away.

    Tired after hills with the club so time for TV and a ittle wine image

  • Back from lovely weeks holiday on west coast of Ireland. First time I've been to Ireland and I really loved it (so did Maggie!).
    About 20 pages to read back on this thread now....
  • Caro - it's the diet stuff he's on by the way.  If he's, say, a 6kg cat though and your 3.8kg cat has 50g, isn't 80-90g about right?  Sorry for all the questions, I just don't want to have spent all this money on food for it to have no effect.  I'm just sick of people commenting how fat he is!  And concerned for his health of course...

    PP - hope all's ok, my sister had bleeding with her first and all was fine.

    JT & CC - thanks for the advice.  I hadn't considered afternoons only as that's when she's tired so isn't that just a recipe for disaster??  It does say you don't necessarily get your first choice anyway...

    JT - hooray to 8.30am, fingers crossed things go better tonight.  We had a night of Sophie waking repeatedly, sweaty or sore throat or coughing.  She had a bit of a temp this morning but it went down with some Mandofen (we've run out of Nurofen!).  N woke once in the end, seeing as 6.10am is technically morning image  I'm off to bed in a minute though, I'm shattered!

    Have finally managed to cut hubby's hair though so he doesn't have a mullet anymore image

  • JG- my 6kg cat is on 80g a day of Iams diet cat fud. He still whinges for more and keeps getting fatter despite my best efforts!
  • Sorry girls - a me post coming.....

    my friends nan died this morning

    my car started making a weird noise?? turbo broken.

    I have a huge stone chip on my windscreen but no-one local can fix it without calling V.expensive van out.

    Lastly got home from work at 8.30pm, Archie tipped water in Tom's bed  and then hubby sat me down to break it to me gently that eldest has EFFING SMASHED HIS CAR AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Holiday was lovely, weather not bad for Ireland(!), did lots of driving and a bit of walking along the beautiful coastlines of Galway, Clare and Mayo. stayed in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with no internet/phone signal, bliss! Drove to Dublin for a couple of (very expensive) days then flight home. Everyone loved Maggie, she was very cute and smiley with anyone who talked to her (as long as no one tries to touch her she loves strangers, sigh!). Lots of good food and Mags now adores soda bread (think she would happily just chew bread and nothing else all day) and loved hubbys mushed irish stew (def not a veggie like mummy). And Maggie sprouted her first tooth while we were there, bottom front, the same week I stopped breastfeeding.
    Back to reality in rainy London now and still not done all the washing as we're creating it quicker than I can do it. (how do you guys ever get it done with several kids?!).

    Have skimmed last few pages! Lets see if I remember anything...

    Firstly - congratulations Yve! Sounds like a reasonably straightforward labour too (if can ever be called that!). I just loved my tens machine too. Hope you are all settling down to family life with 2 little uns.

    Congrats on awesome marathon Lotte! Horrible car crash, scared the hell out of me just reading it, glad all ok.

    (()) CC - so sorry to hear about the closure. Heard on the news whilst we were in Ireland and thought of you.

    (()) Caro - hope hubby gets interviews soon and doesn't drive you up the wall at home.

    CM - sorry to hear your ex still acting like a complete t**t.

    MM - fantastic cake! Going back a few pages here but you were worried about S weight. Since we've been weaning Maggie (and she still doesn't eat masses) she has jumped up a centile! Couldn't believe it and weighed her on different scales just to be sure! So maybe the weaning will cause a growth spurt for S too.

    Chynah, you mentioned Lexi still being reluxy with food? Maggie is vomiting a lot with food, especially yoghurts and some of the packeted rice pudding she had on hols. I wasn't worried but hubby thinks its a lot of puking. I just hate having to change my clothes, her clothes, scrub the carpet several times a day! Such stinky vomit too! (She vomited in the pool today... what could I do, felt really guilty though).

    And congratulations PP! Hope the scan is ok, I had bleeding in the early weeks and all was fine.
    That is good going on the half marathon too, very impressive!

    I was hoping to try for a short gap between Maggie and next baby (if my cycles are less weird post pregnancy!) but thats all on hold because of stoopid scar tissue. Would have at least liked to try a night of passion! Had my perineal injection yesterday, basically they find the most painful bit of scar tissue and inject into it. Was quite painful!! and more blood than I expected! Anyway, I now have to go back to my NHS dildos before another injection in 4 weeks. Still don't think its going to work and I'll end up have a re-stitch job in Jan. So no baby making for me image probably a good thing really, could I really cope with another baby that doesn't sleep for first 6mths.
    Saying that, we stopped the dream feed last night and she slept from 7pm to 8am! Probably jinxed it now...

    Sorry for all those I've missed, I think I would be on here til midnight and I really must put the suitcases away...

  • x-post Camlo (()) definitely a grey hair day.
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