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  • Hugs Camlo.......

    JG is it the vet prescription diet food?  What's it called?  It is really good food but I find the only really effective way to get a cat to lose wt is to feed the prescription diet food that you get from the vet - either Hills RD or royal canin Obesity (gotta love the name!)  but the ordinary light varieties aren't designed for wt loss. - I mean obviously you can get him to lose wt, you just feed him less but then he will be really hungry and really annoying.  The prescription diet foods have fewer calories so you can feed a decent amount to fill them up, but it's less fattening.    But if you have just got the loght stuff I would def feed no more than 70g a day - 90 really does seem alot.  A person who weighs twice as much as another person doesn't have to eat twice as much as that person - same goes for cats.

  • Camlo - huge hugs coming your way, what a s**t day, things HAVE to be better today...  Your windscreen should be covered under your car insurance.  I still can't get my head around having a baby/toddler and also one old enough to drive!

    Sonya, so good you had such a nice holiday, Ireland is such a friendly place isn't it?  Woo Hoo to Maggie's first tooth.  Still no sign for Max but we are convinced the first must be very near, he is dribbling like crazy at the moment.  No one tells you about the possible problems of a natural birth like you have had do they?  Really hope you can get it all fixed and comfortable soon.

    CC - you have my sympathies about the visitors.  All of ours are thankfully going to be brief visits.  My MIL and FIL are coming this weekend and they were planning Saturday to Wednesday but we have suggested Sunday to Tues/Weds which fits perfectly with PP's quote (hee hee - I liked that!).

    Oh, TTwirl - image to your husband's predicament.  Really hope he is OK, I've heard they are bruised down there for a while anyway afterwards.

    PP - was your scan today?  As so many have said, an early bleed so often leads to a healthy baby but no amount of words will stop you worrying.  Thinking of you.

    JT - fingers crossed you had a good night last night.

  • Oh heck!  Max had a few red spots on his tummy when we put him to bed last night and has them all over this morning...  image  Full credit to my doctor though, we have an appointment at 11.10 today.  He seems OK, not off his food so hopefully nothing.

  • Is it pox TT?

    Caro, we have two cats, both are 6kg, one looks rather fat though Barolo, where as Shiraz looks thin, he is just very long (tall). Vet told us that Shiraz was over weight. How can that be when he looks so thin, you can see his bones. He is so athlectic too. I can see it in Roly, but am refusing to pay vet prices for prescription food I'm afraid. It is very hard to restrict one cats diet too, as you put food down and the other cat will eat it, so I can put down 70g of food, but then unless I watch which cat is eating (and I don't have the time to watch the cats with 3 kids to feed as well) I have no idea how much either has had.

    Hols sound lovely Sonya. Glad Maggie sleeping so well. S still waking early, so think we need to ramp up to two meals. She is like a little bird just opens her mouth. Carrot today, see what she makes of that!! Very hungry little girl, she drank 9.5oz of expressed milk this morning!! I went running at 6am!!

    Glad you feel better TB. I am still coughing up grim gunk, but feel loads better. Benylin is ace stuff!

    Off up north later on today for a few days, so have good week and weekends everyone.

  • Well, just back from the doc (image - dishy too, why was my doctor never so dishy??).  Didn't pay attention to anything he said as I was drooling so much.... OK maybe I was paying a little attention.  He was not concerned about the rash as it fades with gentle pressure.  I didn't think to ask about pox but he didn't mention it so hopefully not.  He listened to his chest and looked in his ears and mouth and just said to come back if we had any concerns.  I might just go back tomorrow to see him image.  Max is OK in himself, has been a bit off colour but he has had such a dramatic life change this last week that I would be amazed if he didn't react a bit to it.

    MM - have a good trip up north and hee hee to the idea of watching your cats eat - as if you've got nothing else to do!

  • poor max. and lol at the dishy doctor!
  • ROFL at the dishy doc.  I am presently becoming obsessed with Lucas North from Spooks.  Not the actor but just the character!  Found myself cutting a picture out of the tv pages today and have put it on my wall at work - not getting much done!   Then at court this am I noticed a passing resemblance of the Clerk to Lucas and was so distracted I barely heard a word of the hearing!

  • oh and ((camlo)). hope today is better.
  • Oooh, EF, just had to google him, not bad!!

    Any suggestions on what to do with a wriggly nearly 8 month old spotty, snotty boy who really needs a sleep but doesn't want one??  I am trying to work from home today but it is proving nearly impossible!

  • Oh thats good TT, and glad he was rather dishy too. Sadly my GP is not!!

    EF, I too like Lucas North, but like his voice too. He narrated the Bhutan tiger series on BBC one recently. I LOVE his voice!! LOL to the Clerk in court though!!

