Pins and needles

Can anyone help?
I have recently started to experience a strange pain in the middle of my left calf, which is followed by a 'pins and needles' type sensation in the left foot.
This comes on after about 20-30mins of easy running, and even if I walk constantly for more than about 30mins. I cycle and swim without any trouble.
Someone has suggested that this could be a circulatory problem, either DVT or even HEART DISEASE!!
I have seen my doc but he had no idea what it could be.

Anyone any ideas? I'm starting to panic!


  • Hey,

    I had pins and needles in my foot when I had my calf injury last year. Started thinking it must be in my head cos whenever I mentioned it to my physio he just looked a bit baffled.
    Now you make me think it was genuine.

    Wouldn't panic though. I'm still alive.

  • Sounds like it could be some pressure on a nerve which is radiating down to your foot. If you have somehow injured your calf muscle the surrounding tissues could be a bit swollen, so when you exercise that's adding to the tissue 'pressure' which in turn could be pressing slightly on a nerve.

    Just a quick theory based on something my physio said recently to me!

    Probably best to go get yourself off to a physio too, though, in case it becomes more of a problem if left.

    Good luck :)
  • I get this too - used to get it all the time, now it just seems to happen me in races - usually when I go out too hard at the start. Hilly runs can also trigger it. I used to suffer a lot from cramping calves when I was younger and was often woken up during the night with cramps. If I point my toes my feet cramp. I have put this down to diet mainly and find now that I eat very healthily I don't suffer from it as much (I used to eat a lot of crap).
    I also keep the laces on my running shoes quite loose which seems to help avoid pins and needles.
    When it happens in a race I tend to just try and run through it - it does go away after about 10 minutes or if you slow down. A gel/sports drink also helps.
    If anyone has any proper solutions, would love to hear them.
  • I also used to get cramp quite a lot too so it probably is connected in some way.
  • I suffer from this also, although like someone above not all of the time. I kind of just assumed it was down to poor circulation (my feet and hands are always cold). Recently i have not been suffering quite as much, but my right leg sometimes feels like it is going a little numb! I think i am just not joined together right or something ha. i know this is of no help in respect of a solution, sorry.
  • Could it be compartment syndrome? Never had it or the above myself so it's just a stab in the dark.
  • I was about to put ask the very same question on the very same thing when I thought I'd search first.

    This is my 2nd run in a row when I have had pins & needles in my left foot, strangely enough it kicks in around the 20min / 2.5 mile mark, my calf feels a bit odd but nothing too bad.

    I have tried losening my laces on my shoes incase they were too tight last run but same problem tonight.

    I may make an appointment with a physio but didnt want to look daft.

    Did you find anything that was causing this or anything that stopped it?

  • have you tried an neural stretches on it?
  • Hi, I have just found this thread, as am suffering exactly the same. What is bizarre is that it is also about 20 mins 2 miles down. K wilson and Well done Daddy did either of you get this sorted??

  • Yeah would be real interesting to see if you got this sorted out. It could be as simple as cramp or the repetitive action of foot strike, does it still happen on soft surfaces? There is also the potential for neural link, maybe coming form the back or simply real tight calves impinging the nerve slightly.

    Will be good to know if you got any diagnosis.

  • Yep! me too.

    After 30 to 40 mins at 10/11 min miles my ''Tingling'' begins in the right foot and after a while, will travel up my leg.  My runs are normally hilly.  I made a mental note on my last 2 hilly runs to record what and where I was when the ''Tingling'' kicked in and when it (almost disappeared).  When I came to a down hill part of the run, the ''Tingling''  began to ease.  I have since had my feet measured at ''SweatShop'' and found that my right foot is size 9 and my left foot is in between 8 and 8.5.  I now run in ''New Balance'' size 9 wide fitting and touch wood, have not had any ''Tingling''. since.  I'll keep you posted on my future runs.


  • Hi all

    I know this thread is from a long time ago but i get exactly the same thing.

    30 to 40 mins in then goes at about 60mins.

    Ive tried all of above but nothing works.

    Ive recently started running with a forefoot strike I wear ascic Kayano gel 18

    Any more advice out there



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