2nd pair of running shoes

I bought my first pair of running shoes back in January. I know they are Saucony Jazz (I Think they are HRCs but its never been possible to confirm - they have a code of 2243-1). They have been absolutely briliant.

Anyway, I've now clocked up 450+ miles and they have seen better days. With this in mind I went and bought a pair of Saucony Grid Trigons (Responsive) as I didn't seem to be able to buy the same again but wanted to get something similar. As 10.5 was always marginal with the first pair I went up a half size owing to the sides pinching. The problem is that even with the 11s, after a day or so I could feel them pinching on my little toe (I did try them in the shop on a treadmill and they seemed ok).

I re-laced them as suggested on Runnersworld.co.uk,and that seemed to make things better but after a few days I started to get slight numbness on the ball of my right foot and a pain on gap between the ball of my foot and my big toe.

As a result of all this, I'm in a bit of a mess now, I've been alternating back to the old pair for longer runs, I don't know if the things I have done with lacing, bigger size etc could have caused this problem. I also don't know if its all a coincidence and the new shoes have nothing to do with it (and instead I have just overtrained or something)

Any help please, do the symptons sound familiar to anybody as problems with either the type of shoe, or what I am doing with them?


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