Sunday 8th July

I need 9 miles to make 50 this week.

Sister's Birthday yesterday.
Our Wedding anniversary Friday.
And Mum slipped at the swimming baths and broke her leg at the ankle. She's annoyed.

Oh, and I've got permission to enter a race in two weeks time.


  • Blisters: I was just about to start a thread, oh well. Anyway congrats and commiserations. Have you entered Bod 50K?
  • BR suggests a 9am LSD. Hmmm..... doubt it somehow:-0
  • just under 10k with club. was going to run for longer but a bit stiff/sore from yesterday.

    well raced NN and team. also 200mins and team too.

    congrats on the new job scooby!

    BR - you are right - our club handicapper is really very good so we get some exciting races. just about the whole club finished within 2 mins at the 5k one a few weeks ago!

    congrats on your pb hippo!

    sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well nzc - get better soon.

    hope the IMers are managing some sleep. they'll be getting up in a few hours..... eeeeek!
  • What: rest day
    Why: off to the bike track
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: today

    have a good one all you racers
  • Morning,

    M, well run in your handicap race, conditions underfoot did not sound ideal.

    200mins, well run in the relay

    AF, well done in the 5K

    Hippo, good going

    Scooby, congrats on the new job

    Weight loss and running, I am bang on ideal weight now off the high mileage running that I am doing at the moment. However, I start to put the lbs back on if I drop below 80 MPW :o/

    OK, now the Burn Valley Half Marathon. The course record is something like 71.30 and yesterday the guy who won the Brass Monkey Half in 68.49 ran somewhere between 73 and 74 minutes.

    My HR Max is 192 – I wouldn’t normally quote it but it gives a great indication of effort level.

    Mile 1: 5.55 HR Max 168
    Mile 2: 6.21 HR Max 177 some “ups” and running in a small group in 5 to 8th position
    Mile 3: 5.50 HR Max 174 group of 4 has become 3
    Mile 4: 6.36 HR Max 178 group of 3 is now 2
    Mile 5: 6.52 HR Max 175 hellish climbs and sharp declines. I’m being tail gated.
    Mile 6: 7.01 HR Max 177 I step out and then back in behind my shadow. All these climbs are also into the wind and my shadow was getting shelter and “pace” from me. Time for me to hide behind him for a bit.
    Mile 7: 7.05 HR Max 177 I didn’t think it could get any worse than the previous mile time but maybe my shadow was finding it a bit tough battling up the hills into the wind.
    Mile 8: 723 HR Max 175 This hill was so long and so steep. When we eventually got to the top the downhill was arm flayingly fast and the road turned into a course farmers track which did not suit my thin soled racing shoes at all.
    Mile 9: 5.49 HR Max 175 At last we have found some gentle down hill and flat surfaces to run on. Still running with shadow in joint 5th place.
    Mile 10: 6.07 HR Max 175 Still motoring OK
    Mile 11: 5.33 HR Max 173 Shadow seems to be running stronger than me now. I can feel the fatigue in my legs but I hang onto him OK.
    Mile 12: 6.28 HR Max 178 I’m busting a gut to not let shadow get away, I know that I can raise a charge in the last ½ mile if I can only hang on
    Mile 13.1: 6.41 HR Max 178, can’t hang onto him and he slips away from me so I cross the line in 6th place with a time of 1.23.43.

    This was a lung busting, leg sapping brute of a half marathon. The after race cakes, sarnies and refreshments were superb (this was included within the race entry fee).
    Despite being 6th I was presented with 4th overall prize. I really fancied the 1st Vet prize which was a decent amount of Black Sheep ale ;o)

    Today will be –

    What: recovery run, don’t know how far yet.
    Why: see above

    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: 23 days

    Have a good’un
  • Morning all,

    back to the land of internet access - will read back soon. Sounds like a tough race there though Sodahead - glad the cakes were good!

    What: 2 hour ride/1 hour run brick
    Why: should be 4 hour ride but I had to come away without my bike (sob) so am borrowing a bike and adapting
    What else: tracking the IM Austria peeps!

