Anyone run this one?...I did the half in a 1.43, thought the race was pretty well organised and the coarse quite testing even if we have to share it with the traffic, but not a huge problam...Why no Web Site?!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i also ran the half time 1.30, a good course, shame the weather was a bit hot - a few more water stations would have been nice!
    agreed about the website, results are available at www.katcsys.co.uk
  • It was my first marathon, first half was very easy and perhaps and as it turned out a bit too quick (c 1hr 25 min). My legs were complaining at the end but I managed 3hrs 1 min 26 secs.
    Pleased with the time and will get three hours next time if I keep up the training.
    I thought that there was enough water stations but they should have closed more roads - I had to resort to running on the pavements and reckon I would have been concerned about getting lost if I hadn't been a local. After about three miles I almost got mown down by a bloke in a 4X4. It was a bit lonely on the second lap, or are all marathons like this ?

  • Thanks for the address Viper never knew it existed, I'll check it out. seen the photo in the Express&Star? found myself!

    Water wasn't a problem for me but I reckon It could have been had I done the full marathon...not that I would ever considor this one for a full, I imagine it could be pretty lonely Adam, dont envy you at all, and no not all Marathons are like that but you need to look at big City events 4000+....more the better.
  • Hi, all !

    Have a peek at http://www.expressandstar.com/artman/publish/article_10549.shtml if you ran on Sunday !

    It says :

    Marathon bosses in rethink over medals
    By Helen Smith
    Sep 3, 2002, 12:05pm
    Organisers of the Wolverhampton City Marathon have offered to give medals to any runners wanting them following complaints that none were presented on the day.
    The organising committee this year took the decision not to hand out medals to all participants, opting instead to donate as much money as possible to charity.
    But despite warning all runners on their entry forms that this was the case, many were still disappointed to cross the finishing line on Sunday after a gruelling 26 miles, and find only a t-shirt for their efforts.
    Debbie Dance, chair of the organising committee, said medals would be produced for anyone requesting them.
    "As this is an event to raise money for charity, the committee made a decision not to supply medals as participants would still receive t-shirts," she said.
    "In hindsight, we were probably misguided as we failed to consider that the majority of entrants would be first time runners or fun runners and that they would be proud to receive a medal.
    "As a result we have decided to amend our decision and, for those who want one, provide medals for people who participated in either full or half marathon, corporate relay or cycle ride."
    She added that the estimated cost of this would be up to £1,500.
    Malcolm Jeffrey, a veteran runner who took part in his 64th marathon on Sunday, was one of those dismayed to cross the line to find no medal, and applauded the u-turn.
    The 42-year-old from Stourbridge said though the medal is not the reason why people run marathons, it is a fitting memento for people to keep.
    "How on Earth they overlooked that small detail in the first place is anyone's guess," he added.
    Anyone wanting to receive a medal should write to Rachel Hobbs at Carver (Wolverhampton) Ltd, Littles Lane, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1JY, stating their full name, address and which event they participated in.

    Get writing !

    - Malcolm
  • I'll let it go
  • I must admit that I couldn't care less about not getting a medal. I'd rather the money went to charity. My only criticism was the poor marshalling on the second lap. I nearly went the wrong way and I understand that I was not alone. Otherwise, I thought it was an excellent race and will probably do it again next year.
  • This was my third Wolverhampton Marathon, and probably the last. The course was OK, but the 2 laps of previous years were better. My main reason for not wanting to do it again is the traffic. It has become worse over the 3 years. Even though I was faster than last year there was far more traffic. Perhaps some of the £2000 save by the course alterations should have gone towards better traffic control.
  • I also ran 1/2 in 1hr 26 not a bad event but a bit pricey.course was not as flat as i was led to believe.
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