Tuesday session

Decided to go home early last night and surprise wife on anniversary - had (subliminally?) forgotten she was taking daughter to dance classes, so nobody at home - slipped out for a steady eight miler!

Today: Probably cross train (cycle 50 mins).
Why: Knee feeling a lot better but don't want to overtax it, besides Sundays PB suggests I'm getting fitter on four runs a week.
Last rest: Friday
Last Hard: Sunday

PS: Have invested (?) €18 in a runner band type exercise thingy for improving conditioning in hips etc. Will also give that a try this evening.


  • Another marvellous day – and I’m in a good mood because my new wetsuit arrived yesterday and it fits, so I’ll have to try and find somewhere to get some open water swimming in this weekend.

    What: 4-5mile Recovery run
    Why: Still feeling the after effects of Sundays race

    Last Hard Day : Sunday
    Last Rest Day : Yersterday

  • What: 5 mile run this evening, followed by 15 mins whinge to wife about how stiff I am and can I have a rub down please.
    Why; Its time I tested myself a little further.
  • Nice to hear you're up to 5M, Barkles!

    I think this counts as training, so I'll post it!

    What: 750m front crawl. Again pls. note increase in leading digit! Got my sights, well, my imagination anyway on Ironman.

    And - I can tie my own shoes again this morning. Bodes well for a first gentle run at the end of the week.

    The best to all of you. Marj

  • Unfortunately I'm the opposite to Will - another pants day!! I bailed out of my interval session after 4/6. I had a really good long run on Friday but am finding the more pacy bits of the last part of the 1/2M schedule really tough. Having compared the sessions, I think it's the shorter recoveries I can't cope with as I managed the same intervals 4 weeks ago when the recoveries were 200m rather than 100m. But it's really starting to get me down as I feel I'm not progressing / achieving as I should be. Anyway, have decided after this last winge to only post good runs.

    What: intervals - meant to be 6x800m at 5k pace
    Why: 1/2M schedule
    Last run: Saturday (because of a hen weekend)
    Last rest: yesterday
  • Ho hum! School run season is with us again!

    What: Very easy/rest day.
    Why: Odd aches which haven't settled after being up for 3 hours.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Friday.

    Glad you're on the move again, Marj.
  • What: supposed to be 4.7 mile annual handicap race with club but will be doing gentle 3-4 miles just with hubby from home instead.

    Why: still tired after race on sunday, also was 'dissuaded' from participating in club event by organiser telling me that I would have to turn up early because I am so slow that I will hold everyone else up otherwise. Feeling rather glum about running now. I thought I was doing so well!

    Last rest day: yesterday (gentle swim)
    Last hard day: sunday
  • RR
    This is not a good attitude from the event organiser. Is this indicative of your club?
  • Well, yes and no. I have generally found the club supportive since I've been going over the past 2 months, but a couple of weeks ago I did get left to run on my own. I tend to start slowly and speed up after a couple of miles (from 10 min miles to 9/even 8-30 min miles on one occasion) but everyone charged off on that occasion and left me. It was only because my husband happened to glance back and saw me that I had him to run with!

    I run with the club because I like to run out of my comfort zone and get 'stretched'. It is making me a lot faster. But the trouble is that most of the other slower runners don't go every week so I can quite often be the slowest there. I end up feeling that I am holding the other runners back a bit.

    To be honest, I think the organiser guy just isn't known for his tact and I have hangups about being the slowest runner from school days. So it wasn't a happy combination!
  • RR

    That was not very nice of the handicap organiser - clubs should encourage the slower runners and that is the purpose of a handicapped event - it gives everyone an equal chance

    Keep your chin up

  • RR: The local club told me I was too slow to train with any of their groups, so I didn't join. I can sympathise - not exactly a lifting experience you have had.

    All I can say is I can cheer louder than he can hiss! I don't read the Penguin's notes for nothing. The back of the pack aren't losers. When it comes to courage, determination, and all that counts, I'm in the same league with Paula. And I'm sure I run slower than you.

