How is everyone getting on?

Right, which IM's are people jetting off to I understand Plum and Cougs are off to Germany, what about the rest?


  • hi mon

    not doing an IM
    just sayin hello
  • Mon, sign up to Nice next year! There's a thread kicking about a little further down. LOADS of pirates going, including some of the IMCH lot. FB, Ratbag, Moi, and loads more. It has potential to be a big 'un.

    As for me, I'm doing squat!
  • Squat this year anyway. Planning for tri's next year
  • Likewise Garr, and Hello Benz, up late as usual? Got plans to enter Lehnsan triple for next year need some new challenge to get my (expanding) arse into gear.
    At risk of sparking controversy I have also lashed out on a load of pose running books and dvd as I have had an injury for months now and as I am on zero running currently thought it would be the ideal time to revamp my run style. Just need to find somewhere dog poo and broken glass free to get going....
  • but i dont do late no more
    god, i hardly run
  • Better go to bed now I can hear Dave's toothbrush going, byee will try to catch up tomorrow. Oh yeah got a facebok account so can be contacted easily via that, how modern.
  • Hardly running Benz- hope you're not injured ..
  • I was carrying injury sice decwember

    takes longer to go if you wont stop racing

    ok for last 2 mohths

    tho short races bring the pain back
    maras ok tho

    I am an facebook too
  • hi monique. nice to hear from you.
    soory to hear about the injury - hope the pose works.
    MrM and I are off to Austria. Are you going to La Santa with the leeds masters lot?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    who's Monique?? is she new around here???


    Hi Mon - say hi to Dave from me and P as well

  • Monique!!!

    Just talking about you yesterday...nice stuff of course...

    I decided yesterday morning to go for why don't you come along could (will) be fun....
  • 'me and P' .... you really dont let her post do you?!!

    Hi Mon, nice to see you around - sorry about the injury

  • Hi Monique! :-)
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    good to hear from you monique

    Hope you get your injuries sorted soon!
  • Better go to bed now I can hear Dave's toothbrush going



    oooooooo I SAY!
  • Hi there Mon, good to here from you girl!
    I too am injured, broke my ankle 4 weeks ago but still started in Roth yesterday. I didn't make it to the finish, but didn't expect to - I did get through the swim and bike but couldn't manage the run. But I enjoyed myself.
  • freaky, do you want to do the run leg of a triple iron relay in october?? of course you do.
  • It's like I haven't been away, sorry to hear about your ankle IW and Benz- I am welll angry as I have done no running and it still hurts when I try.
    Where is the triple Andy?
    Have no other plans except to totally alter my run style, so it could be on the cards as I had originally thought of doing a 24 hour track this year before it all went tits up.
    Mellifera- yep off to lanzarote training gulag this week.
    Hey FB, Rb, debbo and Melldy great to say hello.

    I will try and make it on more regularly, the up side of all this work is I can now afford double glazing- not before time, I poked the window frame with my tweezers the other day and it was rotten.

    jj- I know he gets all impatient, and likes to be inbed by 10 pm another reason for my falling forum attendance. However I say that, it sounds rude...
  • Hey Monique, sorry to hear about the injury - sounds like you are <ahem> keeping busy though! I'd be interested to know how you get on with pose - I thought about trying for a bit and got the book and DVD but then changed my mind! Anyone want them?
  • Mon...just one thing about Pose that you might find helpful...if you think it will work for you, get over to the Pose thread on General and contact nrg-b...he's a very nice guy and is a qualified Pose instructor...he might give you some free help / advice...worth a try...

    Oh, and don't forget to put your name down for IMF...;-)
  • Pose is going well so far, the book dvd etc didn't arrive in time for Lanzarote so started barefoot track running 1 lap, stretch, another lap, stretch, then increased it through the week, found it much more comfortable than I expected and ended the week on 2,400 m total, am now half way though the book but haven't watched the dvd yet as have been watching the first 4 series of red dwarf instead, however I am totally convinced this is the way forward and so will be doing regular track barefoot sessions as well as all the drills etc.
    Also did 38k of swimming and got a bit of advice about my stroke so have improved somewhat.
    I will get over to Pose thread and see whats what.
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