Returning the shoes and other Questions

Training for Paris marathon and after few weeks of lower leg problems decided to get another pair of Saucony Grid Omni. I've had several pairs and can run in them first day 15+ miles with no problem. The new ones - V3 - have changed (so it would seem) since after running 18 miles on Sunday have left my arches very badly blistered and smarting. few questions:
1) Has anyone taken shoes back after having a bad experience on the first run (its a reputable and well known Brighton running shop)
2) I read elsewhere on this forum that people have swapped the innersoles from old to new shoes. Its basically the arch support that is casuing me a problem - everything else felt v.good. Is the arch part of the inner sole (I dont have them with me to check!)
3) I've got the compeed plasters, the Vas' and the Scholl Blister spray on order from but any aother ideas?
Many thanks...ian


  • I'm trying to get a refund or replacement pair of trainers at the moment. Got a new pair of Nike trainers. Thought they just needed breaking in, used them on 5 different occassions, each time it left my right foot swollen and sore. Sent these back nearly a month ago and still have'nt heard anything. Not sure if they actually believe me!

    While waiting ended up having to buy another pair of trainers, which don't cripple my right foot.
  • I bought a pair of 2070 last year from the runners shop at beckenham,returned them after a week or so they were most helpful and replaced them with apair of nike triax,problem solved.david and ian are always ready to listen and give good advice.
  • Ian. My husband had the same problem with a pair of Nike Storm Pegasus and changed the insoles for a flatter profile pair from an older pair of trainers and problem solved... If you have fairly flat arches then the shape of some insoles can cause problems...good luck, Amanda
  • Thanks everyone. Gonna do some shoe-disection tonite and compare innersole shapes. Exiting things we runners do eh?
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    I took a pair of Nike something or other back to Sweatshop Nottingham a couple of years ago after 150 miles of wear. I only wanted to make an observation about them really. I was very pleased to receive a £30 voucher towards anything in the shop. This was 50% of the shoe cost.

    I was very pleased and surprised. The service has always been excellent.
  • GradgeGradge ✭✭✭
    I returned a pair of asics cumulus to asics after a hole appeared in the heels after 200+ miles.They phoned the following morning to say that they would exchange them for the same or same priced alternative via the retailer.I elected to go for a pair of 1080's which arrived two days later!Excellent service from ASICS and RUN and BECOME in Edinburgh.
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