RW Personal Best Awards - The Winners

I see FLM is there again even though it doesn't make the top ten in runners event polls. Its a hell of an event but it isn't the best by any means. However Runner's world would be out of business without it so I'm not suprise the editorial awards a sqewed.


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    a sqewed?
  • Most runners I know don't really like Lucozade Sport whilst running, they say it's too strongly flavoured to drink comfortably. And a lot of the runners on the London Marathon seem to think the same when we try to give it to them at the drink station during the race! The lemon flavour is more palatable, but not available in the pouches it would appear. Personally I like High 5 citrus.
  • I like Lucozade but I gather I'm in the minority. As regards the FLM - it is the one race in the UK that most people want to do - just look at how ever subscribed it is.
  • Hi all,

    The RW Personal Best Award winners were voted for purely by the readers of the magazine and users of the website. We had no influence on winners at all.

  • I suppose the amount of volume of people who want to get in this race make it a "gimme" as far as winning the award is concerned.
  • It just appears to me the readers of just the magazine have a different take than the website's community. I was looking at the nike air pegassis which seems to have a low rating on the forum.
  • Few points before I go out.

    Nike winning? Most peeps on here are anti nike for running wear. I know some running shops won't sell it.

    cat for bottled water? water is water in a bottle. Or does one brand have slightly more sodium?

    health insurance..........i work in the industry. BUPA! BUPA are a f8cking expensive lot more better specialised companys out there. anyone from bupa want to argue the point i will do it.

    will post a more indepth and coherant argument later or tomorrow.
  • Perhaps the magazine is read by a greater proportion of beginners? At least, increasingly of late that seems to be the target audience the magazine is aimed at.
  • Tri - I didn't know some shops refuse to sell Nike running gear. I like Nike's Sphere Dry running kit - but the Dri-fit stuff just has an odour once it has been worn a few times despite repeated washing at higher than recommended temperature.
  • Have only just seen this.

    Pretty amazing choices.

    Lucozade Sport? Mars Bars? Nike? Great North Run? JJB Sports?


    You have to question the validity of some of these categories: Best Health Insurance? Won't people just put down the one their company subscribes to? (If they have any at all). I can't imagine people saying. "Yes, I've tried out six different health insurers this year, and found that BUPA just edged it."

    Even shoes, some to that. Don't people just vote the shoes they use?

    I don't want to be too disparaging because excellence should be acknowledged, but I just wonder about things like votes on "best international marathon". We all know that NY and Paris are probably the ones attended by most Brits so it shouldn't be a surprise that they get voted as 1 and 2. Surely only people who've done at least 20 or 30 of the top ones can really compare?

    Bah. I'm getting more curmudgeonly as I get older.

    But well done Mars Bar and Lucozade Sport and Nike and JJB Sports and Great North Run. We all know how highly you are regarded by most runners on these forums.
  • GNR and FLM would have got the most votes because of their size, so no surprises there.

    Lucozade, Mars Bars and Red Bull are the mainstays of my diet - so I'm not going to complain too much about those either ;-).

    RC I agree with you about Paris/New York.

    Shoes I voted for the ones that I wear, they're also my favourites because I don't get blisters etc.

    JJB well I did buy some running shoes from there last year, but I knew EXACTLY what I was buying, but I normally use the local running shop.
  • RC
    you old curmudgeon you;)

    I suppose i should have voted really
    Saucony didnt even get a mention
  • Personally I like the new raspberry lucozade sport but again it's only sold in bottles not pouches.
  • In truth I don't mind the Lucozade Sport powder too much. It seems much less sweet and confected than the bottles/pouches.
  • RC
    you fecking WIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    tee hee
  • Pretty obvious really - the big events will win due to their numbers, and as Lucozade do a lot of sponsoring they will do well too.
    I'm fine with it for FLM as its free and available, but its not my choice elsewhere.

  • As soon as I saw this artical I thought RW was putting themselves between a rock and a hard place. There are millions of runners and I doubt if any two of us would choose the same.
  • I know PH, but I was just trying to creep a bit after my earlier attack of curmudgeonliness. I'm a SIS or Clif Shot man myself.
  • personally I hate Lucozade sport, it tastes horrible. And as for the best marathon - Berlin wins hands down. London and NY get all the hype, that's why there are up there.
  • I like Nike stuff, particularly shoes. And my 5 year old dri-fit tights just won't die.

    You can keep Lucozade though, and I wouldn't do London cos it's too big, and I wouldn't go to JJB cos it's chav HQ.

    But, I lurve Mars bars.
  • I'm sure you're right Ironwolf, when you say that Berlin is a great marathon. I'd love to do it one year. But have you done London and NY to be able to compare? This is my point.

    Of the 3, I've only run London, and have done only 5 different marathons in total, so I really couldn't make a judgement on which is the best mara in the world, or whatever the question was. I could definitely make a judgement on the best experience I had (in my case, Chicago). I just get a bit annoyed with this sort of question because unless you've done a few dozen of the world's best-known marathons, I can't see how we can be expected to compare them.

    I suppose it's a bit like football fans talking about 'the best match ever'. It's all pretty pointless, but it's hard to avoid doing.

    The funny thing is, if I did my 5 marathons again over the next couple of years, I bet I would totally change my order of preference. It depends on so many things -- fitness, weather on the day, satisfaction with your performance, the people you met during race weekend, and so on.

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