found a "sports" drink in tesco's yesterday called "Powerade" , apparently its made by the cola corp and has just been re-introduced. Didnt taste that bad actually but does anyone know why it got taken out of production ?


  • I didn’t know it had been withdrawn; I’ve used it for quite a few months now (blue & orange) and ion that time it has always been available in Asda, I find it does the trick – in fact I went through 3 bottles at last weekends race

  • Waitrose have carried it for sometime, although it's a bit OTT for me- prefer ISOSTAR!
  • Completely agree with you Tim. I only use isotonic drinks on long training runs (1.5 hrs plus) or during races over 15K. I love the way 'sports drinks' are being promoted as essential for anyone who laces up a pair of trainers. But then we are a nation of soft drinks lovers - I'm always staggered how many people can't seem to exist without several cans of diet coke a day.
  • Just a thought. Does Powerade rot your teeth?

  • Yes, Sythree, potentially it does, although in theory the simple sugars and maltodextrin in sports drinks are less tooth-rotting than good old table sugar. You can overcome the problem to some extent by putting the whole of the sucky bit of the bottle top into your mouth or using a straw to minimise contact between the sticky liquid and your enamel. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any suggestions for ways to protect teeth from the viciously corrosive mixture of sugar solution and stomach acid which comes back up half an hour or so after drinking isotonic drinks.

    Laura, I really love the way a Lucozade product is currently being promoted in the supermarket freebie mags as a prop to help people to cope with their "stressful lives". Almost as grindingly awful as those "urban endurance" ads for self-heating tins of coffee (which I gather are about to be withdrawn due to the fact that even the daftest consumer will only ever buy ONE can of lukewarm coffee, or maybe two to confirm that the first one wasn't dud and it really does only reach tepidity). I wouldn't mind - caveat emptor, there's one born every minute, and all that - but guess who is going to be expected to try to shovel up the fallout from the next wave of the national obesity epidemic?
  • Thanks, V-rap. Don't think I can run and do this at the same time so maybe it's back to the H2O. I didn't have any gut wrenching problems but I find that these drinks do leave a nasty metallic aftertaste - yuk.

  • I just can't let go of this one! There is a good solid tradition of marketing sugar solution as health drinks in this country though isn't there? How about Ribena, that well known source of Vitamin C. Sorry, of course now, one generation of black-toothed toddlers later, you have the choice of getting 'toothkind' which helpfully substitutes aspartane (don't think that grows on trees somehow) for sugar.
  • At the World Environmental Conference, a paper was given on Aspartane, which is sold as NutraSweet and Equal. There has been an epidemic in the U.S. of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus.

    Here's some facts: when aspartane exceeds 86 degrees, the wood alcohol in it converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid (this is the poison found in fire ants). This mimics the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

    Systemic lupus is showing up in people who drink three to four 12 oz. cans of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi per day. Eliminating the soda doesn't eliminate this disease.

    With Multiple sclerosis, when the Aspartane is eliminated, most of the symptoms disappear.

    Here's a list of diseases that may be Aspartane-caused: fibromyalgia, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision or memory loss.

    Yum !!! That explains why I wear specs and erm erm , what was I saying ?
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