    S keeps waking up as she keeps doing poos, carrot obviously doesn't agree with her!! Desperately trying to pack. Off to dentist when hubbie gets home and then hit the road. I do wish S had waited until after this trip as now have an extra bag of 'stuff' to take, plus lots of pots of things and will have to buy formula to mix with as not taking breast pump too.

    Boys playing beautifully with their new kitchen and pirate ship. Makes a change it really does...

  • hope you're having a better day today Camlo.

    Poor Max TT. At least if it is pox travelling home wont be an issue as it will have cleared up by then. I had a yummy doc once, I went to see him about my knee and got all giddy when he examined it! heehee. 

    Nice to hear you had a nice time in Ireland sonya. Abi still has no teeth, I think she's going to be gummy forever. 

    Ouch to the cocked up(pardon the pun) snip TT. I  can't imagine hubby is too impressed! 

    Well, the scan this morning didn't tell me anything other than either my dates are wrong, a possibility as AF would drop in whenever she felt like it, or it has stopped growing. It was too small to tell if there was any life. I had to have an internal. She said "it's just like a tampon" Don't know what kind of bloody tampons she uses!!! I had a blood test, I'll get the results tonight, I'll maybe need another blood test on Friday but in the mean time I just have to sit and wait. They said they can't rule out eptopic pregnancy but that it really is too early/small to tell. Thanks for sharing your early pregnancy bleed stories with me everyone, there's still hope!!

    On the up side, I have a job interview on Friday and another on Saturday, both for weekend work so hopefully one of those will come off! 

  • Oh PP, sorry your appointment couldn't have been more positive and conclusive.  Fingers crossed for some good news.  Ouch to the internal examination - what on earth did they think they would be able to tell at such an early stage?

    Good luck for your interviews though - are these teaching jobs?

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    ((PP))  had a couple of internal scans - not the most pleasant experience.

     There is a dishy GP at my practice and also by obstetrician was quite dishy too but I just feel bad that doctors no longer look old to me !

    Ouch to Mr TT and lol at EF!

    I have managed to catch my little horrors cold and feel poo - wine is medicinal isnt it?

  • yes - definitely it is, chynah. particularly red wine mulled with some extra brandy. definitely medicinal.  as is gin and tonic, and alcoholic ginger beer - just in case anyone was wondering.

    hope you feel better soon, tho.

    i have just been for a run.  question - why do geese and swans insist on drinking out of scabby muddy litter-strewn puddles when there is a perfectly decent river right next to the puddles?! they were all at it today and it was hard dodging them all!

  • Hello everyone

     Sorry, big skim read only, I'm knackered but no good reason for it, apart from the weather!  I am on part 2 of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series and quite fancy getting into warm bed and carrying on with that...oh, and hubby in London so no company tonightimage

    Janie, hope the feedings get into a rhythm, I can empathise with the all or nothing scenario!  Glad that the Lansinoh has helped, when I ran out of that in the early days I was like a heroin addict trying to get every last drop out, I was desperate!!

    TT, hope Max is better and it's just a 24 hour thing.

    PP (()), you sound like you are coping ok with the uncertainty, hope they can give you some (good) answers tonight.

    Sonya, glad you had a good holiday!  How did you manage to give up bf in a week?!  I need to do that!

    Chynah, yes!  Go with the alcohol, I second CM's opinion.  Had to have a couple of G&T's myself tonight, for medicinal reasons, obviously..

    Night guys (we are an hour ahead, but even so, I know that's bad image)

  • JT - we practically lived in that museum in the summer.  the women on the desk used to say 'we've sharpened the pencils' as we walked in as they knew that J and E would be out there scribbling for hours. E loves the dressing up as well, and they both love the hobby horses. don't know what i would do without the free things in caerleon, tbh - the roman baths (which are fab, although both kids slightly scared of the sound effects), the amphitheatre for alfresco games of fighting with tigers etc, plus the museum and ffwrwm (which has some very dodgy statues including one which J insists is Dumb-dumb from Night at the Museum). all free, free, free!!!

  • right, girls.  was thinking... should we try and get together at some point? i know we have talked about this in the past...

    it is unlikely that we will be able to get everyone together - particularly our outlying members in Florida, Warsaw and Shetland! But you never know... And then there would be the breastfeeding mums who may not be able to come but...

    Could we try and do something - in central or 'upper' England somewhere? somewhere that people can get the train to or can drive to easily?

    And could we maybe find a weekend with race - a 10k perhaps - that we could do en-masse? or maybe a slow and a fast group if MM comes along image

    Was thinking - if we were able to find somewhere with a scout hall, we could maybe camp in the hall for the weekend reducing the costs...

