Wed 27th June 2007

Easy lyrics.

What: Rest
Why: I'll be out partying with my mates tonight. Should be a good one.
LastHard: Tue
LastRest: Dunno.



  • Morning peeps.

    First of all a very big Thank You for all the Birthday wishes from yesterday. I was genuinely humbled.

    Lyrics were '40' by U2, as that was the landmark birthday I celebrated.

    Some of you referred that thse lyrics were taken from Psalm 40 in the Old Testament.

    Chris 52: Need to look up your reference to see if I'm still running by then.

    Sportaloo: Laughed at the 99 Red Balloons suggestion !

    Happiness: Happy Birhday to your daughter for yesterday.

    Wabo : Went for a meal on Sat and Mon and then went to see the younget 2 in the school play last night! Bit different from my 21st celebration...
    Coming down to London for a few days next week with Mrs B as part of my present.

    What: 35 mins steady in the drizzle.
    Why: Burn off excess cake calories from 26th.

    Lyrics : Yes !!

    Have a good one peeps, if you can.
  • Morning runners,

    Scoobs, are you going to tri club swim at Noss Mayo tonight?

    Stickless, you're son is quite amazing. Did they have to carry the damaged bike with them? In tri, both you and the bike have to get to the line in the bike section, even if it's broken.

    What: open water swim
    Why: need to practice
    Last hard: Bala (rather long ago now!)
    Last rest: yesterday due to waiting for passport and boxes
    Lyrics: yes!

    Good runnings all.
  • Morning All

    What: Nowt

    Getting frustrated but getting close(r) to running again.

    SiT Nooooo really hope not.

    Trini/Gobi/sporta/Nrg-b/DD anymore takes for the UP run?
  • Morning all

    What: speed session with running club
    Why: weekly session
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Monday

    I don't know how you tri athletes do it all!! I take my hat off to you!!

    Have a good one!
  • Morning

    It snowed during the night. Only the second time I see snow and have never seen this much. Weather has gone crazy.

    Aaaaah Melissa,this way to my office,now where is Trini,Gobi and DD. You got the Comrades link? Good,check it out and let us know. We are here for you,no pressure. have a seat next to that guy in the Puma H Streets.

    Scooby - great report and well done.

    SiT - Does not sound good,SF's are from hell.

    What; Nothing
    Why: foot was not happy yesterday
    Last hard: .....

    It may have been my only chance to run in the snow :o(
  • Beleated happy birthday birkmeye and well doens to Nutty and Scoobs.

    Thanks for positive thoughts/sympathy from all.

    What: Nothing - leg still very sore. Saw phsyio last night who is not convinced it is a stress fracture. Thinks may be early periostitis. But I am still fearing the worst. Will see doctor Friday which should allow for bone scan next week.

  • morning,

    enjoy the party NRG!

    mellissa i wondered if they had to carry the bike too. when are you leaving?

    great story stickless, i hope they get home in one piece after their adventures

    lovely report scoobs - your tri performances are really something, looks like you're particularly strong on the bike section with all that overtaking too. swim sounded a bit scary

    hope things improve for drew and scoff in the floods, saw it on tv news - it's unbelievable, really feel for those people whose homes are flooded

    a glimmer of hope still simon? though i don't know what periostitis is - hopefully not as serious

    what - something fairly easy
    why - hard tomorrow
    last hard - 3 days
    last rest - 4 days
  • Clink - 26 July, but my shipping is going before me on 6 July and I'm away around the country in the meantime. It's all madness and confusion.
  • Morning All,

    What: 2hrs bike
    Why: IMA taper
    Last hard: um, Sunday?
    Last rest: Monday

    Feeling quite worried about a pain in the bum which has developed over the last few days. It's fine on the bike but I can really feel it when I am running.

    Scooby - well done at Bude. Are you lurking on the 'Pirate championship race 2008: IMFR' thread over on tri yet?? :)

    Stickless - well done to your son and friends. I guess your little boy turned into a man!

  • Mornin'

    What: 8 miles steady
    Why: Its a beautiful morning (well was)
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Week last Sunday

    What a beaut of a morning it was along the river - even saw a majestic heron en-route. Coffee good, run good, what's not to like?
  • Morning all

    Stickless - Wow to your son!

    Scooby - Well done you and fab report as usual!

    Sportaloo - Snow - crikey! Hope your foot feels better for a day off.

    nrg-b - Didn't relay the message to my daughter. I think she knows what to do after watching her elder sister:)

    What: 7 miles with 3 fast miles
    Why: Some speed

    Enjoy the day all. Hope it's a better one for all those troubled by the weather.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    IM, no, the poorly bike was stuffed in the back of Race Director's car and thus ignominiously returned to port. Leaderboard is now admitting that they successfully completed the Scafell Pike run. No precise information, as tracker still u/s (sunk in the bay?) but they are probably bobbing about in the Irish sea, at a guess just off the Stranraer peninsula. If the winds hold they should have easier sailing for a day or so, time to recover before rowing through the straights becomes an issue. Time enough to be fit for Ben Nevis, I hope. I for one am breathing a bit easier now.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    SiT - fingers crossed.