    Good runnings all.
  • welcome home ironMel, hope you had a good break

    congrats to hippo on yet another pb, well done

    hope NZC feeling better today

    sodahead - bit mean of your shadow to use you as shelter from the wind but made for an exciting race, great finish after very hard work

    what - 13 miles
    why - long run
    last hard - 3 days
    last rest - 6 days
    lyrics - i think so
  • Nice run Sodahead. As the race was in the afternoon, was the other guy your 5 o'clock shadow?:-)

    NZC - can you buy that Lydiard t-shirt anywhere. I'd love one!

    Hippo - looking good for a 10k pb.

    Treadmill - you might like to consider 3 of the runners in your list who have done plenty of long slow runs in the past 3 or 4 years and run faster shorter times off them...

    Stuart - thanks for opening the debate. It never does harm to return to old training topics as sometimes peoples' views might alter in the light of experience or further reading.

    AF - you following the Henry Rono weight plan then?:-)

    FL - I agree after a while an obsession with weight loss can lead to a breakdown of muscle mass and your running suffering.

    What: 16 miles am / 4 miles pm
    Why: training not straining:-)
  • Cheers folks,

    BR, 5 o'clock shadow indeed - behave

    Recovery run done. I started by thinking about 16 miles then that lost a 3 mile loop down to 13 miles and then I decided to take the direct route home for the 12 mile option.

    So (and this is for Treadmill), 12 miles at sub 8 minute mile pace - done and dusted.

    Got to move the contents of the inlaws house 100 yards up a street now.

    Have a goodly day all
  • Hmmmm,

    Eight miles this morning before seven and not a soul around. Love running at that time, particularly on a sunday.

    A good day to you all
  • Morning all,

    Like IronMel, I am now back in the land of internet access after a fantastic week's break on the Dingle Penisula in Ireland. Very little running done, I'm afraid, but copious amounts of Guinness consumed along with huge amounts of good food.

    I did do one run while away, and it is worth mentioning because of the setting. I ran along the Inch Strand. This is a very long spit of beach that sticks out of the southern side of the Dingle Penisula. I ran for 2.7 miles before turning back and there was still plenty of beach to go - I gave up because the sand was getting softer and softer. Bit wimpish, I know. But, the outward leg was running towards the Ring Of Kerry on the other side of the water - fantastic view of the mountains. Then, running back, I was running towards the mountains of the Dingle Peninsula - again, fantastic view of the mountains. It's got to be the most scenic run I have ever done.

    But running in sand saps your stamina.

    And today I have done 5.5 miles to start running some of the holiday off.

    Have a good day.
  • Morning..anyone racing today ??

    Soadhead...that sounds one hard half marathon...just reading about "hellish climbs" brings me out in a panic...what a fantastic time for such a hard course ...
    Not had much time this morning..have to go to work this afternoon so not enough for a LSR so will do that tomorrow

    What: 8.5 miles in 72 mins with friend
    Why: its all we had time for ...and we had lots of chatting to do
    Last hard: fri
    Last rest:Thurs
  • Afternoon, just been watching a deluge over here, thinking how glad I am that I wasn't out in it!

    Biked over to watch the Wakefield Tri (Olympic distance) this morning (10M from my house), at Pugneys boating lake, setting off at 7.10am as they were starting early. I managed to cover the 10M in 40mins on my heavy steel-framed mtb so quite pleased with that.

    The event was good excpet for the chaotic system they had for the 4 laps of the grounds for the run part. Runners were supposed to swap coloured bands around their wrists so the marshalls knew which runners were on which lap. There were loads of runners going into the finishing funnel early and being called back. Very confusing!

    What: 22M on the bike, maybe a 2-3M trot this afternoon
    Why: fun and recovery
    Last hard: today, going 32mph and getting flashed by a 'slow down' traffic sign!! (yeeha)
    Last rest: completely on Wednesday

    Nice race Sodahead!
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all!

    Soda - bravo. Sounds a really tough run.

    Hippo - clearly I have some reading back to do. Glad you are making inroads into time. You, for one, have certainly done the training the right way round, and I will watch with interest what happens re times over the shorter distances.

    Me? Back from lazy hols on Ross of Mull, just opposite Iona. No running, but a certain amount of walking. Not on the hills as they never got their heads out of the clouds, but given what the coasts are like, who needs hills for hill training there. For cardiovascular workout I can recommend losing the trail and having to bushwhack(?) for a couple of miles.

    Anyhow, training wasn't the point, but the point was well served. Returned to flatland and keyboard considerably saner than I left.