    I hope your run today is a lovely one. Marj

  • Well made my long run last night - 16m -longest in about 2 year.. yippeee. Running home from work meant that I didn't have a lot of choice.... long way though along country roads... managed to drink 1.5l of water... at least I had to carry less as the run went on..
    What: 6m fartlek at work at lunchtime

    pm: 4m easy run

    Why: Part of marathon build up. Need Fartlek to loosen legs as pretty stiff after yesterdays run... locked into the same pace for ever...

    Last rest day: Friday
    Last hard day: Saturday
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Another rest day for me
    Days since last hard day: Sunday
    Days since last rest: Today

    I am planning to do some easy swimming and a gentle plod tomorrow.

  • Road Runner I know how you feel, I am the slowest at my club. I just wish my body would do what my brain is telling it when I say run faster, then I could stay with the faster runners. I have entered the local 10k run tomorrow night, I know I can run it, I would like to do it in under 1hour, but keep thinking what if I'm last, and I know it doesn't really matter, someone has to come in last, I just don't want it to be me.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 4 mile tempo ( 7miles total including warm up, etc
    Why: Last hard run before 1/2 marathon on Sunday
    Last hard day: Friday
    Last rest day: Tuesday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    I think clubs who tell runners they are too slow are PANTS! They should have their status taken away. Running is for everyone and good clubs provide for ALL. Find another club RR or be brave and tell the organiser is organising of the runs does NOT MEET THE NEEDS OF ALL THE CLUB RUNNERS.

    Sorry sometimes I get a bit annoyed at runners who just because they belong to the 'fast' group, think they can dictate when/how far slower runners can do on club nights. Ok enough said.

    What am I doing today
    (AM)1500m swim (PM) club run-cross country.
    Why: swim to massage my legs after the last 2 days of tough work and for tri training. Run is just normal club run.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Sat
  • RR,

    I agree very much with what Hilly says. Don't let them put you down. If you can't get a better attitude then change clubs and encourage hubby to do the same.

    Right, I've just got back from holiday and need to do something so here goes:

    What: 8.5 miles, steady (Hope not to try too fast) Also, possible hill repeats tonight with Mrs RB.

    Why: Need to get going again and lose the few LBS I've put on. Got to remember that Windsor is coming up.

    Days since last hard session: Don't ask!!

    Days since last rest day: See above!

    All the best,

  • Ironman

    How did the marathon compare with your run at ‘the longest day’?

  • RR, it's worry about meeting that sort of attitude that stops many runners (including me - I'm slower than you) from getting involved with running clubs, and it's unacceptable. For group sessions, as a rule, the pace should be set according to what the SLOWEST member of the group can manage.

    Amen to Hilly's advice. Your membership counts as much as that of the county triathletes. Make a fuss if you're a fuss-maker. If not, or if you don't get a satisfactory response, take your little legs off to another club.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • RR that's a horrid thing to say to you. I agree wirth Hilly and V-rap that no-one should be made to feel slow. I've ranted about this before because I sometimes get heckled by a runner from a local club who firstly told me that I am too slow to join his club and has subsequently told me I'll need to up my pace to finish my 1/2M. Funnily enough I didn't join his club! Unfortunately, his attitude has put me off going to another local club, even though the members there are really friendly and supportive.

    Enough ranting.

    What: 30 mins random hills on treadmill
    Why: Taper for 10 miler on Sunday
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • Marj, glad to hear you're on your feet and can tie your own shoe laces! You always seem to be very accepting of your considerable challenges, well done and hope you enjoy your swim.

    RR, how demotivating! Agree with everyone's sentiments on this issue. No wonder most runners find the idea of joining a club intimidating. The irony is that if more people joined, the membership would be much more representative of the running population and therefore have to be resourced to cater for a more varied range.

    What: tempo run on 6 mile circuit.
    Why: want to do something hard this week before slobbing out Fri/Sat in anticipation of 1/2m on Sunday.
    Last rest: Sat.
    Last hard: a week ago.

