• I've never found cheap Oakleys. You can buy fake ones, but if the lenses aren't what they say they are, they could damage your eyes more than protect them. :-(

    V suspicious the way that Oakleys seem to be the same price the world over ?

    Best I've managed is haggle with the shop and get a few quid knocked off.
  • In defence of Oakleys.Their warranty system is second to none.
    I had a pair of 4 year old Oakley eye jackets , wraparound style ( cost £80). I unfortunately sat on them and broke one of the arms. Solution . Go into opticians who stock Oakley and they give you a special box with postage paid. Send the broken Oakleys with approx date and place of purchase. They telephoned me back within 10 days.Given options . 1. Complete new frames , old lenses returned to me for £13 or 2.I can purchase anything from the latest range at 50 percent discount. Bearing in mind that my old lenses were fairly scratched I bought anew pair for 1/2 price , postage free.
    I think that's pretty good service and the new specs have another warranty with them !!
  • nike do a good range their flexon rimless are fab , not cheap but as im a dispensing optician i got a bit off. oakleys are always a good bet and the new range out is fab. wrap rounds are best cos they stop flying beasts from hurtling into eyes. i once had a horse fly in one for 2 days not nice.
  • Who dragged this one up from the grave?
  • I would say Oakleys if you can afford them exellent quality good fit great lenes and as mentioned warrenty second to none. on a budget bolle are good really clear and robust a bit like cheaper oakleys one thing i will not be doing again is buying cheap glasses because of the disortion in the lens feel like your drunk.

  • Maybe you were ?

     I do like my new Oakley Radars - but maybe a wee bit OTT for street wear. 

  • ScreamScream ✭✭✭

    Lost a bloody expensive pair of Arnette sunglasses climbing a couple of Munros yesterday.  GUTTED!

    Need to buy a pairvof Oakleys then to cheer me up!

  • I wear Nike Siege 2. They have ajustable frames incl. the bridge as well as interchangable lenses to ilininate glare in various light conditions as well as being non slip they do not hinder air circuolation.... The best I've used. +/- £130.00 but well worth it!!!
  • Mercury wrote (see)
    As I wear prescription lenses I always run in sunglasses ( unless its dark ) Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes "sports" type prescription sunglasses ?
    Kontrolsports makes prescription sunglasses albeit with click in inserts and I believe they have a night vision yellow lens.Kontrolsports
  • As I wear prescription lenses I always run in sunglasses ( unless its dark ) Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes "sports" type prescription sunglasses ?

    Try RUDYPROJECT - most of their frames allow a special prescription bar to be clipped in (with small lenses attached) behind the sunglasses lens

    it gives the full sunglasses look (think oakley) without the need to get a new pair of sunglasses should your prescription change.

  • You can try optic world for getting prescription sunglasses, however, the best i know is from where i always purchase my Designer Sunglasses  and i purchased my Oakley Sunglasses for running from there. I think they are doing presecription sunglasses and lenses now. You can check them anyway.
  • I use these Polaroid sunglasses, they don't cost the earth and they are lightweight.  Being polarized they stop you squinting.
  • I should have said that these polarized sunglasses are excellent for people who suffer from migraines, my wife, swears by them. Take a look
  • Quite impressed by the newly released Adidas Adizero sunglasses. Specifically designed for running, is lightweight and prescription compatible. Available in 2 sizes.


  • I use the Crane Sports Sunglasses !

    Only about £4 and do teh job and have never let me down !!

  • Adidas adizero's are fantasatic. Well worth every penny.
  • Just bought some prescription Rudy Project sunglasses from RXSport - they were exceedingly helpful, rushed the order so that they arrived less than a week after ordering in time for holidays tomorrow - would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for the same..
  • ive tried a few different pairs over the last couple of years and never got on with a pair that well until recently when i got myself a pair of boa bolle boa sunglasses for  about £30 on ebay and they are briliant, really lightweight and snug when youre wearing them and quite often ive forgotten ive got them on during long runs.
  • Forget interchangeable lenses and get Specialized Adaptalite cycling sunglasses, which adjust to level of UV - great to wear in strong sun and in shade...they just get lighter or darker in response to light. Very light, hardly feel them, great for both cycling and running. Expensive (+£70) but worth every penny...

