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  • Good Morning everyone! I am back to running after a long break and have a 9 month old girl Abigail-Lucie! It's hard to get back into and am currently up to 3 days a week running with a local harriers club! Where we all from?!
  • Hi JR welcome to the forum, be warned it might suck you in!! I have an 8 month old boy called Max George, I was never a serious runner but try to get out a couple of times a week.
    I'm in Wiltshire at the moment but will be heading back to sunny Florida in 3 weeks where we have lived for nearly a year now.
    Congratulations on Abigail, there is another mum on here with a nearly 9 month old called Abigail.
  • I have a suggestion....

    Florida imageimageimage

  • Sorry, gremlins again, it's not just that I think it's such a good suggestion that it needs saying twice!!
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Hi JR.  I am in Surrey and have a 21 month old boy (Nate) and a 6 month old gir (Lexi).

  • Hi JR - I'm in South Wales and have a 4 year old (Jacob) and a 19 month old (Ellen)

    If we were going for a central meet, there is a 9 miler (strange distance but poss manageable after a night talking / drinking? - and we can all PB if we've never done a 9 mile race before!!) in Solihull West Midlands on 19 June...

    could probably find a youth hostel somewhere nearby

  • 'Lovely countryside east of Solihul' - is there such a thing east of Solihul??  (sorry if there's anyone from Solihul......image)
  • ((cc)) - you have every reason to feel down. Hope you manage to distract yourself with busy-ness

    caro - it is actually quite nice around there country-side-wise. although i was assuming we wouldn't be too bothered about where it was; mostly just getting together really.

  • CC - (()) No wonder you feel flat.  Stripping beds here too this morning after Dylan had a wee accident!

    CM - I would have tried to come to the get together but can't do that weekend in June as it is the week before I go off to the island games. But we're never going to get something that fits for everyone so if that works for most then so be it!

    Welsome JR.

    Walked the mile up to the shop and then back with the twins walking. Forgot Cameron was in pants so did't mention to him about pee's and then he had an accident and had to walk home in wet trousers. Oops.

  • ((PP)) Yuck, 'those' scans are horrible, have had a few ever for my menstrual weirdness! Hope you hear some more conclusive and positive news soon x


    Lotte - boo to accidents and wet beds...We have a lot of that just now. Operation potty training with JP was not a success - he had accidents every time, but more than that, he did not seem bothered in the slightest! I'm still putting him on the loo all the time in the vain hope that he might get the idea one day... Sigh.

    Meet-up somewhere in the middle would be fab! There are loads of good races aournd here in the summer that would be good to do - it just depends how far people want to race. I will get my thinking cap on and come back with suggestions.

    JohBo - boo to hubby being away. I am quite lonely too atm with Ben away, but it's only Tuesday now that he's back. It's blimmin hard work on your own too!

  • oh no - lots of weeing boys.  TattyB - J's best friend Alex sounds like he was just like JP with potty training.  simply not bothered at all.  would quite happily wander round in wet pants / trousers and indeed pooey ones too. in the end i think he was 3.5 when it finally clicked and as soon as it did, he had no accidents at all.  it was so funny because J was out of nappies days after his 2nd birthday by his own insistence (but did have accidents and periods of very tedious regression etc); whereas A was 3.5 and when he was trained there was not a single accident.

    Lotte - yes, it is unlikely that we will all be able to get together, as you say.  but there are so many of you north of the border these days: perhaps you should all have a social get-together sometime! with roslyn, and runnin free (who has just graduated), and EF, MR, TangyT and of course CC. and probably others i have forgotten...

  • Don't worry CM, I was just being facetious image
  • Hi JR welcome to the forum, be warned it might suck you in!! I have an 8 month old boy called Max George, I was never a serious runner but try to get out a couple of times a week.
    I'm in Wiltshire at the moment but will be heading back to sunny Florida in 3 weeks where we have lived for nearly a year now.
    Congratulations on Abigail, there is another mum on here with a nearly 9 month old called Abigail.
  • Arrhhh I can't keep up.

    I may print the thread out and read it on the night shift for something to do other than listening to snoring and slurping babies image

  • heehee TT, here we go again with your gremlins. I swear this forum would be half the size if you didn't keep repeating yourself. I was just saying, the forum would be smaller if you stopped repeating yourself TT. image Enjoy your time with your sister.

    Welcome JR. I have an 8 month old called Abigail Louise, not far from Abigail Lucie! I started back running when she was 3 months and love the "head" space it gives me. I'm in Gloucestershire. 

    I love the idea of meeting up in the summer but if this pregnancy works out I may be about to pop in June so think I'll give it a miss until I know what's going on. 

    The blood test showed high levels of the pregnancy hormone so they don't want to do another one on Friday. They suspect it's an early pregnancy rather than one which hasn't progressed well. I've got to have another scan in 2 weeks and in the mean time I just sit tight unless I feel any pain or lose more blood. Ectopic still can't be ruled out. 

    The job interviews are just for weekend  work so nothing exciting. i'd rather not work weekends as it's our family time, but the alternative is to get a FT job and put Abi into a nursery and given that we want another one sooner rather than later weekend work seems like the best option. I doubt I'd find any FT work that would pay enough to make it financially viable once childcare was taken into consideration. 

