Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
Union's been on strike

What: 4 miles
Why: Easy run
Last Hard: Monday
Lyrics: yep



  • Hello

    What: speed session with running club
    Why: that time of week
    Last hard: last wednesday
    Last rest: Monday

    Have a good one all
  • Morning,

    Well done Hily and BR

    What: 6m am and 8 tempo miles pm
    Why: general aerobic work and mini taper ;o)

    Last hard: Saturday's LSR
    Last rest: 18 days

    Have a goodly day.
  • Hilly not Hily - soz
  • Morning peeps.

    30mins steady today.

    Did 60mins cycling on oldest sons mountain bike yesterday. (He's 15 and about the same size as me.)

    Cycled going to collect car from its service. Enjoyed it and will use cycling as an additional part of my training in future.

    Coming down to London with Mrs and Miss B today for a few days.
    Doing the touristy bits and also hitting the Charing Cross book shops.

    Lyics: Yes. Big fan.

    Have a good one peeps if you can.

  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    Sorry been missing but still not able to run well on my swollen heel/leg so just backing off and running easy when I can and taking anti -inflams which are making me feel sick and giving me a headache.

    What: 45 mins easy after work
    Last hard?
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Hope everyone is well and doing fine

    Special thoughts to the injured SiT, Tom etc
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Morning

    Enjoy time away Birkmyre

    WP - good to see you back. Hope the injury gets better soon.

    Glad to hear DD is back after Comrades.

    Thinking of you all in sick bay!

  • In for another nosy peeps !

    Thanks Nutty Runner, will do.

    I really like London, been down a few times for Civil Service courses and have run in Battersea Park a few times.

    WP: Hope you recover.

    Have a nice day, off now peeps.

  • morning,

    sorry you're having a bad time again WP - hope you're feeling better soon

    we may have to wait till you've sobered up but the report on 200/NN relay teams' showdown should make great reading - have a good race all of you

    what - 8 miles bit quicker than long run
    why - medium run
    last hard - 2 days
    last rest - 1 day
    lyrics - yes
  • morning peeps,

    WP - hope you are get off the sick list soon

    Lyrics - reminds me of university, don't ask

    what - 8 miles a bit quicker than usual
    why - sun was shining, birds singing and it was't raining
    last hard - saturday?
    last rest - sunday

    have a good one!
  • Morning!

    Melli and Podro have gone?! Must be getting close. Just looked at the weather for Klaggy and it's sunshine on Saturday and overcast with showers on Sunday - so could be anything really.

    Healing thoughts indeed to Tom, SiT and Poppy.

    What: Maybe a run, maybe a swim.
    Why: Ticking over.
    Lyrics: I've sung the big "We're half way there" line of this in a few races, although not necessarily that tunefully.

  • Morning all

    WP - Sorry to hear things are not so good. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    birkmyre - Enjoy London!

    What: 7 miles steady
    Why: Nice miles

    Enjoy the day
  • Morning All.

    Not been able to get on for 2 weeks due to internet being down. Hope no one has any major woe's to report.

    Strange to think I was racing round Ulley the day before the floods. Last Monday I should have been working nights in AE at northern general hospital and couldnt get in. In fact none of the night shift could get to work on that night. Sheffield was cut off.

    Kept the training going though and ran Mansfield half on Sunday in 1.35.

    Easy 9 yesterday and as legs are still a bit stiff today im planning on just doing an easy 7 as i want to race again tomorrow night.

    Its nice to be greeted back with some lyrics I know Pammie.

    Good Runnings everyone.
  • Easy Lyrics I know them

    What: 5 miles AM with Rach
    3.2 lunchtime easy
    5 miles PM before club on the grass track EASY
    Why: To give myself a chance ahead of Yateley but without compromising my 50km training I will run everything around 7.45-8.30 pace and tomorrow I will skip my morning run.
    Last hard: Saturdays 10 mile race
    Last rest: Thursday
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    What: Sports massage pm
    Why: Sort out niggles in lower legs (& anything else she finds!)
    Last hard: 2 days
    Last rest: 1 day
    Next race: 3 days

  • Hi all,

    just popped home from hols (only 20 miles up the road) to pick up my turbo since it won't stop raining (of course now I am here it is bright sunshine outside in Plymouth and my bike is in Buckfast). I'll read back at the weekend but just wanted to say hi!

