I keep hearing bits about chirunning and would like to know other peoples opinions on it. Does it work? Is it worth a go or is it a load of old tosh from the US??!


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    It's worth it at least for me and it makes sense. Look at the long thread on the other RW site for a variety of overwhelmingly positive experiences. But it's slow. "Gradual progress" and "the journey is the goal" are common catchphrases. If your body won't do as it's told (like mine) it can be quite frustrating.
  • It is as much about efficient running and injury free running as many other disciplines. It gets you off your heels and into a higher cadence landing under your cog and lifting your heels - all very good.

    It does come packaged with a lot of Amercana but the alternatives are POSE, Evolution and Stride machanics, all americana too.

    each discipline has its own way of teaching and the Chi way seems to suit many. Imagine Americana wrapped not with eastern mysticism but western "science" and you have got POSE and Evolution.

    Have a look at them all, make a decision not on which is best as they are all as good as each other and all of them do as they say they will on the tin. choose which is best for you depending on your personality, your stickability and your goals for running.
  • It's here

    Some of us are doing the instructors course, so there should be a few instructors dotted around the UK by the end of the year if you are interested.
  • Ooh, please let us all know when you're qualified, I'd be interested in joining a course.
  • Good luck with the course everyone - Lady Sue come on over to Fetch there is plenty of discussion going on over there
  • I've been using some of the ideas and its resolved my shin splints which were threatening to put me out of action.Instead I changed my running style and am now run ning quicker with no injuries.I dont how much chi running I am actually using but the things I have learnt have really made a difference to me.

  • There are four qualified Instructors in the UK now - see

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