  • That's good news PP but still worrying for you.  Longest 2 weeks ever I bet...

    Caro - thanks for the feeding info, it is the "light" stuff that I've got so we will defo reduce the portion size and see what happens... I'm guessing the prescription stuff is extortionate?!

    gotta go - plumber here at last!  Bet he wakes them both up...

  • CM - great idea but 19th June is right between Sophie and hubby's birthdays so I doubt I could get away that weekend.  9 miles is the furthest I've ever raced so it'd give me something to train for...!  Defintely need a slow group though image

    Hi to JR I think? I'm in Sheffield and have Sophie age 2 and Nicholas age 3 months image.

    Totally forgotten what everyone has said as I read it last night then hubby hogged the computer playing poker all evening so I never got to post image!

    Oh yeah I managed to get to the doctor and it is thrush so I've now got 2 more things to try - Daktarin gel and some Clomitrazole (sp?) if that doesn't work.  really hope it does as the itching is driving me nuts!

    Sophie woke in the night last night with what I can only think was night terrors.  She was thrashing around and pushed me away, even her dummy too, saying "no" and things like that and wailing, eyes half shut.  Was quite odd to watch.  She also said "want to sit on potty!" which is what happened just before she went to bed - she did a poo in her nappy (after repeatedly denying she needed one or indeed had done one image), then demanded it afterwards so hubby said no! She did calm down a bit eventually and gave me a cuddle, and I told her Mummy and Daddy loved her etc and she seemed to visibly relax, lay down and went to sleep.  Quite weird.

  • ((PP)) The same happened to my friend with the blood tests and possible ectopic, the baby is now 9 months old so I am sure all will work out fine.  

    CC - make sure you have no visitors until at least christmas! And even then you can be excused to be a bit bah humbug fi you like!!

    I understand about the limbo thing. Hubby still not well but is back at work. We are trying to sell the house and are hoping to try something different next year and go to Australia for 6 months to see if we like it. If we do, we will return home to tie up loose ends and then go back to Oz so that I can study Osteopathy out there and hubby can do some consultancy 2-3 days per week rather than working 60 hour weeks as he is right now. It is all a bit pie in the sky at the moment, and we cant even begin to arrange it further until we have sold the house and hubby has got to the bottom of his illness.

    Speaking of which he has an MRI on his head in the next week but I think they are leading towards diagnosing Chronic Fatigue.

    Lotte - hope you have sorted out your car... the trailer on FB looked horrific. So scary to think about. Glad you are all ok.

    CM - count me in for weekend!!

    Yve - think I forgot to say BIG well done on baby Conrad, hope I have the name right!!!

    Just a quickie from me as Leila is handing me book after book to read and I am typing in between her going for a new one.

    Welcome to the newbies - I have Leila who is 2 and 2 months. I am in Windsor.  

  • poor Sophie, it must be frightening for them having bad dreams when they're not quite old enough to understand that it was just a dream. Fingers crossed that the gel does the trick

    We've just been approved on our mortgage so it's full steam ahead on moving house now! woo hoo!

    forgot to say earlier that I liked the " Ann Summers" comment JT.


    right, house work.....

  • great news pp - on the scan and the house

    i'll see if i can find another weekend. wanted to try for may or june so that it was after london / other spring maras but before the main holiday season. i guess there will be plenty who won't be able to make it whenever it is tho, but it would be good to have a couple of options so we can choose the one that most people can make.

  • Porky, where abouts in Glos are you?  Thats where my company is.  In the Forest of Dean.

    We are in Manchester.

    *shudders at the mention of Thrush* I have had it twice now.  Last time I was Bfeeding (he is now 5) and again this time round.  Had it ductally and it is one of the most annoying painful things I have ever encoutered

  • Good news PP, hope the next few weeks go well for you (())

    CM, count me in!  That far enough in advance that I can arrange a trip home to the UK around it.  Never have run 9m, think that sounds like a great idea!

    Welcome JR, I have a 6-month old boy, Jacob, and we're based in Warsaw at the moment.

    JG, poor Sophie, I didn't like giving J the night feed as it was similar in that he wasn't quite there, his eyes were open but unseeing.  Scary.

    TB, hope you're getting on ok without Ben.  I have just been keeping myself ultra busy without hubby, which is great but means there is no food in the fridge so not so good for eating well..must get to Tescos tomorrow.  But hubby is back tomorrow, said he could come back once he has bought me an iphone, and apparently he has!! image

    Promised myself a bath and early night, and as usual have frittered my evening away on the internet drinking beer!!imageSlummy Mummy!

  • CM - that's reassuring to hear about Alex, I didn't like the feeling that I was the only mum of a three-year-old who wasn't potty trained!! I keep telling myself he will do it in his own good time...whenever that is!

    Welcome JR, good to see another new face on the forum! I'm based in Staffs and have a little boy, John-Paul, who's just turned 3.

    JG - poor Sophie, it's terrible when they wake up screaming like that. image Hope the thrush clears up soon - nasty.