    This is part of advertising blurb from some website:

    "Adaptalite lenses automatically adapt to varying UV levels changing from light to dark tint in less than 15 seconds. - Aerodynamically engineered frames and lenses have been designed for optimized air flow to prevent fogging while still ensuring full wind protection. - Full- time 100 percent UVA and UVB protection while still providing exceptional optical clarity. - Lenses made from a material called NXT which is a revolutionary unbreakable optical polymer that is 10-20 percent lighter than other sports lenses."

  • Belly flop wrote (see)
    Try oakley M Frames,its the ones the pro's wear.Not cheap but no slippage and perfect fit.Never had any problem with them and they are 3 years old now.

    I've got 3 pairs of Mumbos, which are essentially the same as 'M-Frames', but their predecessors

     They're probably at least 15 years old now, & have only had a new pair of sleeves on the arms, & a new nose-piece (on one pair), as the rubber went 'critical' (it was like chewing gum - think it's hydrophilic?)

    I wear mine for general riding, & racing Cyclo-Cross, as I wear contact lenses - so getting grit in the eyes on a 40MPH descent isn't a good idea. (that pair always has the - deeper profile - 'yellow' lens in)

    I have worn the 'Iridium Blue' lenes for summer runs though, & they don't move on your nose at all

  • Get a pair with interchangeable lenses, to ensure you get excellent definition in winter conditions. Vented lenses are useful too.

    There is a huge choice on the market, and what you go for may depend on your pocket - if money is no object, you can't go far wrong with Oakley and Adidas, but at the budget end I'd consider Sunwise or Rapid Eyewear. Both sell packages at under 50 quid with interchangeables, and the quality is surprisingly good. The Rapid Eyewear ones have stronger frames and a better case I think.
  • Bolle Contour ESP £7.65.

    Light, 21g, 180deg vision, 100% UVA/UVB protection.

    Great for running and also cycling as they have safety lenses


     Also use ESS ICE 2.4 Military ballistic glasses, 30g weight,3 interchangeable lenses, about £35. Will withstand a shotgun blast so offer great protection against flying stone chips when cycling but prefer the Bolle Contours for running as so light and great for all light conditions

    I got the Dirty Dog Curl for cycling as large wraparounds with vents to reduce misting

  • Zacnini, don't turn this into a spam thread for advertising sunglasses. I'm involved with an eyewear company myself and I decided not to advertise what I sell here because it's out of order.

    I'll be reporting your post to the moderator.
  • Fine

    So whats the difference in me posting links to glasses I have bought and you posting links to sunwise or rapideyewear

  • Zacnini, the answer to that is simple:

    1). I didn't post any links
    2). I just mentioned the brand names. Only one of those brands is my own, and one of them in fact is a rival company - how much fairer can I be than to mention both?

    You have made nine postings so far on this forum, and every one contains links to gear on your websites that you're trying to flog. The name for that on the internet is SPAMMING and that's why I reported you to the moderators yesterday.
  • John get a life!

    This forum is about gear and I have made 3 suggestions on gear, 2 from personal experience and one from research I had been doing myself on watches to replace my ageing watch.

    I bought prescription shades from Glassesonpsec,  I bought a Garmin from Handtec and the third was in response to a thread where I was looking for a new watch as well. I wish I did have a business empire spanning Peterborough, Bradford and Watford but I don't.

    On the other hand you have no profile and in your first and only post other than to attack me you promote your company and do not identify that you have an interest in that company until challenged by me.

  • Okay, whatever you say. If this is all true then you don't have anything to worry about, do you?

    I will complete my profile when I get time.

    Have a nice day

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