How bad were you...



  • Swim cutoff is 2hrs 20 after start of race
    Bike cutoff is 10hrs 30 after start of race
    Run cutoff is normally 17 hrs after start of race
  • Regensburg (16 hours) or Outlaw (17 hours)

    Swim 2.20 cut-off
    Bike usually 10.00 or 10.30 cut-off

  • 'How bad were you .. one year before your first Trifle  image'
  • Bootsie......yes important to get your OH on board......mine was very wary at first but agreed after a few weeks and was great during the training etc..image
  • Well I jumped in too & entered IM Austria after 42 marathons and ultras. Have zero doubt that I have the endurance, two months later and one sprint tri I know that swimming is the problem but I'm up to 2.5K in a hour and actually starting to get better quite quickly, cycling I can manage a 100K ride at the weekend quite comfortably and have done one century sportive, running is just something I do. So bring it on.

    Good luck to everyone giving it a go, failure is not a option. Just got to stay well and injury free!
  • QBQB ✭✭✭
    Thanks Seren - I'll have a look for that thread
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    'How bad were you .. one year before your first Trifle  image'
    brill image
  • really reassuring.. thinking of doing a HIM first and seeing how that goes .. its hard finding how to fit the training in wtih work, and family commitments etc.. wouldn't want to sign up for an ironman and then not do it!! wanna make sure i can commit 100%
  • I did a 30 min run last Thursday night that saw me plodding around the town at 12min miles according to my nice new Garmin 305.

    I have also bought a trubo and did 30 mins on it last night.

    Swimming ? the last time I swam was 3 years ago image

  • I am registered for Regensburg so I am now 9 months away from my first IM.  I had a shoulder op in the first week of October and have done beggar all since except eat and drink far too much.  I haven't swam since I did the Aberfeldy HIM with a broken shoulder in August and it feels like it is going to hurt.  I am all ready to start training except that I have become a master in procrastination!!  And now it is snowing so I have a fresh excuse to work with!

    And as if I haven't set myself a big enough challenge my wife is due on 9th April so most of my training will have to be in the middle of the night to avoid marital strife.

  • Wow, what a HUGELY inspiring thread! And so confidence boosting that I could actually do this long distance tri thingy malarky

    So 9 months before a possible place at Henley:

    Swim - breaststroked 100 lengths when a teenager, could do 70 earlier this year after not swimming in a coupel of decades at least, but have had to teach myself FC from scratch. Couldjust manage 20 lengths with a break every 2. Not swum in OW since I was a kid & need to find a wetsuit for short fat people...

    Bike - it's in the blood, but not really cycled much since I was at school. Bought a road bike this year after the pedals fell out of my rusty MTB and managed to get up to 60m once before the summer. Not been on it for 3 months and the turbo is gathering dust. Probably my strongest discipline though still not particularly fast

    Run - started 4 years ago and can now run 10m in one go (slowly) and have a marathon pb of 5:34

    Tri - one sprint this year, and wasn't last! Couldn't crawl so BS'd

    Goals for the iron distance? If I get in (I'm in the last 5 of the competition for a free place) I will be more than happy to finish last in 15:59:59 (it's a 16hr cut off), as long as I don't time out on the swim. Just to finish would be amazing

  • Kizzi - make the commitment, and start exercising now.......image  Have a look at the mentors thread if you need some specific help......

    If you don't get the free place then buy a place......  I think either this or IMW will be open for a while...... (I hope)

    1 year before IM.....  err I was actually pretty fit, just had no confidence that I could actually do it.
    Bloody pirates - gave me the nerve to actually sign up to one of these things and now I am a bit adicted to this exercise thing.....

  • I would LOVE to be able to buy the place, but having got divorced this year I'm now a single mum and have no hope of being able to afford it any time soon image

    Lack of confidence is the biggest hurdle I think, but I'm slowly working my way back after losing my way a little over the summer

  • Great thread - gives me hope for crazy Regensburg goal!
    Currently can swim about 500m, cycle at max pace 12mph, can't run very well and am about 2 stone over my peak...
    bring it on!!!
  • Perfect fodder for IM    image
  • Swim - can probably do the distance but it won't be pretty.
    Bike - Can ride a bike and have most of the kit - but haven't been out on it much and seriously lacking in confidence.
    Run - Marathon PB 3:33, have done various other running things including Thunder Run.
  • Ooh, I like this thread. It makes me think I might actually be able to do an IM image

    Swimming - can do the distance within the time, but think I might die if I tried to do anything else afterwards...

    Bike - I have a bike. That's about it.

    Run - I've got a dodgy knee, but am very pig-headed once I get started and know that I could finish even if I had to crawl. But I've never done a marathon...

  • Smiffy, these people need you.

    People, you need a Smiffy.

  • no no no Dustboy, they're newbies, definitely not ready for a Smiffy yet!
  • Several years on and im still worst than a lotof theses newbeis image

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  • Madlot wrote (see)
    Ding dong!
    The witch is dead?
  • The witch is dead, the witch is dead.

  • Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!

    Why are we singing?

  • Where is "which witch" anyway when she's needed?
  • *bouncing for MarkofKent*
  • Oooo not seen this thread before .. Mine was

    Swim ... Breast stroke maybe 50metres , fc not at all

    Ride ... Longest ride 15 miles

    Run... Hadn't run in few years , but could prob manage a couple of miles with a few rests along the way .

    A lot can change in a year eh image
  • one year ago ..

    could almost swim 25m - i really mean almost

    hadnt biked for 20 years

    did my first 10k run in april 2011 - and not that quickly as I was a fat chuffer

    nearly one year on and its party time at the Outlaw soon - wouldnt have even dreamed of doing it if i hadnt looked on here and led astray image
  • I'm aiming for IM in 2014, so still 2 years away, but this thread is a brilliant confidence booster. I haven't drowned yet and I can run (slowly), but I fell off my bike last year and am being a big jessie about getting back in the saddle. Maybe I need a kick up the backside as much as a confidence boost.
  • Ha ha slag

    Wasn't that your biggest training week for Wales?
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