    This morning: two lots of 2 miles to become re-aquainted with running (legs say: yeah, but what about the up and down bit?). Took a while to figure it out again, but felt good when I did.

    Small note - this was the first post sticks walking holiday that I have done without the sticks. Why - because I forgot them! This in itself is a milestone. I was a little short on confidence on the first walk involving up and down, but legs did the job without assistance of arms, handled it all tolerably well. Yipppeeeeeee!
  • Afternoon all,

    Sodahead: Well done. Just out of interest what %tage of your training runs are in the upper 170s and higher. Enjoy the ale :-)

    Stickless: What a great holiday.

    I did my final major session today, a long walk. Reason for doing so was (1) get some fast power-walking experience in NB150s and (2) build up some confidence.

    As I was walking along a runner was coming the other way. I stepped aside for him and smiled politely. He checked me out (I was in full running kit including GF305) and he must've thought I was some kind of loser since he could see that I had been walking. He actually frowned, how rude! I had good mind to double back and sprint past him.

    After the half way point I made a quick loo stop at a Burger King. Then felt peckish and no-one was being served so I had quick chicken burger, fries and coffee which I ate as I walked back home - I gotta learn to refuel whilst inflight. Then a cyclist came the other way. He rolled his eyes at me and I felt like saying I was ultra-training but my mouth was full.

    What: 13mile walk in 3 hours at about <<60%MHR.
    Why: Final preparations.

    My heels feel sore so I've iced them. Apart from that everything else appears to be ok.
  • welcome home stickless and SGQ - sounds like you both had well deserved relaxing times and recharged those batteries

    well done on keeping calm in the face of provocation NRG, best way to deal with people with attitude problems

    i wonder if you could get a fine for setting off a speed camera on your bike FL? good cycling. tri did sound a bit chaotic, hope they can sort the results ok.
    we watched my mates lanzarote ironman video last night with a curry. well edited highlights or we'd still be there! amazing seeing this event and i have great respect for you guys doing one - i think some are in the process right now!
    on the way home we managed to win 2 tickets to see the damned at bilston a week on wednesday

    i put factor 30 on to go for the long run - forecast was good and it was warm and sunny at 7am. in fact it was dull but pleasant while i ran - did steady 8.30ish miles for the middle 10 after warming up and then last 2 miles a bit quicker. now it's thundering and lashing down again :(
  • Hey hold on guys, (BR,soda), I feel targetted here! Long, sow paced runs certainly do seem to work for you, I just find them harder work than either the pace or distance should entail.

    BTW Soda; great running. Have you done the Buxton 1/2 marathon. If so , how do the hills compare?
  • HI all

    LSD works for me.

    What: 10 miles
    Why: Fancied it
    Last Hard: Friday
    Last rest: 12 days

    Welcome back all holiday makers, SGQ, IM, Stickless.

    Nrg=b must admit I have never practised walking, probably should.

    My July mileage already exceeds June!
  • Hi guys,

    Just watched the cycling, so using that lingo I bonked badly on my attempted lsr yesterday. Should know better than attempting a long run at 3pm with only a bowl of cereal at 10am in me.
    Bit of a domestic as well when I walked in after numerous failed attempts to call home - bl**dy broken pay phones - about 2 hours after expected arrival.
    Bit of a tickly throat yesterday developed into proper ache this morning so training didn't even cross my mind today, watched to Tour pass and F1 and Tour on tv instead.

    What: killing sore throat with alcohol
    Why: it's the forum way apparently (but doesn't work well tbh)
    Last rest: friday
    Last hard: yesterday

    This week is a complete write off, squandered the first half, illness at the weekend.

    DD, great to see you bounce back from illness.
  • Afternoon all,
    Nice to see one of the regular debates up and running again regarding the intensity of ones training!

    I think its possible to run very fast from not doing any speedwork, in fact I know it possible from other clubmates, one who springs to mind and Brilly both know well is Annable Stearns from Invicta, she very rarely does any speedwork, most of her runs are off road over hilly terrain where she pushes the pace a fair bit, she only does around 50-60mpw as well but all is high quality stuff or so im led to beleive.