    What do you gals think? R_B of course welcome if he could wangle a weekend away (not that I imagine he would want to come and camp in a roomful of women. altho...)

    Was wondering about next year after the spring marathons so as not to mess up anyone's training for anything important...

  • (()) PP. Hope everything is ok.

    TT , scary about the rash, sounds like you handled it very calmly!

    JT, fingers crossed that the little un gives you more sleep tonight, even if it does make your boobs agony!

    Johbo, I'm also on second millenium book, I really look forward to going to bed early so I can read it (not doing anything else in the bedroom atm image).
    I didn't give up BF in a week but I did drop the feeds very rapidly and one boob gave up very quickly so I was only feeding from one anyway. Hubby has bought her follow on aptamil as he says its got more iron added to it, hope its not too soon for follow on.
    Also found out today that Maggie quite likes pureed fish but the puke is the foulest smelling yet, changed her clothes several times, sooo whiffy.

    Off to watch the Apprentice now and complain at how awful it is!
  • x posts CM, camping in a scout hall sounds fun. Wouldn't we just talk all night and then be too tired to do the race image
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    CM - sounds like a great idea would definitely be up for it.
  • PP (())

    MM - have a good weekend away. 

    TangyT - poor  Mr TT, hope he is not too sore now. 

    TT-  hope Max is better soon. Rashes are always a bit alarming aren't they. 

    Did a slow 5 miles this morning. I won't say it was easy becasue it was so bloomin windy! Left knee sore and top of right hamstring hurts so think it will have to be another rest day tomorrow. Grr I have no patience for this recovery lark.

    Kids go back to school here tomorrow. Seems wierd starting back on a thursday. Teachers have had 3 in-service training days. 

    Cameron spent the day in pants for the first time. He did really well and only one accident when I was on the phone. Lewis has shown no signs of being ready yet  but he wasn't impressed with not getting to wear big boy pants too! 

  • Evening all !!

    Day was slightly better although I'm still not speaking to eldest..... can't believe he actually drove to work without even fixing the back light -had to tell hubby to tell him if he gets stopped he'll also have points on his licence to contend with & an even longer spell in coventry.

    PP- I had several early scans too & hopefully it was just too soon to see today.

    CM- I think a Mums race is an excellent idea- of course some of us would need a headstart... or we could slow MM and Lotte down with backpacks/ fancydress?? Must start doing more trips with the boys but I struggle to manage them out and about without losing the plot.

    Did manage to get out between showers in a decisive effort to avoid the black cloud which was threatening to descend and ran for nearly an hour.

    Millenium books- I've only read the 1st and waiting to get the rest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CM - great idea, wish I would be able to come but sadly not.  I guess it'll be quiet on here that weekend image.

    Lotte - keep taking it easy, hope your leg gets better quickly.  Funny how the twins are developing at such different paces - from someone who has no idea about twins,  I would expect them to be developing at a similar pace.

    Hope those of you with good books managed to get good early undisturbed nights.  I shall be off there shortly myself.

    Max seems OK, was a delight in the bath tonight, splashing and giggling like crazy, just very spotty!  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  I'm planning to head to Somerset tomorrow to visit my family while my sister is still visiting from Ireland so hope he is OK.

  • MM- yes hubby said first side was over and done with very quickly and relatively pain free, unfortunately when they tried to do second side it was a different matter. He's a bit sore and tender today and not looking forward to going bak in a month for round two and then possibly into hospital for round three. Although I have suggested that he go see GP before his next visit and gets a decent painkiller and some diasapam (sp?) so that he is able to relax a bit and get through next visit a bit easier.

    I also have a fat cat, don't know how cos she is so bloody fussy. She can only eat iams, she vomits up any other dry food and she refuses to eat all wet food except one type that we have found recently. She was on 65-70g of diet iams a day for the last 6 months and gained 100g????? She currently weighs 6.1kg. She is now on 30-35g of iams in the morning and a sachet of tuna cat food that she likes for her dinner. She often doesn't eat all of the wet food though even though it is only a small sachet. I know she isn't eating anywhere else cos she rarely goes further than the garden and she doesn't eat any other food. Have tried her on tuna and pilchards and stuff like that too and she won't touch them. I just worry about her being sore as she is 8 years old and her wee legs look so skinny under her wee fat belly (or big fat belly really, she is a very petite cat in every other way- tiny little head etc.

    TT- most rashes like you describe are just viral so usually nothing to be too concerned about, hope little one is better soon, nothing worse than sick baby.

    TT ;0)

  • ok then gals (and R_B) - where??
  • I have a suggestion....

    Florida imageimageimage

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