Heart rate monitor/stopwatch

Can anyone reccomend a good heart rate monitor/stopwatch combo that is not too expensive?


  • Anthony, I don't know what you have to spend but I have the Polar RS200 heart monitor which I find fantastic and easy to use. The Polar RS100 is also a great watch and used by my brother and is a little cheaper. Shop around and you will get a good deal on these H.R.Ms. Cheers Steve
  • I found the RS100 at a decent price, so I'm going for that one.
  • I don't think you will be disappointed Anthony, there are cheaper brands about with less functions and more expensive brands that will GPS your distance. Polar have a great pedigree and have their own training website. If you enter your serial number details onto the website you can track your progress I believe and set up a training log http://www.polar.fi/polar/entry.html

    I have had absolutely no problems with mine and the wearlink is comfortable (even in half marathons) and has not let me down.
  • Hi, Has anyone used the Polar F6? I am fairly new to running so have never had a heart rate monitor. From what I have seen they seme to be going for about the same price as RS100. Is there any big differece?
  • I use a polar 800sd. there are so many features, some of them appear to be more of distractions, but I have to admit it is fun. so far I found them quite useful to keep me motivated. It is almost like a training partner when it is linked in with the desktop sofware.
  • Hi coventrylad

    Do you think it's worth getting the the pod with the RS200? I can't decide?
  • I haven't personally got the footpod cos I use mapping on my computer to calculate the distances of my runs with a fair amount of accuracy. I haven't ruled out the possibility though and it may go on my xmas list later this year. Good thing about buying the RS200 is that you can add it later.... :o)
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