Blood in urine after a run

I had this problem on Saturday after a run in very warm conditions. When I went for a pee after the run it was pure blood. I went to the doctor who is sending me for tests on my bladder and kidneys. It happened again after my run on Monday morning but not this morning. As the weather is cooler today, could that be a factor? I have also read somewhere that this can happen to runners from time to time.

Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Just the kind of question a gin loving urologist would be able to answer...anyone know of one?
  • Certainly heard of it happening to people after a run.

    Hmm, yes, where is Plodding Hippo?
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    I think she's away working in Wales at the moment, with limited internet access, the poor soul.

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    Ooh, for once the search function brought up something useful!

    Some info here
  • I peed blood after jumping badly into Lake Windermere. i landed on my back and bruised the kindneys. I was running alot that summer and the Doc recond I weekend my Kindeys and got an infection. I went to Hospital first and the nurse quizzed me about my sex life! I said what sex life and she tutted and walked away! thats the kind of service I love from the NHS.
    It turned out to be an infection. triggered by the jumping in the Lake and then over doing the running on a sick kidney. It clared up with medicine. but its a bit horrible to see for the first time.
  • I had something similar after a warm weather training run last year - I won't go into the gory details, but it turned out to be a urinary tract infection, exaccerbated by dehydration. It was treated by large quantities of antibiotics and a set of anti-inflamatory drugs over a couple of week, but be warned, the hospital diagnosis was an eye watering experience...
  • It happened to me a couple of times but as I was wearing a catheter at the time I wasn't entirely surprised. I checked with the doctor whether it was a sign that I shouldn't be running yet and he said "Yes".

    I also peed blood first thing one morning and immediately dashed off to the doctor who couldn't find anything particularly wrong. I think he sent me off for some tests but nothing showed up. I put it down to allowing myself to get too dehdrated when running in hot weather and not drinking enough afterwards.

  • hello
    it can be "normal " after a long disrance run
    but, I think your GP is right to check it out, I would not assume it was this until i had had sone normal tests done
  • yeh, happened to me in sept 04 after a run - frightened the life out of me , turned out in my case I had a small kidney stone which these days is blasted out by a treatment called lythotrypsy ,strange as it sounds you lie on a bed with a pool of warm water underneath you and they target the stone with a current - it feels like someone constantly twanging you with a big elastic band ! the higher the voltage you can withstand the better the impact point is just annoying but the more power is applied the more it pulls through your uniary tract (sorry I can't be more specific with medical terms) and you ache a bit afterwards but nothing painkillers shouldn't deal with , hopefully the stone breaks and you pass it (which involves more blood ..but in this instance that's a good sign).As Colin said however it makes sense to have tests done to rule out prostate issues etc and that involves a cystoscopy ( the eye watering experience ...amazing where you can fit cameras!) and a prostate examination ..a little undignified but get it all done to be sure ...I expect you've just overstrained yourself but better to be safe .. good luck
  • This happend to me a few years ago, turned out i hadn't drank any water and ran on an empty blader causing friction and bleeding.

    I always have a big drink before running now!

    good luck and have all the checks. ( I pay my taxes for the nhs so i'm going to get my moneys worth :o)
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I had this many years ago, and was sent for kidney x-ray etc.

    It turned out to be exercise haematuria, ie, bits of waste were being dislodged while I was running and being passed out as normal. Unpleasant and a bit scary, but harmless.

    But make sure you get it checked out anyway.
  • Thanks for your comments. The doctor ruled out kidney stones and infection as I don't have any pain or other symptoms so he just wants to make sure there are no sinister under lying problems. As you say, better safe than sorry. I don't like the sound of the eye watering experience. I can actually feel my eyes filling up at the thought of what I imagine you mean.

    As for the NHS, I was waiting for an appointment through them when a family friend who unlike me imagines the worst made me a private appointment and said he would pay for it. Nice to know someone cares. My appointmentis on 3rd July.
  • Just got a phonecall to say I have to go for appointment today at 3:10pm. I will let you all know how I get on.
  • I had the same thing years ago. Frightening, but usually due to dehydration and body uses blood instead of the water and hence gets expelled eventually. One small drop is enough to turn gallons red as it is very concentrated and powerful stuff. Forget it unless it happens again and drink more anyway.
  • Hi,
    Happens to me every few months, been to the doc twice, loads of tests, with me it was just the bouncing movement of running,(it does seem to happen if I am training hard) still makes me feel faint when i have blood in my urine! the other thing you only need a small amount of bood in your urine to turn it completly red. hope everything is ok.
  • Hi

    Had this numerous times after long races /training runs usually in hot weather. Pretty scary when you see it though. It's due to dehydration and possibly microtraumas to the urinary tract. Avoid it by drinking lots of water before and after the run and avoid taking ibuprofen during the run. This medication is bad for your kidneys .

    It will clear up in a few hours but if not see a doctor.

    Hope this reassures you

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    There is a condition where, when running hard for a long while, the walls of the bladder slap togther and cause some bleeding.
    However, just to check, have you eaten any beetroot or drunk beetroot juice? Beetroot is supposedly helpful for endurance so I always include some in my meals the day before, and I always get a bright red pee after a long run or race on the following day. It looks like red wine. It was pretty scary until I figured out what was going on (since my pee isn't red if I don't have the beetroot).
  • Chris2304Chris2304 ✭✭✭
    Ha ha - you're not the only one to have had 'beetroot fright'! Apparently it's a big problem with nursing homes / care homes as the odds of it being blood are much higher in that population , so they have procedures in place to keep track of when patients have consumed it!
  • Agree with what some other posters have said. I've had this a couple of times and it's a bit scary, but goes away eventually and you don't need to worry too much. The bladder gets knocked about a bit and bits can flake off inside. A tiny flake will colour your urine red for months until you pass it out. Also means if you're a bloke not pissing in the troughs in pubs etc. Frightens the bloke next to you.
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