Am off to get my first proper bike.......

I am going tomorrow to order my first proper race bike. Apart from Bike, Pedals (I did not know that you bought these separately) compatible shoes and a helmet is there anything else that is a must. I am basically starting from scratch and need to get the essentials.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Make sure it fits. Apologies if you've already been properly fitted but if you haven't then make sure the shop does it.
  • Pump, tyre repair kit, multi-tool, spare inner tube, saddle bag, bottle cage(s), bottles, energy drink, energy food, cadence/speed monitor, cycle shorts, cycle jersey, short sleeved cycling top, long sleeved cycling top, cycling jacket, slightly lighter cycling jacket for when it's not that cold but you think it might be chilly, bento box, aero bars, quick inflater

    ......and of course anything made of carbon

    Say goodbye to ever having any disposable cash ever again :)
  • Cheers,

    I am going to Ribble in preston, they have said they will check size before i order.

    are shorts/tights etc with seat padding a must?

    Bento Box?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Pump - preferably a frame pump that fits or else a very good mini pump(though I think you'd need another better pump at home in that case), couple of spare inners/patches, tyre levers, bottle cage and bottle, chain lube, good multitool or mini toolkit for adjustments.

    Kit wise lycra shorts, cycling jersey with rear pockets, short ankle length non black socks.

    Optional, helmet, cotton cap (even with a helmet useful to wear under it to keep the rain out of your eyes), eye protection, led lights, veet, other tools, track mitts, winter kit, cycle computer, saddle pack.
  • You'll be okay with Ribble.

    Padding isn't essential but it's going to make your cycling a lot more comfortable.

    A bento box is a small box that fits on your top tube to carry snacks. I use one on my long rides but the rest of the time I put stuff in the pockets of my cycling jersey.
  • ....and can I recommend the Cateye Astrale 8 bike computer. Ribble had them on offer a while ago so if you ask nicely you might get a good deal on one.
  • Whats up with black socks?
  • Again many thanks,

    Mister W, i have garmin 205, will that be ok or do you need an actual bike computer.

    Popsider - veet?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Just tradition Carl. Veet, only if you want to become a ponce, but why else buy a road bike ? No you don't need a computer at all - I haven't used one for a year - but more through laziness - they are nice to have.
  • Right im going to start pulling my socks up from now on.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Are they black ?
  • I don't wear socks when I cycle. Is that where I'm going wrong?

    The Garmin will do very nicely. The only thing is doesn't show, which I find very useful, is cadence. But I think you can get a bike kit for it that will enable it to show your cadence.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    I'm with pops - black socks with bike shoes are like wearing socks with sandals - just say NO
  • I think you should get one of those sirens that has 3 different settings....OR one of those revving things that you stick on the handlebars that make a motorbike noise!
  • Yes theyre black, I nearly always wear black socks.
  • I dont mind black socks - but draw the line at those ones that go half way up your shin.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    I often get ragged about my lack of bike fashion sense but even I wouldn't them.

    Although people might think you are new school in a Lance Armstrong stylee with black calf length socks.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    "wear" them. Bleedin' RW site missing out words.
  • When it was scorching at the weekend I passed two blokes all clad in black - longs on and long sleeves - they must have been sweltering. Like cycling ninjas they were in their baggy gear.
  • Hi folks I'm new to this forum. been a bikie for 30 years+, starting to run alot more for fitness.

    I'll say one thing about clothing,where waht you feel comfortable in, but you will never see the pro's in shorts when training, they cover up!

    Shin length socks harken back to the golden days of the 50's and 60's and the tour greats. if you go on holiday to france you will see all club cyclists with socks like that to emulate the great french heroes, Anquetiel, Poulidor, Thevenet etc. They must be white tho'.

    Keith, one important thing you must get for the bike is a box abou the size of a cake tin. this is to ensure that your brain is safe when you take it out for those long, long hard rides that are too much for your fitness. be sure to put it somewhere safe, I lost mine (brain) about 15 years ago.
  • Like cycling ninjas they were in their baggy gear.

    or p'raps they were hot-weather training and thought bobble hats looked silly?

  • Hi folks,

    Bike sorted, should be ready in about 2-3 weeks.

    Got most of the basics you were all kind enough to reconmend.

    I cannot reconmend Ribble Cycles in Preston highly enough, the guy was great and did not push to sell anything, it was in fact me with my list and when i did want something he did not jump for the most expensive, gave great advice and new i was a newie.

    Cannot wait till it arrives, thanks again all.

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