Crucial final 4 weeks


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    later, on call 56 hours

    prob a thing not to do
  • I had been fretting about how far to go this week as Sunday was messed up (missed Cranleigh, ran slow slow 15 mi round Richmond Park) and I had been thinking about going long on Wednesday this week. Won't bother now, but will go medium (10-11), with focus on marathon pace or quicker for 4-7 of those miles. Thus I can become a test case. Only problem is cannot clone an identical me to do the long running. Bugger.

    Think I would agree with the article's aims on balance - there's nothing more upsetting than starting a marathon (or similar long distance racing) only to find that the legs are "dead".
  • Hippo, what are mitochondria? the only chondria I've got is preceded by hypo....
    I'll read this when I've got the chance, (in the time saved with fewer long runs - is this not the famed taper?) these articles are quite thought provoking, though
  • They are responsible for cellular respiration, and the energy cycle of the cell
    they exist in all living cells
  • Back again - just skimmed it - doesn't exactly square with the week-before 15 in the RW schedules, does it?

    A lot of the stuff about 'tapering' I've picked up on other threads follows broadly similar principles, steadily reducing the mileage, concentrating on quality 'speed' work.(in my case, I use word very loosely. dunno about the physical jerks session tho..)

    Makes do the 'homework' we skipped as well, I notice!
  • Hippo
    Thanks for the response - I posted the last one before I got back to the updated thread.
    In all living cells? Knew I didn't have any...
    Hope its going ok.
  • If the taper gets any further back it will start before the RW Schedules do!

    Confused now Taper starts 2 weeks before, nah three weeks, nah four weeks... need wall to beat head with to stop confusion!
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