My training Blog - 10k in 60mins challenge!

Hi everyone!!

iv decided im going to keep a little blog of my progress, in the hope that it will keep me going and maybes someone will join me!!

firstly a bit of background.. i have been running on and off for around a year or so.. mostly i have done few 10k's but never really done adequate training for them!!

Therefore my best time at the moment is 1hr16.. with ALOT of walking along the way!!

so im aiming to get 10k in less than 60 mins in september.. and i thought id share it with some people who might be in the same position!

is anyone else running around the same time as me and feels like a wee bit of competition to see if we can take 15- 20 mins off thier 10k time?

if so post your age/sex and your current PB on a 10k time and lets have a go!!

ill start!!

Sazzler - F/24 - PB 1.16 - target sub 60

I hope some people will join me in the challenge!!

S xx


  • Sazzler - F/24 - PB 1.16 - target sub 60
    Albion - F/29 - PB 62.54 - target sub 60
  • Hey Sazzler - Ive been running 13 months now - my first 10k time was 73 mins (which was back in September 06) - Ive now got it down to a PB of 62.54, but that was in March and I done another 10k in April and was back at 64 !

    I have a 10k in the beginning of August and would like a sub 60 then, but I also revisiting my first 10k in september and would love to take loadsa time off .....

    Would be good to share advice, tips etc .....
  • hi albion! glad i wont be alone here then!!

    keep us up to date with your training etc so we can keep this going!!

    when do u hope to get your target by??
  • cross post sazzler .......
  • hiya
    sorry i just asked a question and uv already answered it d'oh

    so you wanna do it for start of aug!!
    where is ur 10k?
  • yeah i hate it when that happens!!

    ill need to slow down next time!!
  • M/33 PB 52.30 (7 years ago !?!) Target sub - 60 by August sometime (depending where n when I can find a 10k)

    Hi, been running on n off since training for the above 10k 7 years ago. Currently out injured but looking to start again gently in 10-14 you think I'm being a little ambitious aiming for an August 10k ?...
  • Hi runtyler!!
    glad you can join us !!

    just to keep the listy easier to read ill keep it updated!!

    Sazzler - F/24 - PB 1.16 - <60 Sept 07
    Albion - F/29 - PB 62.54 - <60 Aug 07
    Runtyler - M/33 PB 52.30 - <60 Aug 07

    Id say theres nothing to stop you giving your 10k a go in august! but just take it easy and dont expect to be gettin your PB!! as long as you enjoy it I believe thats all that matters!!
    im no expert though as you can see by my times!

    Where are you based? theres always loads of 10k's on this website..

    S xx
  • I stay and work all over the place so location won't be much of a problem...but I can only do 1 weekend in 2 due to work.

    I think you're right - enjoying it is all that matters.

    Wish I hadn't posted my old PB now, it looks wrong on your list - especially since it's not really representative of my current abilities !?!

    Anyone got a run of somekind planned for this weekend ? Just sitting around here frustrated until I can get back out there

  • well you at least know what your aiming for and thats all that matters!!

    im currently training bout 3 days a week, cos im new and dont wanna over do it, did 5k on tues at 39 mins and 6k yest at 44 so i guess its not bad, but not fast enough for sub 60!

    im marshalling at a race tomorrow so going up there tonight and will get back on sun, hoping for a run on sunday afternoon but i might be too tired!!

    14 days will be over before you know it! can u go for a walk atall or is the injury to bad for that?
  • yeah, walking's fine - just see so many runners out there at the weekends in this weather !?! Think I'll start back on treadmills though - great timing eh.

    sounds like your trainings going well then - you're right with the softly softly approach.

    Good luck with the run Sunday, where are you marshalling tomorrow ? Big event ?
  • i know its mad! i always feel bad if i have a day off cos im seeing runners everywhere!

    yeah i really hope the slow approach will pay off in the end! my problem is that i walk alot, and once u walk the first time thats you!!
    so im gradually building up the k's to get to 10k comfortably then ill hope to bring the speed down!

    im marshalling at 70 wild miles.. its up in glencoe, something crazy like a 40 mile cycle, 17 mile canoe and 13 mile uphill run, and you know what, some crazy folk do the whole thing rather than a group of 3!!

    should be a good weekend though as we get a free party on sat night!!
  • you'll be in no fit state to run Sunday then !!! Enjoy x
  • HI
    Hope I'm not too late i've entered 10k in aug too & would like to be under 60mins.

    This will be my first attempt managed 5k in 30mins.
    I've managed 4.5miles in 44mins but its keeping going when I first go out that's the problem.
    Which training programme are you all using??
  • Hia

    Another late arriver! Bit like my running :O)

    I'm 48, female & entered the 10k at Lanhydrock in September.

    I'm a newbie - started running in March, having lost 2.5 stones with WeightWatchers I now want to get fit. I started the run/walk programme and I'm now up to 8k long runs at the weekend (61 minutes last week). I run with my hubbie - who is an ex-Army Commando and despite not doing much for years can still run rings around me!

    Don't suppose I have a cat in hells chance of doing sub 60 minutes - but I'd love to give it a go!

