The Fat Club - Tuesday

Good morning, healthy eaters!

I've remembered how much more difficult it is to eat regular healthy meals when I'm at work and the kids have to be got to school in the mornings. Sweets instead of fruit and bread in late afternoon yesterday; swim after work; more sweets; had planned a series of small pieces of writing while I swam and wanted to get them written, edited and sent in the evening so I picked at odds and ends as I worked rather than making proper meat-carb-and-veg. Breakfasted on digestive biscuits and coffee while producing industrial quantities of white toast and milkshake, packing lunchboxes, brushing hair and letting out buttons on Kevin's skirts. Ate mid-morning snacks in car between Kevin's school and my workplace. The TSP, couscous and dried mushroom I've planned for lunch sounds unappetising now, but by 1pm I'll be hungry enough to eat sawdust and ticker-tape.

Be organised. Don't be like me.


  • It's amazing how much time healthy eating takes first thing in the morning. Managed to stir some yoghurt and milk into the muesli this morning at about 6.50, but did more gawping at it than eating in the next twenty minutes. I even had trouble drinking my coffee.

    I'm lucky because we have a sandwich person visit work at about 10.30, although it is quite hard to find anything that hasn't been drowned in mayonaisse.
  • Hello all - didn't get chance to look into this forum yesterday but have read yesterdays thread today. My god V-Rap, from your calculation thing - I should be 7 stone 10 and I'm aiming for 8 stone 7 to 8 stone 10. I was once 8 stone 4 when training a lot but I can't imagine being less than 8 stone - haven't been since I was a nipper.

    Michelle - congrats on your run and hang in there on the staying the same weight-wise front.

    Redhead - I did 24 mins and 37 seconds which is an improvement on earlier this year but a good few minutes off what I have run before. My friend with me did 21 mins and my other friend did 29 mins. We started not too far back from the front and because so many of the people around us shouldn't have been so near the front, I found free road after the first half kilometre although it was difficult dodging loads of people right up until then. When I ran the FLM in 4 hours, there were bottlenecks the whole way round. I couldn't believe the number of people walking on the carpet when I got to the cobbles - I had to run on the cobbles to dodge round the walkers and it was a nightmare having to change pace to slow and then pick it up again with 22 miles in your legs.

    She - sorry to hear about your ITB

    On the weight front, I'm still at 8.13 so it's still getting there slowly.

  • At least it's easier now than in the early 1980s when Audrey Eyton was queen and fibre was the universal panacea. I remember, as a student, breakfasting on some horrible mixture of muesli, nuts, wheatgerm and All-Bran. As well as tasting like the bottom of a hamster's cage, the stuff was capable of absorbing several times its own volume of fluid and drinking enough coffee (I only ever drank coffee, beer and Diet Coke in those days) to accommodate this seemed to take forever in the morning. Still, most girly students didn't eat any breakfast, so I was ahead of the pack there.

    And although I haven't touched bran cereal or muesli for over a decade, I still like stewed prunes and figs and lexia raisins, so I've survived relatively unscathed.
  • You can’t beat starting the day with a Turkish Delight and a bottle of Lucozade :o)

    Then I have my cereal once I get to work

  • Morning all, totally agree about the healthy eating thing - it takes forever.
    Unlike junk food which you can just pick up off the shelf you always have to plan what you're going to eat don't you? I try to keep loads of fruit (fresh and dried) and nuts/seeds for emergency snacking, although they just doesn't hit the spot like chocolate does!

    I became totally veggie 7 years ago. I abandoned red meat about 12 years ago after I'd been to a conference with some scientists from SmithKlein Beecham who told me about BSE before it became public knowledge. I found that I had gradually reduced my chicken and fish intake quite naturally and so it made sense to go all the way. I spent a few years still thinking like a meat eater and making ridiculous meals that simulated what I'd been used to but then I gradually adapted and it's just a way of life now.