  • Thanks for all your support guys! I have already suffered humiliation at the hands of another club earlier this year so went to this one on the grounds that it said it supported slower runners. I'll give it a few more weeks but will look around for other clubs in the area too.

    Wicked Witch: good luck with your 10K tomorrow night. Go for it!! I did my first one a few weeks ago and I really wanted to do under an hour but did 66mins. I didn't come last...there were quite a number of people behind me! Everyone was really supportive and I've improved considerably since then.
  • Snicks and Laura L thanks for the Boost and advice yesterday, got shoe horned into an all afternoon techie meeting yesterday that confused the heck out of me so wasn't able to reply, but i'll be attempting the run of shame tonight (still smoking - not at the same time as running yet) - easy 3 mile loop to warm up for late night (9.15) squash. Plan to get my butt into a counselling/hypno session at the weekend to counter the nicotine as my willpower attempt last night ended in approximately 45 minutes sleep in total, with the unshaven look i'm sporting and the droopy face at least i'm looking like an old dog now.

  • RR
    I've ben dragging my carcass around Monmouth for a little over aa year and only just plucked up courage to go along to a club.. my experience was more positive than yours, but we don't run to boost someone else's ego, or to be put down.
    I'd tell em to get stuffed, but that's just me.
    Billy no mates.

    Or more seriously you need to let them know the offence that the pillock caused you.. we all started somewhere.
  • What: 1 mile warmup, 6x1 Mile in 5:30, HR based recovery (down to 120), 1 mile cooldown
    Why: Regular sub 10km pace specific speed session, target race less than 3 weeks away (ooohhhh!)
    Last hard day: today
    Last rest day: yesterday

    Good luck with your 10k WW,

    Good luck with your 1/2 Marathon Drew, whats your target?

    Good luck with your clubhunt RR, I was lucky in that I found two clubs that are a bunch of good ol' sticks on my first attempt (one for @ Uni, one for @ home), but having said that I have experienced the elitism of the Uni XC club, so I know what a bummer it cn be. Can shoot your self esteem down in flames. Dont let it! We all start somewhere. It would pay them to remember that...
  • RR

    it's such a shame there are a few people who turn running into some kind of status thing, but they're a sad and tiny minority -so don't be discouraged. perhaps the best thing about the running community as a whole is that everyone is so supportive of each other regardless of how fast or slow they run - it's the taking part that counts.

    What: 10 mile fartlek (200m to 1K bursts from 1 mile pace to 1/2M pace with 400m recoveries at "easy" pace)

    Why: beats me, sheer madness, I guess, cos I got in from work at 3am this morning and then drank a little more pinot noir than was strictly necessary for relaxation purposes and got up feeling like three types of death - but oddly after a wobbly start I really enjoyed the session and ended up doing 2 miles more than I'd planned. weird!?! actually I find that fartlek always peps me up more than any other type of running - so much so that I ended up doing a weights session at the end!

    Last hard day: Sunday 20 miler
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • Forgot to add my good luck wishes to you WW, shame it's too far for me to go on a week night or I would have joined you. When you're back on your home territory we're bound to end up in the same race sooner or later. BTW, I've mentioned this lots of times before; my first 10K I came second to last and you know, it wasn't that bad. It takes a lot of guts to enter a race in the first place. Go for it.

    Achilles pleased to meet another forum wino.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    KK, that's an extremely fast session and a tough one. You should break 37 minutes for your 10k with ease.

    I'm aiming for a sub 1:20 at Glasgow, which is equivalent to about 6:05 pace - that's 5 minutes faster than last year.
  • Oh good, that makes it a little more acceptable that I feel a bit rough now then! Y'know, generic runners aches and such like. I think I'll do a few easy runs for the next few days.
    Sub 1:20! Cripes, that is quick! Methinks I've got a little catching up to do yet! Good luck with that again, at least the GSR is a flat course. Who knows, I might join you next year. I mean, the biggest half I've done is the Reading, so the GNR/GSR has gotta be on the schedule at some point!
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