How bad were you...



  • ahaaa .. this one !
  • Yes, I didnt expect to have to find it myself, thats why I employ a PA!
  • the PA hasnt seen any wages yet ...
  • I'll make a deposit when I get the chance

  • So Rattie is from Da Hood, is he? Rude bwoi. Aiiiii.
  • Boing! with only a few weeks to IMCH I thought I'd drag this top thread out to find some last minute inspiration and it worked...... 
  • Might be interesting to know...

    How many people who hummed and hawed about having a go on this thread are actually having a go?

    (Not me.)image

  • Boing for Schmunkee & Soup
  • Cheers JPenno - interesting and inspiring read
  • That it is! Schmunks....I think we're doomed....
  • Oh hell image meeeeee......

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo i knew I shouldn't have looked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • it sucks you in doesn't it..........image
  • lurking too
  • less than 9 months left now though


  • I can happily assure everyone that I will NOT be doing an IM in 2010. Definitely not....

    *throws life raft to the others.....*
  • Lee the Pea wrote (see)
    I can happily assure everyone that I will NOT be doing an IM in 2010. Definitely not.... *throws life raft to the others.....*

    That's ok.  Most of the IM's for 2010 are already sold out.

    After doing Bala next you'll be well on your way to Ironman.  You'll probably have a better endurance base and more tri experience than many who posted their tales on this thread.

    You may have thrown the life raft but you're still in the middle of an ocean filled with Pirates.....

  • Hmm, didn't think of that..... *fishes about in the boat for a harpoon*

    image Just kidding!

    I think the IM is inevitable one day, but right now the half IM is challenge enough for me! image
  • OOh Little N, what you doing trying to remind us about all this IM malarky? *reaches for harpoon again...*

  • Boing - for the newbies
  • IM New Zealand still has slots, come and join us... and you only have 8 weeks to wait!

  • ohhh I love this thread!!
  • I like this thread image
  • I'm not sure if I should even go back and read through this lot will have me on the list for Regensburg before I know it. imageimage
  • Considering doing full next year KK and this thread is assuring me that it can be done and that I would be starting ahead of most folk image It's only the business of teaching that's giving me the doubts. I am going to see how marathon and half IM training goes after Easter til Summer and if I can fit all in I will be a yes to the pirate outing next year image
  • candy ollier wrote (see)

    i'd guesstimate that once you got above 55ish, you'd need to be pretty fit and naturally talented to do it in one year.

    somebody with a few years running background (not necessarily marathons, just running) should be able to do it in a year (which is what you have) until well into their early 50s.

    Well, I'll be 53 next year so as I'm neither "pretty fit" nor "naturally talented" I can't afford to wait any longer as its not going to get easier.  I just hope that slow plodding round a marathon in 5hrs 30mins counts as a few years running background! image  I think I might be the slowest runner on the how bad were you scale!

    So....IM 2011 here I come! imageimage

  • I was enjoying the thread til I saw Candy's post about his pre-IM abilities and then felt I wanted to cry!

    Well 4 and a bit months to Outlaw and this week I have done my first swim and first bike ride outdoors.... waaaaay ahead of the curve!

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