    One thing I have noticed is that if I cut out dairy products and go vegan (which I do over Lent each year now) then I always feel really healthy and full of vitality. However, it's far too strict a regime for me to keep up permanently!

    Well done RM on your speedy time, that's excellent!

    V-rap, I remember All Bran and wheatgerm well - because it was sooooo vile! Couldn't stomach the stuff now. I like stewed prunes too - help to keep the insides clear, don't they?!!!

    WW, I used to use something similar a as hangover cure, except I used Mars bar and lucozade. Don't think it actually helped get rid of it but always made me feel better!

    Have a good day all.

  • Hi All. I didn't eat breakfast for about 10 years, only ever managed a cup of black coffee before noon. When I decided to lose the weight, the first thing I realised I had to do was eat breakfast. I now love breakfast. I try and have healthy cereal/bran/oats with yoghurt and either chopped banana or apricots on top - I love All Bran! It really does only take a few minutes to prepare. When I'm on holiday I do smoothies and the like, quick to do, not so quick to wash up after. There is a great juice bar near work that does v healthly juices which I could just buy on the way in the morning, but they are a tad on the dear side, so for mid-afternoon treats only!

    The best hangover cure in the world is full-fat Irn Bru - the sugar rush just takes over - along with a fried egg on a soft white roll with loads of butter. Honest!
  • Hello everyone

    I'm a two stone overweight woman who has just taken up running (well walking/jogging really!) and I'm new to this website.

    I've been looking at this forum and thought perhaps it would be a good place to get some advice/help with losing weight and getting fit, which I need to do for health reasons and so that I can fit back into my clothes, most of which are now too small!

    I have tried healthy eating and fitness plans in the past but have never managed to stick to them for more than a couple of months at a time, however this time I really want to succeed and would really appreciate any tips or ideas.

    I'm a bit nervous about posting on this forum though, because many contributors seem to be experienced runners who don't have very much weight to lose and who already eat healthily - I'm very impressed - and I'm not sure if I might be a bit too much of a beginner for this group. Please let me know if there is another group that would be better for me to post to, if not any advice gratefully received!
  • Hi Tubs. This is the place to be. There are loads of Fat Club threads from previous days which you should definately check out. Don't be nervous, there is a real mixture of us, I'm a beginner too, and still chubby after losing 2 and half stone. The encouragement you get via Fat Club is brilliant, stops me eating biscuits at work! Get yourself into the previous threads, there is loads of brilliant advice and you'll get a giggle. Fat Club is so popular that we start a new thread every day!
  • Hello Tubs, welcome on board. As She said there's a whole mixture here - in my case I certainly need to loose more weight than you do.

    Some people are more experienced runners, but hopefully it isn't so intimidating getting realistic running advice from people who aren't already stick insects. I only got back into running a couple of months ago a a way of getting the lard off.
  • Welcome aboard, Tubs. As She says, there's loads of information on previous Fat Club threads, so do have a trawl through the forum archives.

    Don't be nervous. We're a friendly bunch and our use of cattle-prods is sparing and well-intentioned. As far as running goes, few of us are doing 100-mile weeks and 40-mile long runs. And we all started somewhere - this time last year I didn't run, and two months ago I restarted after a break and wasn't even able to fit a 100m jog into my walks. Now - this is not a miracle story, it's just an example of what a normal body can do - I can run 7 miles without a walking break and have lost 10 pounds in weight.

    It does demand determination. Whether it's resisting the temptation to eat a couple of pounds of something from Thorntons when stressed or getting out of the front door to run when there's a frost in the air, there will be difficult days. We all have them. And we post them, and somebody pops up with a word of encouragement, and it does help!

    Hang around and keep posting.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Hi Tubs and welcome, you're certainly in the right place. I've already lost 3 stones but am still overweight with about 1 stone to go. I only started running at the end of January this year so am not an experienced runner by any stretch of the imagination.

    If you feel the need for support and encouragement then just post a note on here and people will add their comments. Our friendly resident doctor Velociraptor is a mine of information and explains things in a way that we can understand so don't be afraid to ask questions.

