Trail runs in Yorkshire

I emigrated to NZ 30 months ago and have really got into off-road trail running since I moved there.
Home for two weeks on holidays (great timing I know) and me and my old training partner want to go for a long off-road run somewhere in the countryside next week.
Any Yorkshire-based forumites have any suggestions for a decent 2-3hr off-road run we could do in shooting distance of Leeds with a good pub nearby for afters?


  • I don't live there now, but used to (many years ago). If you like off-roading, you could try the Otley area which has some seriously major hills but with great views over Wharfedale. Otley has vast numbers of pubs considering its size.

    It's about 6 to 8 miles North of Leeds.

    See particularly the trails marked Dales Way and Ebor Way on this map (it's a cycling site but the maps are good):
  • (Bliddy links)

    Or, come to think of it: follow the Leeds & Liverpool Canal north out of the city- it goes out to Shipley, Saltaire, Keighley and Skipton and there are great transport connections back (traiins every half hour from those stops Mon to Sat)
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