Reading O2O 10K 2007



  • Looking forward to this one! My first 10k and looks like a great course from what you all say.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    KtF - the course is flat, no hills, but there are some twists and turns. Pb potential is fair, I would say, but make sure you get off to a good start because after a mile or so you leave the wide road and drop down onto a stretch of towpath that'll take three abreast at most.
  • Thanks Muttley. I'm looking forward to this one.
  • I've got my racepack now so I'm happy - No. 583 I think.  I'll be the one at the back.

    Looking at the course it looks really nice but those hairpins look a bit hairy, and the comment about watching out for the adders is enough to make sure you don't hang around too long!

    Early days yet but the weather looks like it might be OK -  we certainly deserve it!  I'm fed up of coming back from every training run either soaked by rain or humidity!

  • For the first-timers, best get yourself into your pace group before the start to minimise the traffic. It's not a fast field compared to races organised by athletics clubs. My guess from last year is that one third will be under 50mins, half under 55mins. Of course if you're a sub-40min person then best camp on the starting line!

    Keep the faith - don't worry about the Mars bars, it's a flat course.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    There are adders in the nature reserve ... I've seen them. Think of it as adding to the race's pb potential image
  • Latest forecast for Sunday - sunny intervals and a high of 20 deg - should be quite a bit cooler than that at 9.00am though

    Looking good!!

  • I hear the race is full. Any spare numbers going? I'm just coming back from injury and would love to run this as prep for Windsor 1/2.
  • Looking forward to this on Sunday.

    My son and I will be wearing our Reading FC shirts to hopefully celebrate another win over West Ham from Saturday!!

  • Hey, i'm still running this but i've really struggled with my running recently and just never seem to have any energy so can't see me running it well!

    Still i'll give it my best shot and see how it goes!

    Good luck all!

  • Good luck everyone!

    For some reason I've had a spate of bad running this week so fingers crossed I'm enjoying it again on Sunday!

  • It's hard to believe that only a month ago the race finish was under a foot of water and now is looking ready to accept up to 1000 finishers on Sunday!

    Good Luck to all runners taking part in the 4th Reading O2O 10K!.... 

    Cliff Hilton

    Race Director

  • Cheers Cliff. I hope the first part of the route allows the pack to thin out a bit before the pinch points. Oh and I really hope AndyP isn't so disappointed  by the footy today that he doesn't wear his Royals shirt. heh heh.
  • As always, a great event. This one puzzles me slightly. It just kind of appeared from nowhere four years ago, already perfectly formed. None of the teething problems that most new events go through.

    The organizers were kind enough to lay on a cooling breeze this morning, which might be why I was a couple of minutes faster this year than last (in fact a pb for this event, if not the distance).

    Nice goody bag. The snacks have been scoffed, the pen will be used, Muttley Jnr can have the gym bag, and the anti-cellulite cream I don't need so I'll offer it to the ex-wife. image

    Really can't complain about anything, but if I'm going to nitpick the online entry system is a bit ramshackle. Why not use the RW facility?

    Slick organization and great value, as in previous years. I'll be back.

  • I ran this, was a bit disappointed with my time but i haven't been running well recently and have felt low on energy.

    Can't fault the race organisation, i thought it was excellent! I'm sure i'll be back and hoping for a much better time!

  • What a great race!!! Cliff, well done to you and your team for a superbly organised event. Personally I can't fault it.

    6 minutes faster than last year, and only 52 seconds off my PB. Great preparation for the Great North Run at the end of the month

    RLTW, great to see you again. Well done on the run

    See you all next year!! image

  • Having posted a positive rating, can I also join in and say well done to CLiff and team. I really can't think of anything that could be bettered - apart from my running quicker of course, but I'll be back to get even next year.

  • Fantastically organised event. The course is a little too twisty to aid pb hunters, and the weather was a little too hot as well, but still a great event.

    Only gripe was the camera man crouched in the middle of the route as you exited the Abbey ruins, right where you need the extra room to get around the corner without slipping. An accident waiting to happen (I do hope he moved, particularly as I gave him a mouthful)!

  • Results already!

    A round of applause for Mr H and all his team ... a class act.

  • I really enjoyed this although was very nervous before the start as it was my first 10k. Worst bit for me was the running over grass at the very end, prevented me from putting on much of a sprint at the end! Would definitely do this one again.

  • 2 seconds off a PB!!!! NOOOO! But 7 mins quicker than last year! Hoorah!

    Found it tough going again, but well organised and much nicer weather than last year!

  • If Carlsberg organised running races.....

     The best-organised 10K race I've ever done. Hundreds of marshals, hundreds of professionally printed signs, chip timing, excellent medal and goody bag, pleasant route, masses of adjacent parking...

    The one fly in the ointment of this near-perfect event (and it's an astonishing one given that it's organised by Oracle): no automated, online entry system. It's years since I had to send a cheque to enter a race. 2004 I think -- and it was this race then too!

    But apart from that, people should spoil themselves once a year and do this race.

  • Morning folks

    The photos are up on the Marathon Photos site. I look like I'm about to collapse on one of mine, just approaching the finish line, (number 484), but the others are ok for a change

  • Well done to the organisers of this event.  A "big race" feel and enjoyable route.

    My son and I finished together, although he could have gone much quicker (bloomin' 15 year-olds!!), and we got a mention from Dick in the announcers hut on the finish line "father and son crossing the line together" or words to that effect.

    It was nice to run on a different section of the towpath for me too!! 

  • PS - WHAT A MEDAL - WOW!!!!
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