mild hip arthritis

I've been running for 5 years and I turn 50 this year. I have just been diagnosed with mild hip arthritis. I can't get into physio for at least a month. I want to keep running and determined to do so. If anybody has this I would like to hear there ideas and what worked for them.



  • hi alice, check out what is likey to be coming your way. try the thread (running after hip resurfacing) we're getting a crowd who are in the same boat as you so it makes good reading.:0))))))
  • Glucosamine and persevering with things!! Taking your hip through it's full range of movement as often as possible (doesn't have to be while weightbearing) will ensure that it makes plenty of lubricating fluid and doesn't unlearn any movements.
  • Hi

     Alice, I see you wrote this over 2 years ago now - how did you get on?

     I am 53 and only took up running less than 18 months ago, but in that time I've done the Loch Ness marathon twice, a couple of half marathons and quite a few 10 mile/10k races, all on the road.

     I too have been diagnosed with the early signs of arthritis in both hips, with the firm advice from my Doctor to stop running marathons immediately or "you'll be needing replacement hips within 5 years".

     I've told him I've got to do one more, as I have a place for London 2010 and I couldn't miss the opportunity.

    His other advice was to change my trainers every 2 months and to try and run off-road wherever possible.  As for the last bit I find that it it is very easy to "jar" yourself by running over unever ground so it's certainly not the whole answer.

  • hi... I'm 2 years on after have my right hip resurfaced........I . was suppose to be in the london last year but have had to give up running altogether as the pain was too much.   everytime I tried to go for the shortest run I could feel this pain running down from my groin to the knee area..... I really miss racing but I've got over that part now so I like to think of the good times I had.. best of luck

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