Motivation Needed

I have been running on and off for over ten years now and seem to have got in a bit of a rut.
I used to be an active club runner and have completed many differing challenges throughout the years but in the last nine months or so I have moved to the North Hertfordshire area and due to a lack of motivation and local running contacts the running has dropped off to shall we say a very casual basis.
I am not to keen on joining a club just yet as I think I need to get back in the swing of things and looking at club schedules they all emphasise speed training which plays havoc with my ankles, although I recognise a club is an excellent way of getting back into things.

So, how to rejuvinate my natural love of running and get my backside out the door and additionally are their any non competitive happy herts runners out there who do not over do the speed training???


  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Book a race and train for it.
  • don't bother

    Just give up...

    You're rubbish

    Get over yuorself, put your shoes on tomorrow morning, go for a quick bimble and let us know how you got on....
  • You're asking for a self-pitying slap, John.


    There's many people on here who've overcome feelings such as yours, not to mention illness and injury. Providing you're able to run physically, the rest is mental. Get your head in gear, then get on the gear ;o)

    Get out there for a 'no pressure' jog - and if you don't feel a better person for it afterwards, then come back here for another slap.

  • ok you win

    fresh air wins everytime

    And I got wolf whistled by two young lady's.
  • was it dark?
  • No

    But the lycra shorts probably helped ????
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