White Oaks Sprint Tri

I am debating entering this next month (15th July) and the race director has been very helpful with regard to info.

However I was wondering if anyone has done this and tell me about it?

I'm a novice and interested in particular in the bike and run profiles...


  • Assuming it hasn't changed since 01, bike is undulating with long slight inclines and declines, nothing steep. Bit along a dual carridgeway but mostly rolling b roads and a bit through the back of swanley to get you out of the centre. Run was 3 laps of the park which again was flatish and no way the 8km they say it was, it took me 34 minutes when I couldn't run 8km fresh in less than 36!

    Swim is flat :o)

    Good luck and have fun.
  • Thank dog for a flat swim :))

    Seriously, thanks for the info. I have a mega basic 5-gear (when not playing up) mtb and if the course was hilly it would be pointless attempting it on my trusty steed!
  • Apparently I have been informed I may be joining you, I just dont get a choice anymore apparently
  • I Hope Lee is doing it too!

    I liked the race. The run is short, and grassy, and slightly hilly, which could be fun in the wet, and the bike course is undulating. The swim is actually downhill.

  • Yay Plum, I am looking at doing this.

    I am building my distnaces veeeerrrryyyy slowly :-)
  • I will be completely buggered as it is only two weeks after Germany which I think is why I have been told I am doing it. It will give my friend the chance to whup my arse, though as I only finished about 5 minutes in front of her at Hildenborough it shouldnt take much effort on her behalf to leave me trailing in her wake.
  • Excellent - looks like I've got company :))
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