Most annoying injury?

Well after having my fair share of pattealar tendonitis, it ranks high in my books, but I also had an ankle injury when I used to play lots of football. An injury to do with the growing of the ankle, forgot the name now though.

So for me its pattaler tendonitis!

Whats the most annoying injury?


  • shin splints!
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    shin splints!
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  • Once out on a long run I stopped for a pee beside a farmers field. I began to pee against the fence only to find it was electrified. It was sodding difficult running after that!!
  • Cycling down hill at warp ten and getting an angry wasp stuck between my cycle helmet and sunglasses was quite annoying. especially as I spent too much time bothering with the wasp and not actually looking where I was going. Lets just say the gravel rash and trees etc made a mess of my knees.
  • Spraining my ankle through falling off a bike, and landing in a patch of stinging nettles and thistles.

    Because the sprain was so bad (actually thought it was broken) I couldn't pull myself out and had to wait and continue to get stung until a passing runner found me and called an ambulance.

    I then proceeded to go to Glastonbury several weeks later during one of the infamous flooded years (well I'd bloody well bought my ticket hadn't I?), where my crutches broke in some very sticky mud.

    Not sure whether that ranks as highly as the peeing/wasp incidents mentioned above though :D
  • The worst injury I have seen was a mate of mine snapped his achilles tendon whilst running shuttle sprints at circuit training. It sounded like a gunshot and he now has a very long ugly scar halfway up his right leg, he was out of action for the most part of a year.
  • Whichever injury you happen to have at the time you're asked the question ;o)

    For me, I think it would be if I developed a structural problem with my spine that affected the nerve supply to my legs. I would be very annoyed about that.
  • I think my injury pales into insignificance against the subsequent two posts...

    Lee-sterine - yeouch! Your mate's achilles injury sounds horrible.

    I remember a friend telling me about doing work shadowing in an operating theatre and watching them repair and re-attach somebody's achilles tendon - wince, and double wince.
  • Another vote for Patellar tendinitis

    Bastard fecking knee
  • Plantar Fasciitis is a bit of a bummer.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Spending 5 months recovering from cartilage damage, then getting on a bike for the first time, falling off it in the office car park while stationary and wrenching a thigh muscle, leading to another 2 months off. What a fool.
  • Not knowing what it is, how long it'll take or what you can do.
  • plantarfrigginlingerinonononononononononononfasciitis.

    I win ;o[
  • Aw sorree Jonny didn't read above. Me 2. It's total pants!
  • Just when u think it's going, it comes back.... and that first step in the morning. OUCH!!! Ooh bugg*r it's back :o(

    Believe me I know!

  • i have a continuing goin problem which affects my running
    and i want to run without pain
  • The recurrent bloomin problems I seem to be getting with my hyper-flexible feet!!!
  • I'm with V'rap on this one - which ever injury I have at the time is always the most annoying thing to have ever afflicted me!
  • I reckon achilles injuries are one of the worst as they are so difficult to get rid of. I did mine about 15 months ago and after treament I was just about getting back to some degree of fitness when I went over on the ankle of the same leg spraining it very badly. It has taken 11 months and it is still not one hundred per cent. People have said to me in the past that a sprained ankle can be worse than a break. I used to scoff but am beginning to think they may have a point.
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