Justice was done!!!!

I just had to share this with you all.
We have all encounted the odd banter from people while you are running and accept this as part of the course. So please picture this, whilst I was out training tonight on a 11mile run at around 7 miles into the run,I come across abunch of around 15 youths about 16 years of age. I was on the opposite side of the road to them and as I got to the side of them the abuse started quite aggresive at times, not thinking much to this I carried on only to look around my shoulder to find 3 off them chasing me. As they caught me the verbal abuse started again, so I picked up the pace slightly to finafter only 50 mtrs 2 off them had given up, leaving just one of them running at the side of me, he was on the road and my self on the pavement. This little A** hole was getting very agressive and whilst hurling abuse at me the fool failed to look forward as he ran straight into a parked car leaving him screaming in pain and crying with blood gushing from a head wound. The last 4 miles I could not concentrate due to laughing.


  • Very funny, we've all been there I think. You might want to think about changing your route in case the cheeky chappies want to get revenge and turn violent.
  • What - and you didn't stop to help the poor young chap?

    You're a cruel man Graeme.

    Seriously though...

    Mwah hah hah hah hah hah hah!!!!
  • Be careful next time you run this route.
  • Graeme....nicely done mate!

    Take the oozy with you though next time you run the same route....and then enjoy yourself!
  • I think he means machine gun!

    It's strange - I never get any abuse when I run anywhere - I guess I'm lucky - I guess it's because I'm a large built 6'2" copper who is regularly described as having a serious/mean look about me!
  • Uzi I think it's spelt.

    Add that I've learnt more about guns working with teenage boys from rich families than from any other part of my life experience!
  • Crackin' - 'ave some!!!!
  • that's class. I hope all his mates were watching?
  • That has made my morning thanks for that one.
  • Fantstic absolutely brilliant. You should have kicked him in the head a few times though,
  • Awwww dear. I'm gutted for the poor little mite. I hope they got the emergency Nova to him quickly and stemmed the flow of blood with a tightly fitting baseball cap.

    Little w*nkers - I'd love to get one of my regular tormentors on their own - just the once.
  • Just nearly choked on my morning coffee reading this, so life is fair, occassionally
  • How funny is that. I think I might have called the police since he visiously attacked someones car. Hee Hee

    I'd keep off that route for a while, teenagers wounds heal quickly but pride not so fast.

  • absolutely MAGIC!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    serves the little shits right.
    What I also find very amusing is that after runing 7 miles you could still outrun the little f***ers! Well done.
    But yes a do agree with eveyone else, be careful next time you run around there, because you have dented their well inflated pride
  • Tee-hee! Love it! I wouldn't bother changing my route - they'll have forgotten the whole episode by tomorrow. C'mon, let's reclaim the streets.

    Dunno what it is, but I couldn't look much less like a 6'2" copper with a firearm down the front of his trousers, and I rarely get heckled. It could be that by the time the brats have realised that, yes, that scruffy little old woman is moving faster than they are, the opportunity has passed. Or maybe it's because they all know that some day they may have to rely upon me to use enough local anaesthetic before removing their toenail...

  • Yes, good one, if only it could have been cought on camera..he he..

    I very rarely get heckled, but did get some from a group of 12/13 year old boys and girls on Monday night. All very friendly though, 'are you doing the marathon?' and 'don't lift your knees so much'. Not so much heckling as coaching I think
  • On a club training run last night we were joined for a short streatch by two lads ~14 with a can of Bud in one hand and a fag in the other. Both obviously very talented. No abuse though only giggles and banter.

    Don't give up your training route though Graeme, 2 gave up quickly and the other one should be out of action for a while.
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