In trouble

I've lost it.

Last week I did just two runs of 6 miles total.

Since Jan I've gone from 17st 12 to 15st 8, from running 3 by 10 mins to running 20 miles a week.

And now I'm not up for it.



  • Hey, Mij, you're not allowed to be like that. You were propping me up when I was, well, shall we say a little down. Definitely not allowed to go soggy on us!

    The weather is beautiful for running. Just at the moment, I can't because sacro-illiac joint has shifted again, and I can only just, for the first time, this morning, reach my feet to tie shoe laces. There is a rule that until you can tie your shoe laces for three consecutive days you are not allowed to run.

    So, please, get those trainers on and run for me because just now, I can't. It says on my training schedule that it's 4M "easy" today, whatever that means.

    I'll be looking for you on the training session posts.

    Come join me in a half? 20 October, Waterbeach. I'll be crawling round, estimated time 2:30. (Running for CLIC - a good cause, too).

    The fact that you finished your post with an aaarrrgh, indicates that actually, you want to be out there. Gee up! Marj

    (Let me know here when you've done so.)
  • Mij, you haven't lost it. You had a lighter week last week, which we should all do from time to time anyway, and you're finding it a bit of a struggle to get out and run...

    So don't run. Put on your second best trainers and walk. Go to the pool for a swim. Go to the gym and do a class for an hour. Or forget about exercise and use today to clear away some of the unfinished business that clutters up most adult lives and is the source of so much stress.

    Don't hit the beer and balti. You won't enjoy it, and you won't feel one bit better for it.

    Let us know how you get on!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Mij

    Time to rexamine your goals. Why did you run in the first place- to lose weight? to feel better? For sheer enjoyment. when you go through a bad patch, try to remember why you started.
    From your post I sense not desperation, but frustration and guilt. Don't let ths cycle become established. Set a target for a day. Make it achievable, say 2.5 miles walk/running, with a run over the last half mile. Make your self do it, and then reward yourself when you get there.
    Then a rest day is OK, and on this rest day, set the target for the following day.
    Build up to a challenge.
    Targte and reward, while revisiting your motivation.
    It'll work, believe me.
  • There is a time to run

    And there is a time to chill

    It's time to run
  • Come on Mij. I'm in the same boat soewhat. Except that I haven't had your spectacular weight loss. The similarity is in the mileage last week and the required kick in the butt to get out there.

    I've committed on the Training forum to do 8.5 miles this lunchtime and I'm bloody well going to do it.

    For you, decide to do a lower mileage today, it doesn't matter what but just make sure you do it. You will feel so much better and glad that you did.

    Let us know how it goes.

    All the best,

  • Mij,

    I've got a confession to make.

    I just went out to do the 8.5 miles and had a complete nightmare. I posted on the Training forum the sorry details.

    However, I'm still glad I did it and it won't stop me going again.

    So I hope you get out there later and let us know how it goes.

    All the best,

  • Hi Mij,

    Just sounds like a bad day to me. There's nothing wrong with having a low mileage week - I had one last week because I hurt my knee. Get off your backside and go for a run and then post your weight loss on the Fat Club forum (sorry, can't remember your posting day)!

    ps I started running at the same time as you and it sounds as if you're running about the same miles as I am now.
  • Thanks all

    Marj - what a weight. I've read your postings this year and marvelled plus felt very humble about my own problems. The thought that my postings help you is hard to believe but also brilliant news. I would think it a great honour to run with you at Waterbeach but as it is the wrong side of the country I will look for a race on the same day and try to be with you in spirit.

    I did 4 miles easy - 10 min miles as per your schedule.

    Vrap - good advice as always. I went to the gym and did the run on the treadmill. It felt really tough but it wasn't the same as going for a proper run outside.

    Barkles - I ran to loose weight, but went outside to run for fun. I've been chasing my weekly totals to build a base from which I can train to race. I need to run for enjoyment and to keep loosing weight. I must remember to race for fun too and forget the relentless drive for more miles. I know I'm only at 20 per week but before last week I have not had a single step back all year.

    Gavin - LOL - least we forget its meant to be FUN.

    Ratbag - its people like you that keep the rest of us going - keep running and keep posting - thanks

    Redhead - backside gotten off. As for weight gain - I'll let you know tomorrow.

    I know I'm not through this - but this year has been the logest period of continuous training I've done since I was a kid. With help like this I hope to keep it going.

    Thanks all

  • Wed morning - I went out just after 8 to walk the dog - ended up running nearly the whole way but I did not take a watch and I did look at the scenery and the sky.

    We have nearly total cloud cover with a low base, but for the first mile I ran under a gap in the clouds where I could see whispy clouds across a blue sky.

    The dog chased a lot of young pheasants - I think the local shoots are going to be happy this year.

    there is a field of broadbeans that look like they should have been harvested weeks ago, there are no more grain fields waiting to be cut, and the first fields have been plowed for the next crop. I guess that makes it Autumn and I still haven't cleaned the gutters or repaired the peeling paint work on two window sills.

    I am a runner .... I am a runner ....... and I enjoy it :-)

    Hmmm still needs more work, but thanks all for the words
  • Well done Mij. Back in the saddle again!!!
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