North West Borders League

So, think I'll start the thread early... people looking forward to this, this year?

Think it's time after last years banter to prove what the "Tango Boys" are made of this season. Time to kick some butt ;-)



  • Well, it is early!
    We have 3 months to enjoy the local races.
    I won't think about it before the end of September.
  • Far too early...........I'll think about it when the dates are released!
  • A bit early but just thought I would post and make it an EPRC 1,2,3,4.

    I think the AGM is in the next week or two so we will know the fixtures then.

    PS : Pug, how many times has your Aviator lapped Chris!!!!

  • The AGM is on Monday (02/07/07).
    So we will know the dates and venues next week (although it might change slightly).
  • Who decides where they're held, or can we as a club say "we'll do one?"???

  • Crowie It'll be the only time Mr Marshall laps me ;-) Them days of a Marshall Wooping have long gone... hahahaha *stands back waiting for Chris to respond*

  • I am not sure that we (EPRC) will do one this year as we organised one last year.
    At the meeting, I guess that they will decide the clubs who are going to organise a race for 2007/2008. Then, I think that the club can decide on the location.
    Steve might want to comment on this one as he has been to a previous meeting.

  • Hi folks, nice to see the usual suspects are still about.

    Hope everyones summer!!!! racing is going well.

  • Each club has to put a race on every two years (although Wrexham has done presentation night for last few years).

    As we organised one last year we don't have to worry about doing one this year.

    So the Clubs who didn't organise a race last year will do so this year. They will decide between them who takes what race (ie: Round 1-7) once that all clubs have agreed on the dates which is always a time consuming task.
  • Taken from Eryri's website;

    14th October 2007 Prestatyn
    18th November 2007 Wirral
    9th December 2007 Tattenhall
    3rd February 2008 Abergele
    9th March 2008 Wrexham Tri
    6th April 2008 Helsby
    30th April 2008 Deestriders 7:15pm (Presentation Evening)

    All except the last race are on Sundays 11am Start

    Not sure how many I'll be doing this year. May just turn up to be Crowies pacemaker from time to time......bit like last year.
  • Hi Ian,

    I think we are (Wallasey AC) are hosting the 18.11.2007.

  • The Abergele and Eryri websites are both in error. It is Wallasey who are hosting the 18/11 race.

    Curious to know why Prestatyn are hosting one for the second consecutive season, yet we at Wirral aren't, despite not hosting one in 06-07
  • Mike,

    I think reason why Wirral not hosting is as follows:

    I heard at AGM that from this season they were pairing clubs off with those cloest to them geographically with the reasoning being that we won't get all fixtures in one area in a season. For example we were paired with Helsby and assume Wirral with Wallasey. This means that Wirral and Wallasey can't host in the same year.

    This was intended so that the venues are evenly spread out in the season and not just in one area.

    I think this is so anyway.


  • Unfortunately race 1 clashes with an important race for me. Race 2 is the day after another one, so I'd still be able to run that one, but maybe not at 100%.

    If I pull my finger out now, it's possible* that I could hit my targets before these races and therefore be free.

    *possible but unlikely. We'll see.

  • Chris you will be there, we will have the strongest Ellesmere Port team in years... and will 100% be challenging for top place this year... we need you there... stop being a wuss ;-) I'm actually organising my races around the borders this year... blimey, there's a first

  • Steve,

    hmmmm that seems strange. Who are Prestatyn paired with then? - I'd have thought their nearest club was Abergele? But I suppose they've paired Abergele with Eryri?
  • Hi Mike,

    Not sure, wasn't at the AGM so information I've got is second hand.

    At a guess I would say Wrexham AC.

  • about time this thread resurfaced - just 12 days to go to Borders 1 at Prestatyn..... fit & raring to go then?

    Needless to say, I'm not. Calf issues have decimated September for me; just trying to come back to a decent training volume in the last week or so.

    Any firm info yet on the length of the Prestatyn course? Last year they cut it to about 5.1 miles, finishing where we started. But back in 2004-5, they made it into a full 10K - we ran past the finish, then turned inland and finished on a grassy area adjacent to Prestatyn CC.

  • BL should be interesting.

