Sell your house without any flipping estate agents nicking all your money

I have this week looked at three properties that have been sold privately via web sites for a nominal fee and without thieving/useless estate agents pinching a % of your money in the process. In the interests of bringing this to your attention in case you are thinking of selling your home (or know someone who is) and also in the interest of helping to publicise the notion that you don't actually need an estate agent at all, I am providing some links to some of the sites where you can do this.

It is very simple, very cheap and it works!!


  • There, of course, other sites.. so feel free to link to one that you know of...

  • Come on Kathy.. justify your 1.5% (for example) of a house price..

    Why can't estate agents charge a reasonable fixed fee like everyone else..??

    I mentioned in another thread about an agents fee of just over £69,000 on a £3.95m house.. how is that even remotely justifiable..??

    <sits back and awaits excuses and changes of subjects.....>

  • Surely though its like anything...from employing a plumber paying someone to take your teeth can do it yourself if you know how to..its just knowing what to do and having the right tools...contacts ! if you cant do it..then you pay someone.. everyone charges over the top for everything..
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    I worked in an estates agents once, as a Saturday girl about 7 years ago to get some more money. I was supposed to do the filling, make the tea etc. Within a few weeks, and with absolutely no training, they had me taking new client instructions and even doing viewings!! I refused on a couple of occasions, I wasn't going anywhere I didn't know with people I didn't know. They never seemed to 'work' for the clients who instructed them and were paying the fees, they were just interested in selling the most number of properties. They did virtually nothing to market the properties. I also tempted last year in an agents in Mayfair - £15m properties on their books! They were so rude about their clients behind their backs. I shall deffo use DV's links when I come to sell my flat.
  • I'm buying and selling at the moment and neither estate agent seems interested in progressing the sale or purchase. They never return my calls (which are not that frequent) then ring out of the blue to find out wassgoingon? Hopeless, hopeless. It will be a miracle if it ever happens. Ho hum.
  • It's a business and the purpose is to make money by offering a service. Like all business some margins are small and hard to earn some are large and easy. End of the day people rarely see the overheads any business has to cover, property, wages, advertising, investment. Some industries are more fruitful than others but also have to cover lean times and seasonal changes.

    (I'm not an estate agent BTW!)
  • And if the business doesn't work for you or offer what you think they should walk with your feet (as in the intention of DVs Post)
  • Be rude to the little sh*ts.

    Estate agents. Devils spunk
  • 1.5%????? Where do you live Dark Vader?

    When I tried to sell my house they wanted 5% and that was with every agent I tried!

    In the end I took it off the market and rented it out and they stung me for nearly £2,000 to find me a tenant. Then my tenant told me that they tried to charge him too (even though he'd been introduced through a property search co who'd already been paid!). Disgusting. The sooner they're regulated the better as far as I am concerned. When he stayed a second year they sent me another bill for over £1,000 - for doing nothing! He's actually stayed another year but I've told him to ignore their demands to go in and sign another agreement - there's no need and I've just put him on a monthly tenancy.

    And when Kathy does come along, please be nice because I think she sounds honest and decent - it's the rest of the flippin' sharks that I'm moaning about.

    My mate works in an agents in Cornwall and they sound much better than the London agents so I know there are a few good ones out there.
  • 5%..?? blimey.. where is that..?

    I think any % is just wrong...

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Yet another reason I'm glad I live in Scotland.

    When I sold my last house, I paid £235 to the property centre, £90 for printed brochures, and then another £35 for additional advertising.

    Solicitor's fee was 1% of the sale price, plus search fees, but the solicitor restricted it to £500 because we were also using him to buy the new place.

    Less than £1k all in.
  • If you can find a good estate agent (yes, they do exist) they they're worth the fee. The last time I sold a property the agent managed to push the price up by a significant amount.

    However, that was after having the flat on the market for ages with another agent who just wasn't interested.
  • *smug*
  • I sold one of mine ( a two bed terrace I used to rent out ) without estate agents - cost me about £500 to advertise it in local papers and possibly took a bit longer to sell (about 4 months) but an infinately better idea than giving good beer money away to estate agents for getting them to do ,what is essentailly if you look past the BS, not very much at all.

    very easy to sell smaller low value houses without estate agents Id say.
  • The house will sell itself.. they don't actually sell houses.. if fact, they don't actually do anything useful...

  • Boing-ed for JD..

  • Mister W - Im a good one! I'm F'ing brilliant!

    Sorry DV but i wouldn't get out of bed for a 1.5% fee!

    The house will sell itself.. they don't actually sell houses.. if fact, they don't actually do anything useful...

    Oh yes of course it will DV :-)
  • Oh and BTW - what NN says is absolutely 100% TRUE :-p
  • This thread boinged for Mouse and anyone else selling their house.

     Remember you don't NEED an estate agent!!    They need you though..  they just want their commission....

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Thank you, I have bookmarked it.
  • A long time ago, before tinterweb, my Father in Law sold a house by sticking up a 'FOR SALE' sign in the front garden. Fees would have been cost of a bit of wood, a board and some paint.
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