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  • Oh, and I've signed up for the Cancer research 10k at Powderham Castle in September - if anyone wants to sponser me (cheeky, I know, but you've got to tryimage) go to


  • Morning All!

    Good to hear from you Colin - and best of luck with the Powderham run! I wish I could go, but I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital about when they'll do something!

    I'm still plodding. I have a nice 5k circuit at home that I try to do at least 3 times a week, with a bit longer plod on Sunday (oh - that's today!).

    Quite agree about the weather - damp and drizzly is not very inviting, but it is quite nice to run in - as long as it isn't horizontal in your face type rain. Today looks nice too - a nice breeze blowing here, so I have high hopes.

     Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

  • Well, this thread seems to have disappeared. Where's everyone gone?

    Finished the Powderham 10k in a new PB of 56:42, which I'm really chuffed with as the ITBS reared its ugly head at 8k and so the last 2k was hobbling (special thanks goes to all those who offered encouragement as they went past me as I limped home)

    A great day, well organised, loads of spectators to cheer us home and the sunny weather really helped too.

    Managed to raise £165 for Cancer Research too - if everyone there managed similar then thats £165,000

  • Hi Colin

    I'm still here!

    Fantastic time - very well done! A couple of my work colleagues did it too - around a similar time - so I hope they were amongst those helping you along!

    Shame about the problem, but at least you have a new goal that you know is achieveable if all goes well.

    Congrats - fab fund raising too! image

  • This thread needs a good old bump. How is everyone doing in the question to get under that 60 minutes?
  • Hi Pete,

    Raised this one from the depths haven't you?

    Shame this thread seems to have died a death - it would be nice to catch up on some of the old-timers who used to frequent these parts.

    For me - my first 10k, back in May 08 was 58:53 and since then i've done a coupe more and my best time is now 53:56. So I'm now in the "10k in 50minutes challenge" - hopefully will do it this summer!

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