Indian Queens Half-Marathon

On holiday in Cornwall while this one is on. Read somewhere there are hills a plenty. Anyone out there give further info?


  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    This is definitely a testing course,plenty of nice cornish hills and usually hot,just to make it a bit harder,but with the weather this summer it might be wet.
    The worst hills are at 8m,9m,11m but there is plenty of good running ground.
    This race is part of the cornish gran prix series,so around 350 runners. This race is in its 25th year.See you there,local race for me.
  • KM
    Regular visitor to Cornwall but never done a race down here - looking forward to it, though don't share ur optimism with the weather! Though every time I enter a race the sun seems to come out to make the run that little more difficult. Hope there's a quality t-shirt at the end of it all!
  • i might enter this on the day. did it a couple of years ago and it was tough but good fun. left it a bit late for a postal entry but im up for a marathon in september so it ll be interesting to compare times. the tee shirts ok and when you ve run it you ll wear it with pride
  • Need the t-shirt but not sure I've trained enough. Done some Sunday morning runs of about 7-8 miles, including hills and I ran 10 miles previous weekend. Last half I completed in Mansfield 2years ago! I had less preparation and failed at 10 miles, walking and jogging last 3. Regularly being doin 16-20 miles weekly for last couple of months so just need the weather to be on our side, nice and cool in a.m. then warm rest of week for our hol!
  • TFW, Kessman's weather prediction may be correct?!!? - I'm in Devon, and we call it 'liquid sunshine', but I hope the you get lots of 'dry sunshine' from Sunday afternoon onwards!
    My first time doing this one. Have not really trained well due to injury, so I do hope there are few 2hr plodders jogging around on sunday
  • Rob I'm with you hoping to pip the 2 hour mark, have a pb of 1.56 but feel like yourself not trained long enough on Sundays, but feel confident of plodding round for the glory of the t-shirt
    P.S Not sure about buying a harley re:midlife crisis, just think about the risk assessment & health & safety!
  • Can anyone tell me of the likelihood of places to enter on the day? Down in Newquay on hols, but will have to see what the everyone else is doing before I can commit to the race!!! Hope it's a nice day and they will be happy to spend a few hours on the beach while I plod round the course (2 hours would be a PB for me, so FW and RC2, you have nothing to fear!!).

    Shame if the "mememto" is a tee-shirt. I have loads of tee-shirts that I can't wear because they are all too big - any small sizes have usually run out by the time I get to the end of the race!!

    Hope to see you on the day if I can wangle the childcare!!!!
  • Still
    Understand your concerns over childcare & hols, the wife is very understanding and explained she would like a day where I have all the children while she shops! (Only fair if I'm plodding away for 2 hours) As a larger framed runner I usually find a t-shirt, all the small have gone like you say! If I get in before the 2 hours I'll try & grab u a small t-shirt if there are any!
    Think the chance of sunshine looking very limited, heatwave predicted str8 after run thou me thinks!
  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    Entries up to 290 at the moment 350 limit so probably some on the day entries available?.

    Looks like weather will improve next week,so could be a warm run.There's only been 2 wet runs in the past 24yrs,so hoping we don't add to it.
  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    Well it looks like we will be having a bit of rain on sunday after all.
  • spoke with someone today and said be there early for registration (before 9am) but should be ok to get in.. :)
  • KessmanKessman ✭✭✭
    The 25th Queens 1/2marathon turned out to be another sucessful event.The weather even decided to be nice,but rather hot, just to make things a little tougher for those taking part.
    A record field of 346 completed the event.
    Hope everyone enjoyed the day.
    Results can be found on the TamarTrotters web site.
  • A great day out, well organised great atmos and great support throughout the race. With the heat and the hills I did not perform at my best and had chance to talk to fellow strugglers from Plymouth and Cornwall. I must book next years summer holiday to coincide with this race- Its not going to beat me next year!! ??
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