    Sporta - enjoy the fluffy white stuff. Sorry about unhappy foot.
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    A Vet now, looking forward to race reports with prizes (having become a Vet 50, I've been surprised by the flow of minor vouchers & tasteless trophies!)

    Do you know the date for WCR next year?

    Club run this evening, which is probably why the beautiful early morning blue sky & sunshine is rapidly changing to heavy grey clouds...
  • Morning

    Drew - perhaps you should consider triathlon. That way you can take advantage of the flooding in your neck of the woods :)

    Scooby - great report and a fantastic result.

    Melli - hope your pain in the behind clears. Can you get Mr M to massage it?

    What: 10 mile run
    Why IMA taper
  • Permission to be vaguely smug-as 200 minutes said, the beautiful early morning blue sky & sunshine has now been replaced by heavy grey and indeed a good deal of precipitation!
  • When is IMA?

    Forgot to say I am off on holiday tomorrow. We are going to the Drakensberg mountains for a week. No computers,only fresh mountain air,no posting from me until next week Saturday then.
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    Yes, getting the weather right is currently good grounds for being very smug indeed!
    No rain in Exeter yet...
  • Morning,

    What: 3km swim am, gym pm
    Why: Leg very slightly sore
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: 10 days

    Thanks for concerns yesterday. Run went well (despite everything hurting and breathing sounding like the tardis taking off). Also got Xray result which didn't show any stress fraxs. Leg is fine, just a little sore in one area ao will probably wait until tomorrow morning before trying another run. Felt great to get back out there.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed 200 minutes. Forecast doesn't look great - but South West was supposed to be reasonably dry! Look on bright side though, if you do get rain and still go out running, then how smug do you feel?
  • Sportaloo - IMA is on the 8th July. Only 11 days to go!
  • what: intervals on treadmill.
    treadmill on 1% incline to simulate running outside. 400m warm up then 5 x 800m @ 3.40 each (4.35 per km pace) with 400m recoveries and a 400m warm down afterwards.

    very pleased :)

    mel - i remember that well - everything i own onto a container ship then off to see the rellies then off on a plane! eeeeek. hope it all goes well for you.

    sportaloo - have a lovely time

    good news from the xrays MtB
  • Morning!

    Scooby - excellent report and superbly well raced - go pirate!

    Sportaloo - Weather gone crazy? Chuck some more fuel on the fire....

    Congrats to Stickless's son for overcoming the bike problem and racing on!

    Mellifera - pain in the bum??? I'm sure it's just normal tapir stuff...

    MtB - welcome back - now get a move on - you are 3 pages behind me on the league!

    M - trying to tease IMA memories out of you... what's the swim out like - is it steps? a beach? a ramp?

    flyaway - actually no, not now - was dead nervous 15 weeks ago and will be jibbering and wibbling next weekend, but am in the quiet before the storm right now.

    What: awful 2km swim d&d this morning, will run or swim later.
    Why: Podro says it's 11 days to go!
    Lyrics: Yes

    Shiraz's school seems to have become the center of a whooping cough epidemic so I'm not talking to her at the moment...
  • Morning all from an overcast, but still dry Brum,

    What: nothing probably
    Why: Late night so missed 7am swim; giving blood in a little while so probably won't feel like doing much afterwards
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Thurs

    Miffed i missed my swim - friend's boyf offered to collect us from the party we went to and turned up over an hr after he was meant to. Had I not been almost asleep when he arrived, I would have gone mad - his excuse for his lateness.....he was playing on his computer game and couldn't leave, *shakes head*
    Off to give blood now - looking fwd to the free tea and biscuits :), not liking the thought of the big needle tho :(

    MtB - good news re the X ray, tho soft tissue injuries can take longer than bony ones to heal sometimes can't they? Think you're being v sensible with the starting running again steadily!
  • hi hollywood. you gather on a beach then walk into the water a few minutes beforehand - its a deep water start maybe 50m off the beach.
  • Hollywood- I've been trying not to look at the Fetch league, but I'll be building the mileage again shortly.
  • Morning all,

    Really enjoyed my run last night. For the first time for ages, I got home with the Garmin saying sub-8:00/mile average (5.5 mile run). Admittedly, it said 7:59, but it's the 7 at the start that counts.

    Also had fun last night when I discoverd the local coucil has painted markers on the road every 100m for 2km. So I used them to do 100m alternating fast and recovery.

    Planning to get out at lunch time today for a jog along the Thames path in central Reading.

    Have not been on here for a couple of days, so need to do some reading back to catch up.
  • Good morning,

    No rain here.

    Melli: Maybe you need some tennis balls and some self-massage lessons from Tom? Seriously though, is the outside of your leg tight? (on the side that hurts in your bum) - could be the muscle attachment.

    Where is Cath?

    V-rap has been v quiet recently too. Hope they're just busy.

    What: 5 mile run d&d. Thought it would be hard after yesterday's mega-bike, but it wasnt. Swimming lesson at 6:30pm
    Why: TLW
    Last hard: yesterday (75k bike!! yay me!!)
    Last rest: Saturday

  • M - oops, I meant was the bit where you get out of the swim - the bit where I normally fall backwards on to whichever poor soul is behind me... Also definitely please do feel free over the next week to give any other advice from last year's experience - whether it be about the race, the shopping or the bars!
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