Headington 10K

Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
last year this was an incredibly tedious course! round an abandoned airfield, with an annoying cone you had to completely change direction to get round.

coupled with harsh winds and high temperature this was one to avoid!

erm...not to put anyone off though folks!

a race isa race!!


  • I nearly gave up after the first 2k. It's just as well we veered off to the right instead of straight back to the start as I found it a real struggle. Stong wind and an open airfield. It was a real battle.

    But . . . . I've signed up again! Surely it's got to be better this year !
  • Got my race number.

    Anyone else joining me ? (could be in for a first V.lady at this rate !)

    There are some nice road sections with hedgerows too.
  • I'll be there! It is my local 10k and it is supporting OXSRAD, a local charity helping people with disabilities through sport & activity.

    This will be my 3rd time running this one. There's plenty of space for running (it is mainly on the disused airfield) and it is virtually flat. I gather there's a free t-shirt this year too (we had fruit & cereal bars last time). Really good home made refreshments for afterwards. And a race for the kids as well so bring them along. It is always a nice friendly atmosphere there.

    Well worth coming to!
  • I'll be there - received my number already (though don't confuse my over-eagerness with pace!!)... Did the Bearbrook 10km today and Headington will be my next one. Looking forward to trying to go sub-50 mins for the first time...

    I've heard mixed reports on the course; is it going to be any good for a PB?
  • not convinced to run this one - but may well enter on day folks.
  • they moan about hills they moan about flat, I may do this just for the hell of it

    prior to New Forest marathon. My memory is bad but it is flat not like bearbrook 10k and it will be calm. If not hide behind some one on the way.


  • We hope for calm Brendan (unlike last year's head wind - aaagghh!)

    I'm hoping for a pb - though I run much slower than most so going round a sharp bend doesn't have much effect on my time.

    Go Martini - Why not?

  • Hello RLTW ... have decided I will go for this one ... nice and flat ... will enter on the day ... best get out there and do a bit of training I rekkon.


  • Go Martini - I knew you couldn't resist it!

    Supposed to be cloudy, dry and about 20 degrees. As long as the wind stays away it should be ideal conditions.

  • Too late to enter on line so it will be on the day. If it is really flat and not Peruvian flat with no wind I might run like the wind.


  • Go for it Brendan.

    I'll be entering on day too.  Just had huge bowl of pasta.  Booked eve. in bathroom for a long soak enabling a good nights' sleep (hopefully).

    Good luck everyone - GMx

    Brendan Cradden

    feet don't fail me now

    Go Martini




  • So peeps ... how did you get on?


  • Good event; I bagged a new pb, though not the sub 50 mins I was hoping for (50:13!! so near yet so far!).

     Nice morning out though. How'd everyone else do?

  • No PB for me today - just pleased to beat the hour at 59:17 - phewee!  I did overtake approx. 6 runners in last 500m.

    And there were size 'S' t-shirts left ... never normally is at stage of race I finish in - all the fast, skinny whippets usually claim them all and I usually end up with a 'L'!

    Nice apple too.

    Shame water station was way past the 5k mark ... was gasping.  Well marshalled tho.


  • Hi all

    I found it quite gruelling, as last year.  I swear that route is just a little on the incline for most of the time. That's quite sapping.  I found the head wind very hard too. 

    On the good side - I got a pb 1: 08:12 which is 1min12secs off the 10k pb I did at Thame earlier this year - so I'm well pleased.  Just don't seem to get on very well with the course though - certainly not ever going to be a favourite, but it's local.

    It seemed like quite a fast field. I don't think there were many behind me.

    Had hoped for a bit of continental choccie from Lidl who were sponsering - boo hoo  image

  • Hi guys.

    I was - AM the guy (in the white vest ) who started 5 minutes after everyone else !! I'd got lost getting to the race !! No time for a warm-up so started cold. consequently got a stitch after 3k and had to slow down for the next 4k !!  I actually think I would have enjoyed the race if I had had time to warm up anf been in the actual race insrtead of chasing down the back markers !!   Finished in a time of 54-10. ( my stopwatch ),

  • Well done RLTW - and for admitting it was quite gruelling (I did too but was too wuzzy to say)!  Congrats on your PB - the only way is up.

    Felt for you george - and very well done for still doing the race - despite the late start - good finish time too.

    What's next for everyone?  Anyone up for the Amersham 5 (8k) on Sun 16 Sep?


  • George - I passed you at about 2k when you were on your way out on the airfield and I was coming back in - I was the one in orange who shouted - you can do it (or something similar) and clearly you could as you must have passed me not too long after.  You would still have beaten me even if you went by the gun time !

    Hi Go Martini - Glad I wasn't the only one !  Did you feel that it was just ever so slightly uphill a lot of the time?  It says flat but I struggle even in the first 2k. 

    My next run will be Hearts First Blenheim 10k bolt on 16th September. I love Blenheim Palace and although the grounds are distinctly undulating you know where you are with it.  At least when you run up something reasonably short and steep you know you'll have the pleasure of running down the other side. Such fantastic views too.  

    Have been looking for something for the 9th Sept but not found anything suitable yet. 

  • Hi all,

    Nice sunny  calm day the tea was great the 50p cakes great thanks Headington a good well organised race. George get a garmin!

    I loved it, my first race for 3 months  ran 2 sub 6 min miles then reality kicked in and I struggled home in 47 mins. Was there a head wind?  but I did notice the hill at 3k. Off to Grizzlie next week followed by the New Forest marathon. I love hills and mud and wind



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