    Crowie doesn't seem to have hit his imperious form of last year yet, Clive West is back on form & a Vet this year & Wrecsam Tri have a new kid on the block who may do a few of them. Anyone else got any info? 

    Prestatyn is always a race of 2 halves, one into the wind & one with it behind you. Add in a few sand obstacles, dozy dog owners & some muddy puddles & it starts to get interesting.

  • The Crowmeister is just chillin'... lulling you all into that sense of security image Yeah, spoke to Westie at the Burtonwood 5 miler and he says he trying to get back some speed, and that's what, 11 weeks ago, so sure he'll be a force again.

    Myself, I've been out of action for over 11 weeks... stress fracture of the fibula, and currently in a cast... so I won't be making any kind of BL appearance until after Xmas at best me thinks. I'll be there to cheer everyone on though me thinks... could be wide open... although my money is on.... Simon Sheils

    Pug image

  • 3 days to go.....well it looks like I'll be on the start line - but will be pushed to make top 80
    for this one.

    My team predictions

    1st Buckley
    2nd Abergele
    3rd Wirral (12 stage road relay on Saturday clashes with Borders 6 on Sunday in April - that will stuff us)

    going down.....
    the Tango boys (sorry Pug).....and who else?

    All quiet on the Wallasey front - where are you all?

  • Us going down? That there is fighting talk young Michael!!! image Don't you worry, with Simon Jeffs back, Crowie, Denis Duret... Pasha... hopefully Steve laker, that's 5 quality runners and with the rest of our squad turning out and maybe me making a comeback in December... we'll be flying don't you worry, if anyones going down, it's the ole' Wirral boys!!!

    See you tomorrow my friend image

    Pug image

  • Well I got one of my predictions right - I was pushed, and I did make top 80 (74th).  Report

    As for the one about EP going down, well, errrrr, they might be accompanied by ourselves, courtesy of a number of absent club colleagues today. Think we only had 7 in the team, so I reckon we'll cop for something upwards of 1500 point this round. Nothing like giving the rest of the field a start....., how was it for everyone else? 

  • Nice one Mike, there is a picture of ya on EP Forum if you check it out... also, got some video of you but finding it hard to finalise a DVD, doing my head in at the moment.

    Crowster did us proud this year, running a fantastic controlled and tough race... real gutsy run I think by him. Think we had a total of around 450 points when we totalled them up... so you wirral lot are going down my friend... especially when me and Laker make a return and Marshallini... we're going to have 10 all in the top 50 I reckon no proble,!Can't wait!

    Pug image

  • Just read report mate, looks like you had a cracker in all honesty, see, told you good things to all those that wait. Speak tomorrow matey image

    Pug image

  • Hi folks, 

    It was a great race today, nice conditions.

    From my point of view 35th,  highest postion ever so fairly happy with my performance,  i fould a group of Buckly runners and just tucked in with them until half way round the gold course and just edged out,  manged to keep in front of them and even managed a sprint to the line.

     Last year at Caernarfon i also bagged my highest place but was then out until easter after knackering my knee,  tonight no reactions at all, so another plus.

    See you next time. 

  • Mike S - I managed to finish a few places ahead of you,just. I was 71st. I was 1 place ahead of you at the same race last year.

    Pretty sure you were closing on me in both races so hopefully they'll never revert this race back to a full 10k. I set off feeling really comfortable at start but I must have set off too fast as I started struggling around 2 mile and I was getting overtaken regularly over the last mile n a half.

     Pug- Been looking at your pics, good work, looking forward to the video footage. I'm glad you've finally found something you're good at.image

  • It's not just Pug who's been busy with the camera - there are collections of photos up and accessible from Tattenhall's and Wallasey's websites; also,  I found this site  when I went to

  • Keith - Think I was one of that small group of Buckley runners you tucked in with. Unfortunately for me I faded badly over last half mile - definitely no sprint to the line! SimonR

  • seen the results.....we're more than 1000 points from the safety of 5th position.......

    .....and as the fixture list stands, the date of Borders 6 at Helsby (6th April) clashes with the Northern 12 stage Road Relays. Cue Corporal Fraser....we're doomed..... 

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