Polar s625x Problem - Please Help

I am having problems picking up my HR with my good old s625x watch.

I can get a reading sometimes after about 15 minutes of messing with my WearLink 31 strap. Once I get the signal it is okay. Yesterday I gave up trying and ran without it.

I bought a new WearLink 31 and things have not improved. I often get a reading of 220 or nothing at all.

I have noticed when I am getting a signal on my watch I also get a signal on the exercise bike at my local gym. When I am not getting a signal on my watch I do not get a signal on the exercise bike.

Could this all be because there is too much fat between my WearLink 31 and my heart?

I do not have any problems with a Gramin 305 but I love my s625x.


  • Try wetting the back of the WearLink31 where the receptors are, before strapping it on.
  • And wet your shirt over the transmitter, too.
  • Thanks guys, the receptors get a good soaking under the tap, makes little difference.

    I'll wet my tshirt though.
  • Used to have this problem erractically in the past. Make sure the strap is well wetted prior to exercise. Erractic readings are common(Sweat builds up on it). if you have been using the strap regularily and not washed it (I place my strap only in the washing machine in a bag and run it through a 30 degree wash at least once a month. alternatively after every run I rinse it under the tap and I place a minute spot of fairy washing up liquid on it and give it a quick rub. Never had any problems since.
  • thanks jdoherty76, i will give it a wash.
  • I had the exact same problem and it turned out that it was the watch battery (although only a year old). I sent it back to Polar and they charged me £20 to change it! Works fine again now though.
  • I've experienced this problem. I tried wetting but to no avail. In the end ipurchased a new strap from red Lion Sports (c£12) and no problems since.
  • new batteries?
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