Running finds



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    A dead cat and a set of clothes on my last run. It was obvious the cat had been run over but had no ID or anything to contact an owner. The clothes were just plain random. A set of nicely folded clothes by the side of the road.
  • I run on country roads that are close to the motorway and my city, in the lay bys on those quiet lanes I see numerous big business cars with the windows steamed up lol

    Mr boss man and his secretary, I always make sure I knock on the window as I run past if they don't see me coming image
  • This evening I saw a big fat slug getting it on with a red rubber band that the postman had dropped image
  • pmo - I have seen the Playmobil too, odd.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I saw a guy with all his junk out having a pee in the street. Not stood behind anything or against a wall, just peeing straight into the road. On a related note saw a lad with low slung jeans and his shirt off revealing an exceptionally hairy arse.
  • More dead birds
  • £20 note on floor and lotsa squashed birds basically. Oh yes a "courting couple"
  • I saw two dead cray fish on the canal path, scared the life out of me, those things are ugly.
  • Very early last Sunday morning I saw a girl staggering along the pavement butt naked. Must've been a good night out...

     Last night, in the middle of Bristol city centre, I found a rabbits head in the middle of the pavement. Nothing else, just the head...

  • JWrun, I would be scared if I came across the cray brothers too.  And WB, it sounds as if a junior mafia have set up in your neighbourhood, lol.

    I ran past a burnt out building today.

  • I have found a perfectly working DVD player ( which is now nicely situated in my bedroom) abandoned at the side of the road up a quiet country lane, loads of dead badgers, a deer and last week a seriously stupid hill that I was running down, when it crossed my mind that at some point I would have to run up it. (Found in Torquay)
  • This morning, down a country lane, miles from anywhere, a McDonalds Happy Meal Smurf (still in it's bag) in the middle of the road. We've brought it back & given it a home...
  • today=one dead mauled pigeon, a squashed rabbit, and one squashed foximage.......

  •  A dead man.

    Fortunately someone else had found him moments before and was doing the making of the phonecalls and the checking for the breathing. 

    A bright yellow sheep in a field of white ones. 


  • ooh image

    has anybody found God when running?
  • imageno..but maybe he wasnt awake that early when i did my run..image
  • STU - wrote (see)
    ooh image has anybody found God when running?

    No, but, unbelievably, somebody did once try talking to 'sell' God to me one Sunday morning. The funny thing was that I was in full race kit, going through a series of stretchs, just before the Bourton-on-the-Water 10K...

     This afternoon I went orienteering with my better half. She succeeded, and I totally failed, in finding the markers. I did however find lots of brambles, stinging nettles, & a copulating couple.

  • I trust you didn't "buy" God WB -lol image
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