knee pain

Hi there
I was wondering if anyone could help..
I'm back running once or twice a week after roughly 10 months not running(stopped running when roughly 3 mths pregnant)

For the last few weeks..I've had a painful left knee for the first 5 minutes of each run.. I feel like my knee cap is going to pop out..and I try and hold it..but the strange thing is that it stops being painful after 5 minutes and I can continue my run without any discomfort at all.I also have no discomfort after my run.

Come to think of it I've actually noticed this pain when i do some of my pilates exercises too.. and an odd time when I'm coming down stairs first thing in the morning

Does it sound familiar to anyone??
I'm going to make an appointment to see Dr next I really cant face the prospect of this pain every time I go for a run

Pre pregnancy I havent suffered with this at I'm slightly puzzled.. Any help would be really appreciated


  • Hi , I am 30 year mail and play little soccer and love to run fast. But we play football on hard ground and I am also facing the same problem in my left knee, and as you told after 5 minutes warming up it becomes normal. But big problem is when I sit on a chair long time without any moment then I feel lot of pain if I try to make it straight.

    Please help me too. Thank you

    Sean Holmes

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  • You're both asking for a simple answer to a possibly complex question. Knee doesn't operate independently and so can be affected by stiffness in key muscles like quads, calves, hamstrings or ITB band - this would fit with pain easing as the affected muscle warms up. Suitable stretches before you run might be all you need. However to identify which stretches/exercises to do and where the problem lies would go to a state registered physiotherapist for advice (not a doctor). Physios are the mobility experts. If you asked me to guess, suggest you look at quad stretches as if stiff quad will pull on kneecap until muscle warms up. There are variants (seated leg raises/extensions) that you can do while sitting as well.
  • Hi thank you RMcD for the advice, I will take care of using the knee cap while warming up and hope it will make me feel good, but I ll go for physio as well for the proper check up as it pains when I am sitting free.
    Thank you again

    Sean Holmes
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