    Good luck with both the running and the weight loss - I've found they go together well.
  • Hi Tubs. I've only been running a few months, and while I don't have a lot of weight to lose, this thread is so helpful to keep myself in order! If I don't watch what I eat then I grow in the wrong direction. At the same time though, I really enjoy feeling fit and healthy and use this thread to keep myself 'on track'. I also find it inspirational to read what others are doing, and posting a weight loss/gain record once a week certainly makes me think twice about desert.....
  • Hi all,
    And welcome to the new recruits! As has been said before, you will find everyone on here really friendly, encouraging and helpful - and I certainly rely on this forum to give me support when I need it (which is most days!). The thing is, even if you don't change your diet too much, the fact that you have taken up running will certainly help with the weight loss and make you fitter too! We all have different amounts to lose, but the fact that we are all here supporting each other, really helps. Today I have been very good!! Managed to do my longest run ever without stopping.. 8 & a half miles!! And, because I did such a good run, I've been behaving myself with the eating today too.. oh no, tell a lie, I have sneaked a kit-kat! - but it was medicinal, because of the long run!
    RM - well done re. your time at the FL - excellent - you must be so pleased!
    Michelle x
  • Hi All, I have been having a nose through the various forums and came across Fat Club - I don't have much weight to lose, just some flab to tone up really, so until Suz mentioned that she hadn't much to lose, I thought I was being a bit cheeky joining in, but here I am - I just really liked the support that you all give. I've been trying to get to be 'a proper runner' for a long time, and this time i really want to get there, and thought maybe if I joined you guys you could help me?
  • i think i may have finally found what im looking for! as a brand new runner (about a month), with 5 to 6 stones to lose, i'm so pleased to have found you.
    Michelle - it's really really really nice to know i'm not the only one who falls down and has a sneaky chocolate bar sometimes.
    As a further incentive, i'm thinking about joining slimming world when i get back to uni - a weekly weigh in may give me the much needed kick to keep my diet on the straight and narrow.
    On the plus isde,though, i've found my thing with this running business. I'm an addict! It's really hard to keep myself on every other day, i want to run all the time. as soon as i get home i'm raring to go again, although ifi did om sure it would kill me instantly.
    Anyway, nice to be meeting you all, hope to find a gap in the busy student life (!) to keep coming back and chatting. i have a suspicion you may all prove invaluable in my quest to a slimmer me!
    Pamela x
  • Hi Pamela - Wow, your enthusiasm is amazing - can you send me some? I feel better physically and mentally after the run, but really have to psche myself up to go. Maybe the addiction will kick once I get better? (Please!)
  • Stumpy - i don't know if this works for everyone, but i've found that i can talk myself into believing things. If you spend the next couple of days with a post it note stuck on the edge of your computer (or some other highly visible place if you don't work at a computer) saying something like 'i love running, i can't wait to get out there and hit the road' then after a few days you'll be believing yourself. especially if you repeat it to yourself regularly as well as just reading it.
    just a thought. works for me for things i hate, like ironing. persuade yourself that it's actually more fun to do it than to not, and you'll be looking forward to it.
    My general theory for life is very simple - if something's not fun enough as it is, alter it slightly until you really do enjoy it. i do the ironing in front of the tv watching a good film now, or the friday night sitcoms. i dont have suggestions as to how you do it, as i dont know what works for you, but try spicing up your run a bit, and see what happens.
    Happiness, like life, is self service. no-one's going to hand it to you on a plate, so go out there and make it happen.
    good luck, sweetie, i'm sure it'll come right soon.
    Pamela x
  • Give me crisps. NOW!!! I'm trying to update my CV and it's SOOO depressing.I'm too scared to go out running at this time of night so the crisps might just win---
    Good luck to you all (3 stone overweight)
  • Hi everyone! I've just posted on Thursday's thread, just wanted to say hi to you all and welcome back to v-rap, who we all missed!
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