Rectus Femoris Tear

After I completed the MHFS 10k last Sunday, I felt a niggle in my right thigh and groin, but thought nothing of it, and it went away. On Wednesday I done my sprint training, and it came back, with more pain. The Physio I use told me today, I have a grade 1-2 rectus femoris tear, which I should rest for 7-10, (possibly 20) days. Is there anything I can do in the mean time to keep my fitness up, as I was meant to start my 12 week half marathon program on Monday?


  • You could try aqua jogging - non weight bearing.
    Also maybe have a sports massage after about 3-4 days this should stop you having a mass of scar tissue in your thigh and might help speed up your recovery.
    I would stop the running for the time being - you will only delay your recovery further if you keep running on it.
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