    What: swim speed set totalling 2.6k; 2 hours 15 bike/25 mins run brick
    Why: building
    Last hard: run yesterday - hilly at Buckfast!
    Last rest: Tues
    Lyrics: yes!

    Good runnings all.
  • Morning,

    What: Steady 5miles pm
    Why: Limited time, reminants of cold.
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: 3 days
  • A rare second post, but as its now tamping down with rain outside I feel justified in being a tad smug for having got my run done so early this morning. Here's to a day in the warm, but lets hope its not raining in London so there can be some tennis on!
  • Morning All!

    Quick post, as pretty busy here (no change there!)

    Good to see you back WP - hope the injury/swelling improves soon.

    SAmTheMan - It's not raining here atm, although very grey overhead.

    Right, got to dash...

    What: 8 Miles w/4 miles at LT pace
    Why: Improve my LT
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Lyrics: Yup, and now it'll be in my head the whole day!

    Laters y'all!

  • FINgers - its now dry and sunny here, I think showers are the order of the day. Nevertheless glad I am done and dusted as I don't have to go through the old rain dodging saga. Right also about the lyrics, brought back many 'happy' memories of my time in Durham Uni, and my old room-mate who had this album - we played throughout our first year together, mostly full blast
  • what: 8k inc 6k tempo - and the first time i've ever run with venom (obviously an easy run for him!)
    why: 5k / 10k training

    WP - sorry to hear more bad news for you - get yourself well soon.

    even i know the lyrics today!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Lyrics - like thanks, I'll have these in my head all day now. Bl**dy awful record...

    what: half hour easy
    why: post 'man-flu' recovery run

    Looks like we may have some sun in the City today....
  • MTB

    how is the road back ??
  • Good morning,

    I've met the band with today's lyrics. I joined part of the European tour in 2002 i think, and did photography (still and video), interviewed the band and spent a day with the keyboard player in Vienna. Good times. Always been a fan, but...the new album is enormously forgettable. Shame.

    Bring back the 80s, I say. When women were women, and so were the men....

    Sam...not that I wish to rub it in, but the sky is blue over Wiltshire today!

    The house in Aldershot was not nice. We're asking for a different one.

    What: 5 mile run d&d, 1 hr on my new bike later
    Why: TLW

    Have a great day people.
  • d'oh! at least its dry and sunny here at mo, just seen weather forecast though, may not last!
  • Gobi- Being very careful as leg is still not 100%. Great to be back out there. Don't think I've lost too much endurance, but will take a while before the speed comes back.
  • Morning all,
    Either Ive just had one of SAMS london downpours or one of mine is london bound towards SAM as I type this! Horrid day outside once again, and last night down the gym got talking to a couple of bodybuilders who reckoned it was due to rain everyday in July save the 15th! Not sure if they were serious or not, but im beginning to believe them at this rate!

    am: 5-miles easy/steady already done, legs very stiff from squats in gym last night, no doms though YET! My legs did not want to go at 7mm pace, but I persisted and made them! lol. So quiet pleased with pace, 35mins and in some windy weather as well.

    pm: Club Open meeting practice night, down to race the 2000m and then form part of a team for a 2000m relay/parlay! think its 3x200m I will end up doing!

    Faster running

  • Glad to hear that things are improving Matt.

    Rain alert in Berkshire. I am going running so it will rain in 10 mins
  • Morning all,

    Holly - I'd like to do an IM, but I'm a very very bad swimmer, so I'd be unlikely to get as far as the bike stage! May take lessons later this year to see if it is fixable.

    WP - get well soon

    What: Easy 6 miles
    Why: Ticking over
    Last Hard: Saturday

    have a great day
  • Trinni...I'm a very bad swimmer too. Thats no excuse.

    I just went out on my NEW BIKE for an hour ish and its FANTASTIC!! Oh what a difference a bike that FITS makes, rather than one someone was kind enough to lend you!! The one I was borrowing was too big, and now that I have my own that fits, I can go much faster and feel more comfortable.

    And it just rocks. Cos its mine!!!!!!
  • Quick update on my side. No running since last Monday as left leg still sore. Saw doctor yesterday and thinkgs likely stress fracture so bone scan tomorrow. Difficult to be positive but if confirmed only sthg like 3 weeks to go before I can run again and start the preparations for stress fracture number 8!

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