If someone gave you 500 quid...

Bonus time at work and I was thinking of buying a camera but struk me as not very imaginative.

Got any ideas?


  • sweets
  • booze, loose women and a good time........waste the change.
  • depending on your job

    hand made suit
  • £500 handmade suit!

    fly to hongkong and get one done for that
  • Holiday for one
  • 500 Lottery tickets?

    That Olympic stadium won't build itself, you know and "it could be you" (not likely)
  • Hols for one sounds good - kids driving me nuts!

  • my credit card bill - ive just renewed my car insurance
  • Urk!

    they are robbin gits buney!
  • A leather manbag maybe?
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Trisuit £75
    Custom made Snugg wetsuit £300
    Entry into triathlon approx £40
    Hotel the night before £50
    Petrol to get you there and back £30
    Parking £5

    Looking like a t*t in front of all of you mates... Priceless

  • &500 will buy you two nights with a very excellent masseur from Chester Annabelle... I found her contact details in a phone booth... or was it a toilet wall?
  • Did she mention my name C?

    Ms M I would have a bash at a Tri if I could ride a bloomin bike.

    Hang on, I have an idea....
  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭
    Ms T Mouse - brill answer.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    ok seriously this but I'd have to do it via a 'cycle to work' scheme cos £500 isn't enough money.
  • pays for annual yoga pilgrimage to India...

  • Isn't it Ascot this week?

    £500 could be £5,000

    Or then again, £0...
  • Wine, women and song - and not in that order.

    The woman (Mrs O) gets £480, wine £7 (wine to share), and song £13 for a CD, (probably bought by Mrs O.)

    Yup..., fun, fun, fun, in the Octohouse...
  • Mike, I suspect my brother-in-law has at least one of those in his very large guitar collection. Never seen so many guitars outside a shop!
  • So tired, I can't even think of what I'd spend £500 on.

    A fiver on Nytol tablets might be a start!!
  • A weekend away for me and BD
  • I've changed my mind, someone to give me a daily kicking and a reminder that I like excercise and the feeling it brings
  • *boots Beeps*
  • A last minute booking to a greek island, and some spending money leaving wife and 4 year old behind.

    Sleep would be great - now been 4 years and 3 months since I had a full nights sleep or a lie in.

  • Still laughing at Mouse's post! :-D

  • 250 german sausages.
  • A sofa. My current sitting room furniture consists of a sun lounger and a deckchair.

    Or beer.
  • £100 on clothes

    rest on credit card
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