    PP - good news! Hope things continue to look positive.

    JohBo - I'm trying to keep really busy too. I find it the best way for the time to go quickly. The first 2 days were fine because I was in work, then I had a weekend to recover, which was great. Monday and Tuesday were days off by myself catching up with odd jobs and gazillions of marking (not quite done yet, but never mind!) and then yesterday and today I've spent with JP. The evenings I find the hardest - once I've got JP sorted and into bed and cleaned up, I find myself with a couple of hours to kill and nothing to do apart from work! How sad is that?! I suppose I could watch telly, but there's nothing on that I like! Otherwise I just spend time on here and FB.

    Got out for a buggy run this morning and OMG, did it kill my arms!!! Going on my own tomorrow after I've dropped JP at nursery, hopefully for something a bit longer so that I can justify not doing anything much over the weekend. Well, I may well get out with the buggy again if the rain holds off, or I might get a sitter so I can have a break!

  • What's with all this "dishy doctor" talk? I've never seen a dishy (woman) doctor and I've seen a lot of doctors. [Vixo excepted of course - judging by your FB pictures image].

    EF Watch out - Lucas North is a dirty rotten traitor.

    How are the knees JohBo? Did you go back for more scans yet? BTW, an evening drinking beer is NOT an evening wasted.

    Lotte Great that you got back home safe and sound. What about a marathon report then? Splits too, if you don't mind - seeing as how you appear to have a nice Garmin on your wrist in the photos.

    TB Potty training here too now. We tried a few weeks ago but, although the weeing went OK, we had to stop as LB seemed to have no idea he was pooing, and it was getting rather demoralising for all concerned. Out of the blue, on Sunday, he suddenly said "I need to do a poo" and produced a lovely big sausage for me in his potty. So, "game on" we thought and put him into big boy pants then had the most depressing two days where he did every single wee in his pants and nothing in the potty apart from poos. I left a trail of puddles everywhere I took him. Luckily mostly outside, but I'm afraid M&S got a bit of a soaking. Wednesday morning and it was still the same - we knew he had good bladder control but it was as if he was just weeing in his pants deliberately. Anyway, we had a meltdown at lunchtime and I read him the riot act. We decided to go out after lunch anyway and took lots of dry trousers/pants with us. While we were in the car driving down the A2 to Hall Place (a nice old building with a visitor centre etc), he suddenly announced he needed a wee. So, I veered onto the hard shoulder and whipped out the potty. Since then he has been amazing - I took him to nursery with trepidation yesterday and he was clearly worried but I took his favourite potty and stuck his name tags on it which made him feel better. When I went back to pick him up, I couldn't believe it but he was still in the same trousers - no accidents! So, the moral of the story is, wait till the time seems right and don't give up. Even when things are looking glum, success could be just round the corner. I'm sure we will have lots of accidents but we're definitely getting there.

    Thanks for the invite CM. I'd love to come but I don't think I'd get away with it!

    More later...

  • Farnie, I'm in Gloucester itself. What's your company? I love the Forest of Dean, we're hoping the rain will hold off tomorrow so we can go for a little walk.
  • Farnie - I can't keep up either.................reading it during the night sounds like a plan............I hate hearing hubby sleeping when I'm sitting up yet again feeding Mara! Ahhhhhhh. She's now 15days old; we've had daktarin gel for thrush and it cleared up pretty quickly really. She's pretty good really compared to what my other 2 girls were like but can't get her in the cot at night, just won't settle and we end up taking her in the bed with us and cuddling her, then she'll go to sleep. Feeding 2-3hrly though which is knackering!

    And all I do is eat, particularly biscuits if I get the chance. Tut tut.

    Having started walking this week, well have no choice as its the school/nursery drop of! Hope to get a bit of fast walking in the next few wks and then slowely get back to slow jogging once I get a good bra!

    Mmmmmmm nae dishy docs at my surgery or where I work!

    Farnie have you used your trailor yet?

    JG - night terrors are horrible. My eldest who is 5 now used to get them a lot. She never woke up properly and used to be so upset, it was hard to calm her down. My 4 yr old for the last year wakes up with sore legs every now and then in the night, especially if really tired, like growing pains I think. We normally have to ive her calpol to settle her back down.

    I better go and get some house work done whilst M is sleeping as it'll be time to go back to the school in wee while. They finish at 12.45 on a Friday which is really annoying!

  • RB - don't you think Mrs RB will appreciate you going off for the weekend with a load of lovely fit ladies?  Is she the jealous type?? image

    How do any of you cope who are full time mums?  Max is usually in nursery 3 days a week but he has been full time with us for 2 weeks now.  He is gorgeous and all but my god I'm tired!  It doesn't help that we have loads to do so aren't able to take him out for walks etc to entertain him and he's still not feeling 100%.  I know I couldn't cope with him full time.  Hoping to get him into local nursery for the 2 more Fridays we are still here and grandparents staying for a couple of days so will have in-house babysitters then too.

    AF 3 days late - it has been really reliable since it started again so I even did a preg test yesterday as I had one in the house, said negative image but still no sign.  I thought I might be joining PP back over on the other thread!!

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