Anyone remember the Luppitt lollop?

My parents live in Luppitt and a couple of years ago now, they stopped ths very gruelling race (in my opinion) due to the foot and mouth. The village now need funds for the village hall and are considering a 10k lanes only race. Do you reakon it would do well, there can be some shocking hills there, but the facilities are great and there is always home made cakes etc available.


  • Everyone is out in the sunshine!

    (me? I'm stuck at work!)

    Never did the race but everyone who did loved it, from what I gather it was a victim of it's own success as it became so popular the village was jammed with runners. The Broadclyst Bimble replaced it and there was talk at the time that both could be run. Bimble was a b*t*h, did it twice died the first time, survived the second and vowed never again (I would've though if work hadn't got in the way .... phew!).

    Now I live in East Anglia so the torture of the M25 disuades me from going back for more!

    Dave Presley of SWRR is the man to talk to, he was/is responsible for the Bimble and, I think, the Lollop.
  • .......... mind you I'm down in a few weeks for the Midsummer Dream!........ now that's a run!
  • The village want to run it this time and they are looking at a 200 limit. Nothing quite as serious as the lollop or the bimble.
  • I ran the Luppitt Lollop XC race in 1999 (31st Jan) and remember it being very tough. I ran it in 2hr 25min 38secs. The first finisher was Neil Holmes in 1:38:47. The distance a scant 14.6 miles. Bloody hard race!
    If this race came back I'd run it again with out question.
  • 'An effortless stroll over warm tranquil meadows(no squishy bits) following the sun-kissed pastures to release the fragrance of a summer's day' - 1993 T shirt'

    Still my favourite Tee & I'll wear it this Thurs 27/3/13 and sing - 'It was 20 years ago today....'

    Dave Pressley - star man & star race which could seriously stick the knife in towards the end...

    Afterwards the Luppitt Inn would unofficially get into the Guiness book of records for the most number of (unshowered) runners in one pub....!!

    all things must pass... great memories

    run free............

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