The Ringways Askern 10

I'm thinking of doing this in preparation for the GNR, which I'm currently training for. I've been running for 14 months (starting from scratch) but took 2 months out in Feb/March due to injury. I did my second 10K yesterday in just over 68 mins, so I'm a plodder really! I really run for pleasure and fitness, but it is nice to have a challenge now and then.

Would I look too out of place in this race? I see that previous last finishing times range from 140 - 111 mins. My predicted time based on yesterday's 10K is around 112 mins. I intend to build up my long runs quite gradually as I'm not a spring chicken (!) and don't want to injure my foot again.

I'd really appreciate any views, thanks.


  • I'm a bit like you raring to go, need to build up my distance for gnr but not exactly a pro and nobody likes to come last :) So yes views on this would be great!
  • Hi all!

    Yes Id like views on this as I havent done it before.
    I agree ideal training towards gnr.

  • Katie - why not join us on the GNR chatline? I'm finding it great motivation, they are a great bunch and very encouraging for first timers and people who are working on increasing distance (including slow ones, like me :-))
  • Yes come and join us Katie! Plenty of advice and support and chat and stuff!
  • I'll be doing this race, it's really a back up race if things don't go well at Sale 10 the week before, but even if they do I'll still give it a bash.

    Any info on the course route would be appreciated.

  • Have done this race 5 times.

    It is a cracking race albeit very hilly, what do you expect in Doncaster. Would recommend it as a stand alone race but it is perfect as a pre GNR race also.

    It's well marshalled and the route is scenic.

    We always take a good 30 runners from our club in Liverpool, and manage to win a few prizes usually, thats how good we think it is.
  • Very hilly - hmmm...!
  • Hi again RTG and Stoxy!

    It is NOT very hilly, it is nicely undulating! You go up hill, you get a few minutes rest going downhill. Perfect. But then, I hate flat races!

    I did this last year and since it was only two days after a 10k I ran really hard on I decided to take it easy and just use it for practice at racing longer distances before the Robin Hood Half. I loved it and won the prize for 5th senior lady. I remember you Liverpool lot, I was confused to say the least!

    I've signed up again for this year (despite the fact it is 2 days after the 10k again) and will be looking to improve on last year's time but not looking for a pb (set at Ranby in April)

  • Route Description: First 3.5 miles are pretty flat with a couple of minor ups and downs. From there to the five mile point it rises to the highest point of the course near the A1 at Barnsdale Bar. Then it's 0.75 miles down hill. from then on its 3 shortish climbs, with attatched down hills before the last 1.5 miles which are as flat as anything you'll come across. Don't forget about the run round the cricket field to finish in front of the cricket pavillion.

    All ability levels will enjoy this and I would say it is great prep for a certain half marathon although much better value for money.
  • Heh...I've been trying to run this one for the last four years - it's pretty much on my doorstep - but have failed miserably due to that thing called life getting in the way...But not this year! I shall be there...And nicely undulating sounds perfect :)

    I reckon its an ideal warm-up for Halfs, or Full maras, in my case.
  • This sounds a good race.
    Are the hills killers or gentle climbs???
    Its either this or newark half marathon the same day.
    Rich O
  • I don't remember any killer hills. Maybe something in between the two? I've heard Newark is pb course, this definately isn't. But it is a lovley race, so it depends if you're chasing numbers or not!
  • Nice mildly undulating course. I was 1st lady there last year and found it to be about 2 mins slower than my pb. However, last year it was very warm, can't see that being a problem this year:-) Shame that I won't be able to do it this year, but would recommend it as a good race to do.
  • CC2 - I missed your post and just read you'd done it and won 5th SL. Hope you get the improvements you want. What time did you do last year?
  • I cant remember my exact time, it was 76 something. It was my first ever 10 mile race and my pb is 72 something now (Ranby Prison). I was only 5th SL because loads of the women who finished ahead of me were actually vets and therefore got vet prizes instead. I think I was actually about 9th. I can't expect too much when it's 2 days after a hilly 10k, but I'd like to improve on last year.
  • I just checked - 76.51 last year. PB now is 72.48. I'd like to get sub 75 this year, allowing for the hills and the 10k just before it.
  • Any questions for the final week before?

    Might be a warm one again this year.
  • Anyone care to join me in a rain dance? I raced last night and the heat was evil, I could do with a cooler one tomorrow image
  • 73.24 by my watch, 5th lady, 4th prize. My rain dance failed though.
  • Anyone know when the results will be online?
  • Website says results have been posted today but when you click on the link it takes you to this years 10k result.

    Anybody from the club know?
  • Any more feedback for the race organisation would be appreciated.

    We seem to be 60 runners down from 2005 and any suggestions as to why or how improvements could be made would be disscussed and considered for future events.

  • No complaints here, I thought it was a great race this year and last year. I suppose one problem might be that it is on the same day as the Newark half marathon so you may have lost some runners to that race?

    Could you tell me how many women ran the race?
  • Only by counting on the results unfortunately, as you probably already have.

    My niece was calling out the position in the ladies race at 5 miles but gave up when she was in the 30's.

    Glad you enjoyed it, hope you're there next year
  • You're kidding, I'd go cross eyed! I wanted to transfer the results into an excel file so I could sort them, but I can't do it from a pdf. Not technologically minded enough for that - too busy running to learn !!
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