Las Vegas 2007

I've signed up and I'm struggling with training to say the least. Just found a plan on here that looks perfect for me, though, so hopefully that will sort me right out…

So, anyone going?


  • I've entered this, was out there at the same time last year and looked like conditions would be great - cool weather (6am start) with a bit of a breeze. Originally thought the course was flat and so would be quite fast, but I think there's actually a bit of ascent - not sure how bad it is though.
  • I think the course still has an overall descent, but I could be wrong. Initial ascent, then steady descent, I think.

    Yeah, I was out there last November and running early too. The dust was a problem, but this year I'm staying out there from mid Nov to acclimatise (and do some work, honest guv).
  • Cor Chief, just the two of us then!
  • As the course starts and finishes at the same place, I don't think there's an overall ascent OR descent! :)

    I won't be going early to acclimatise - I've got a 52 mile Ultra the weekend before so need to rest for a few days first before travelling.

    As for no-one else entering yet - it is still nearly 6 months away...

    Do you know much about the majority of the course - as only the first 6 miles or so is on the Strip. The rest seems a bit vague? Is it all on roads?
  • Yeah, I think it's all on roads. There's a ton of information on the web site - course is at
    It doesn't go far enough in any directions to leave the city, I don't think.
    Site also says this: "Ideal weather and a loop course with a gradual mid-race incline followed by a downhill sprint to the finish line set the stage for exhilarating Races designed to set and break records, and shatter personal bests."

    52 mile ultra then a marathon a week later... Ouch.

  • Jen J

    Going again this year after last Decembers first trip to Vegas. Great event, running the strip, course, expo and support first class. Signed up to run with Team Rosemere, the Cancer Foundation at Royal Preston Hospital. I have to raise £1200 and I get a free trip, 5 nights inc flights. Wife going, £560 for the trip, great value. Hotel at the start/finish/expo site, can't better that. You will really enjoy the race whether you are in the full or half.
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