  • Please can I join in too?!! I'd love to do a 10km in less than 60mins.

    I ran my first (and only) one in March and took 1:07:46 and am planning my next one for 16th June (oo, only a week away!).

    Have mostly run for fun(??!!) over the last few years and took the plunge to do my first 10km when my friend announced that speed walking a half marathon was going to be her Hen weekend (strange friends I have) I turned down the offer, but said I would run the 10km instead.

    Devonian Plodder - well done on your great WW achievement, I've just done the same and it feels great - and I seem to be able to run faster with less weight to carry! (Have you tried putting 2.5 stone in a rucksack and running with it??!!) Its also so much more comfortable to run with 'less up top' so to speak. :D

    So good luck, and here we all go for a sub 60 :)
  • hey

    i have signed up for my first 10k in october - just off to look for a few more 5ks before then.

    dont think i will make under 60 but 65/70 ok with me

    how do you get round a 10k - done a couple of 5's 38 mins and 41 mins

    ooh think i may have taken on too much

  • Hello

    I have only ever done 10k on the tread mill and it was around 66mins. Did the Wipsnade 10 k run last week and my time was 55:39 so i beat and did under 60 mins!

    Keep it up :O)

  • Good stuff Del. Was it the event that made you run faster ? running with other people ? or did you just find it easier outdoors ?

    Whatever it was, 10 minutes off your usual time is superb - any tips on improvement ?
  • thanks... i am pleased with that.

    I think it was the occasion that made me run faster! and there were people i picked out that were targets to catch up with and pass..does that sound bad? anyhow it worked lol

    I dont know what tips i have, other than those featured on here!
  • Hi All

    Looks like the 10k is popular! Good to see so many keen to improve. The 60 minute thing isn't looking likely for me - did 5k last night and took 40 mins! Ooops!

    Excuse 56b - it was a little warm! :O)

  • hey sazzler hows it going ?
  • Hi Albion! im good you? you get any training done this weekend??
    i was away so planning on a run tonight, but im also skating and swimming so will have to see how it goes!!

    great that so many people are up for the challenge!! i really hope we can all keep this going!!

    just to keep track can i ask that if you want to joining us, you copy the following list and add your details?

    Sazzler - F/24 - PB 1.16 - <60 Sept 07
    Albion - F/29 - PB 62.54 - <60 Aug 07
    Runtyler - M/33 PB 52.30 - <60 Aug 07
    aaa - ?/?? PB?? - <60 Aug 07
    Devonian Plodder - F/48 - PB? <60 Sept 07
    Crazy Daisy ?/?? - PB 1.07 <60 June 07
    Shaz1973 - ?? <60 Oct 07

    Iv put in what I can, but if you can update your details if Its not all there that would be fab!!
    Crazy Daisy! Good luck as yours is next week!! Im sure you will manage it! You have pretty close PB, do you measure your split times? If you do, all you need to do is knock about 1 minute off every K and you will get there!!

    What training has everyone been doing this weekend??

    S xx
  • Hi Sazzler

    Thanks for the list - I don't have a PB - never run that far! :O) As soon as I do I'll let you know.

    Just did my usual 5k on Saturday, other things got in the way. Planning my long run tonight - aiming for a distance of 8.5km - which will be the furthest so far.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK!
  • hi

    Sazzler - F/24 - PB 61.16 - <60 Sept 07
    Albion - F/29 - PB 62.54 - <60 Aug 07
    Runtyler - M/33 - PB 52.30 - <60 Aug 07
    aaa - F/34 PB?? - <60 Aug 07
    Devonian Plodder - F/48 - PB? <60 Sept 07
    Crazy Daisy ?/?? - PB 1.07 <60 June 07
    Shaz1973 - ?? <60 Oct 07

    no pb for me either same reason as Devonian Plodder

  • hey thats great thanks aaa

    Devonian how did u get on last night?? i have to admit i never went out... but i will tonight!!
  • Hi Sazzler

    Got absolutely soaked! Went out in light drizzle and by the time I got back it was tipping it down.

    Cut short the planned long run and just did a soggy 5k. No records broken - except for the amount of water one pair of shoes can hold! :O)

    How you getting on?
  • hi
    Tonight did just over 5k calculated by garmin 201 (which has a habit of wandering off) time 28.16.

    Only gotta do that twice and i've cracked 60mins only one problem I was knackered!!

  • hey guys, well done for going out in the rain!
    im feeling really bad but due to personal stuff iv not made it out.. looking like thurs at earliest for me.. but ill go on sat and sunday too so ill still make my target of 3 runs per week!
    im gutted tho!!
  • hey guys ! been getting some good training runs in !

    went out late sunday night and done 3.4 miles in 27 mins so was really pleased !

    went to a running club last night ! it was good and I will be going back next tues ..... Ive told them I am after a sub 60 in Aug so I cant get out of it now !

    Sazzler - dont feel bad about not going out .... it happens ! life gets in the way sometimes .... try not to leave it too long before you go out again tho' as I do that and then realise I havent been out for 2 weeks !

    enjoy the day everyone ....
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