    I had a recent discussion around 3-4 weeks ago with a much faster runner than myself, who ran alongside me commenting on how strong I was and suggesting my main problem is my lack of doing any threashold type running, since then I have changed my training to actually trying to run all my sessions closer to threashold pace, Ive noticed my times have been coming down steadily over my training runs, my LSR today was over 3mins quicker than 2-weeks ago with me feeling far from great.

    I have noticed my legs being a lot more tired, but as for any problems with injuries so far, non existent! (famous last words!) Im currently running 60-70mpw and performing much better than I did back in jan-march when I was running a slower pace doing 80-90mpw! During August I plan to step up to 70-80mpw keeping the same Intensity to my sessions, will be an intresting exercise I reckon!
  • Ok part two of me post....

    Last night I ran my first Hill session since Jan, 8-reps of a 300-400m incline, felt nice and strong, but it did take loads out of me, more than expected.

    am: 11-miles easy paced run, legs pretty stiff today, but found a good pace mid-run, last two miles tough as usual with the steep climb back home, happy to see a clear improvement in time, around 20sec per mile faster :)

    Aerobic endurance

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    Well done Sodahead on Half Mara.

    Just back for young athletes meet with RFJ Jnr.

    He did -

    800m 2:47.6 (New pb by 8 secs) and came 3rd / 6th he could have won it had he worked on the first lap, but he did great to get a good PB.

    100m 16.4 not a favoured event but needed for the numbers 4th from 4.

    100m relay, ist time got the baton round and team came 5th / 6 (only second string team running) so good team performance.

    One proud Dad, who was avaiding the javlins (spiking) and the hurdles up / down, back, forwrds)

    Me - managed a walked run as per physios instruction for 30mins about 3 miles, no reaction as yet.

    Take care
  • Not sure about Annabelle, Micksta. She regularly runs with our club too and I recall this winter running a hard club run of 9.5 miles under 7min/mile (I actually dropped off the pace on that one) where she said to me "I NEVER run this fast in training". Never might have been a slight exageration, but I can't imagine her talking BS on that tbh, she just too nice...

    We've got another handy marathoner at the club (2.48 not too long ago if I recall correctly) who says 'just get the miles in' as well.
  • clink - I think you can get done for speeding on a bike, after all, motorcyclists get speeding tickets from cameras, don't they?! The speed flashing thing for me was just warning drivers to slow down as there was a populated bit coming up.

    nrg-b - the visions of you walking up the street scoffing tons of Burger King food whilst dressed in full running gear and a Garmin are too hilarious to contemplate!

    Not managed my 2M trot but bought a new (bagless) hoover instead, so I think setting that up and doing the house will be my evening exercise!
  • Imski:
    Hmmm maybe its the Hilly terrain she does then, that would give someone a lot of strength background as her HR would be quiet high at a slower rate of training if that makes sense!

  • Treadmill - Long, sow paced runs certainly do seem to work for you

    Yes but they can be a pig to do if you're struggling:-)

    nrg-b - do you get special feed stations for this ultra? Might have to find a BK with a delivery service:-)

    Micksta - you set out to run your training runs quicker and find you're completing the courses in a faster time! Brilliant logic:-)

    I thought threshold runs were meant to be for one set session per week rather than twice a day every day.

    What: 12 hilly miles @ 8:30 pace
    Why: distinctly un-threshold run and drained of energy:-)

    Might be effects of 70 miles in 6 days in 3rd week of marathon recovery with 2 races in between...
  • Afternoon all,

    Soda: Impressive half.

    RFJ: Well done to jnr.

    FWIW I gave up LSD when I left university, and rarely dip below 7m/m in training. This makes me totally crap at anything less than 26 miles, and marginally less crap at 26.2 miles.

    What: 18m
    Why: Henry Rono diet - well we've been off the beer for nearly the same time.
    Last Hard: Thursday
    Last Rest: 11 days

    Have a good one.
  • Micksta; I'm one of those who suport the type of training of your Invicta lady; no, or very few pure speed/interval sessions, but plenty of pushed or tempo runs.

    What: 5m tempo am; 10 steady(70mins on treadmill) pm.
    Why: for Soda:-))

    BR; yes maybe that's why I shy away from them. I can bare the pain for an hour or so, but the thought of 150mins of pain.....
  • Podro and mellifera just finished Iron man
  • Soda head-well battled

    nrg-i laughed at your post

    i get that lookeven when i am trying to run
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