calf muscle quick fix ?

Hi , i know ive got a deep calf injury which just wont heal , i'm ok for a few miles then the pain returns , i love my running too much to really rest it and here i am doing another half marathon tomorrow !
Anybody got any ideas how to ease this injury in the short term , thanks


  • There is no short term fix, when my husbands was healing he bandaged in a criss cross from the heal up and he said it helped, but you know you gotta rest it as you wouldn't be on here asking otherwise.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Rest is really the only way to allow a muscle injury to repair, but you might get away with pool running, using an Aquajogger (google for more info). I've not used one myself, but have heard good reports.

    Not quite the same as the open road............
  • You'll suffer big style in the half, then, because you won't give it the rest it needs.

    That said, when you do finish you really do need to get it checked out by your doctor.

    It could be a torn muscle but if it's deep, as you say, it could be the beginnings of a deep vein thrombosis.

    You really must get this checked out.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks charlie farley , nessie and brian for your help , why does rest always seem like a step back when your running well , but yes i know your right .
    Not heard about the aquajogger so will look into that nessie, thanks.
    Brian i hope its not as serious as you suggest so after the Devon ruby half today i think a trip to the docs would be wise ,i think i may be there sooner than i like looking at the weather outside here in devon , jees its going to be a hot one!
  • Hope you got through it ok, I am doing Bampton 10k next saturday and the weather always seems to be hot on this one.
  • Thanks charlie farley , yes i did ok , i managed a good time in the end mind you i think heat exhaution meant that i was more concerned about surviving than my painfull calf !
    Ive never seen so many good runners have to stop before the end , what kind of masocistic fools us runners are !
    Was thinking about doing the bampton myself but may have to work , sounds like my kind of event , a pint and a barbie after cant be bad .
    Just tried icing my calf , now the family are unsure wheather they fancy eating the peas that have spent the last half hour wrapped round my leg , fussy or what!
  • If they had to put up with my cooking, they would eat the peas, believe me!
  • I've suffered extensively with calf strain over the years. Mostly they're spasms - where the muscle seizes up or contracts, so that it won't allow full range of movement.

    I've tried various treatments - for less serious episodes I use ice in the evening, lots of stretching and NO hills or speedwork.

    I've recently had a treatment calle InterX which is, I think, almost a miracle cure. I don't think it's that widely available, but try Googling it. It got me back on my feet in a couple of days at the height of my FLM training, and I managed 3h 19m which I was quite happy with.
  • Rest is never a step back, in fact it is crucial to progression. If you never let your body rest after hard training, it will never get stronger.

    When you rest, you don't necesarrily have to not exercise. Try cross training. Or, even a really easy run will help. Just lay off the fast stuff. Hard I know! I sympathise, but it is good to build in rest especially if you are racing a great deal.

    I've had deep calf problems before and physio plus rest cured it.

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