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  • Yes Nam! You have alot to answer for young lady!!!!image
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    Hey you were down for Nice before I ever pondered...  for once I'm not to blame...  image

    I had thought about all the emminently sensible ways of training for IM that's advocated elsewhere i.e. a year of sprints and Olys, then Half IMs and some time in the distant future the illusive IM...  but I wonder how many end up actually doing it?  Or will it all turn out to be a nice idea and then no focus?

    I think for me personally, I used to think that way of training would give confidence or emotional security for a better phrase, but I think it's too long a time to make excuses too...  so I'll stop thinking about it and get on with it.  image

    I love what DV did...  said he'd do it and got on with it.  Respect.

  • toomuchtodo - if you are looking for a sprint tri this year then come and do the Nantwich tri on 21/9/08 there are loads of people off the forum doing it
  • debbo and FB - points taken about the time goal, finishing is obviously the main aim
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    JP - I think FB is right - keep your time goal to yourself for your first - less pressure that way - it's hard enough without adding more potential difficulties

    I was 47 when I did my first, and a numpty.  BtS was 50 and an ubernumpty so it can be done

  • it's a bit weird that quite a few people now are starting to doubt whether most of the pirates really were as rubbish as they claim before they started.

    i guess that the people who weren't too scared to do it a few years ago JFDidI, and there weren't a huge number of eastablished pirates who had done it before (eg the first year there were about 25-30 pirates, only 3 of whom had ever done an ironman before.  and one of those was smithy so hardly counts).  so everybody was crap together.

    now people who can't swim or ride a bike or run very far just see a bunch of ironmen, and find it hard to believe that most of them came from absolutely nowhere.  they did.  i saw them.

    the only difference is that in the early years you could leave it later to pick a race so the newbies only had 8 or 9 months to buy a bike, learn to swim and do an ironman - whereas these days, they get just over a year!  luxury!

  • I will be 41 and have a reasonable running background, ok swimmer and just about ok on the bike, I know where my training will be spent over the next twelve months!!
  • JPenno - does this mean I better get a wiggle on in buying a bike?? image  Whereabouts are you?

    Nam - I'd love to just "get on with it" and go for it, however I've been working for 5 years for the degree, so I'm finishing that first.. though I'm rather good at long term goals!  

  • Toomuchtodoo - I am in the lovely surroundings of Widnes. If i can train there in the chemical smog filled air just think how good it will be to do the IM in the clean air of Switzerland
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    Candy - talking sense, as always

    or something

  • We (surprisingly) seem to have gone a little off topic again.

    Bringing it back.  To answer your question Crashie :-

    Pretty carp or in more measurable terms I reckon about twice as good as Dozer is now ;oP

    Azur were.

  • Funny that, innit.  Going off topic.  Not something you tend to find around here with all these focused individuals.

    A year ago, I had finished one half IM.  I considered entering Austria last year, but had a new job and didn't think I could devote enough time to the training.  Saying that, finding time for training has been the most difficult thing this year too!  I took things seriously and took time off work to train in the three months leading up to France.  I don't think I would have done it without these days off.

    So, how bad was I a year ago?

    Swim - I've always swum and swimming doesn't hold any fear for me so that wasn't an issue
    Bike - I was crap on the bike and still am.  I was very slow and still am.  My first ride around Richmond Park was a killer.  I managed 14 miles.
    Run - fairly new to running.  Only Started running in 2005, aged 31.  Slow but steady plodder.

    I would say that if you have the time and motivation to devote to training then you can do an IM.  Plenty of others have learnt to swim and cycle from zero in a year.  But it does take time.  And not just cramming at the weekend.

  • KK you star!imageimageimage
  • I will be trying and IM in 2009. Probably the UK one.

    So at the moment I am an OK runner ,an OK cyclist and I don't drown.

    <Watch this space >

  • <wibble>
  • Just been looking at wetsuits on the net. They're all about 500€!!!

    As for bikes....image

  • Azacaya, why not try one of the packages from the tri shops

    tri uk, primera, royles etc all do deals on the full kit, the basic starter package is about £500.00 for the lot or you could hire the bike and wetsuit for the season 

  • So here it is.

    Are you thinking of a tri Azac?

  • Good morning!

    Thinking, yes. Doing - doesn't look like it.
    BUT with my cross training on the bike and the pool (if I ever get started) I should be ahead of most of these poor buggers if I ever have the urge to start tri training, (as in, I'll know what a bike is, I'll be able to do front crawl).

    I'm just waiting for those nice people at the national lottery to choose my numbers and then it's up, up and away!

  • So in translation, you will train like a beast for a specific race - claim you're just doing a bit of cross training cos you find running hard then suddenly decide to do a tri on a whim with less than a week to prepare?

    mmm, I'll just look up "Sandbagger" again in the glossary..........

  • It would be impressive, wouldn't it?image

    But easier said than done - you know, the old 'I haven't got a bike or a wetsuit' might just put a spanner in the works...

    Had a look at the local tri clubs' websites. Way, way, waaaaaaay too scary! Too many men!

  • Come on Az, you know you want to!

    <She'll be on that IMCH list by the end of Monday> image

  • Azac....don't worry about not having a bike or a has been mentioned on here, you can hire both for the season....a much cheaper option....
  • Ratbag - thanks for the encouragement! But I would be very, very surprised if I could get a bike or a wetsuit in my size.

    Plus I'm chicken sh1t...image

  • depends upon whether you are big or small...if big then you can lose it, I guess...if small, then I reckon if wee Debbo can manage it then you can.... offence Debbo...



  • Oh, and if you are chicken sh1t then to coin a couple of phrases, HDFU and JFDI...  image
  • I've got the JFDI bit, but HDFU?

    I'm small Ratbag. Very small.
    Bikes do exist in my size but I don't know if I'd be able to hire one.
    Had to have my diving wetsuit made to measure... I tried on the smallest off-the-peg wettie and it looked like a drysuit.image
    Bloke in shop thought it was funny.image

  • Boing, since it took so long to find
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