Had a hernia op 3 weeks ago. Can anyone advise me on a "returning to running program" etc .... etc... and exercise to strenghten core muscles without resulting in another hernia.

Prior to injury I was running a sub 3.30
marathon but this was 11 months ago.




  • I suffer with M.E/Chronic fatigue which regularly causes me to crash and not train for some time. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is a runner but also fighting against this illness.
  • Helen,

    You might be best starting a new thread since the people who may be able to help are unlikely to look at a hernia thread.
  • Hi Nigel

    What sort of hernia was it, and how are you feeling now?

    Helen, please do start another thread as there are several people who hang out on this board who will have personal insights to offer, or who will find your own experience of coping with CFS as an athlete to be of help to them.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I suffer from M.E/Chronic Fatigue which not surprisingly has a debilitating effect on not only my running but my life in general. I would be intersted to hear of anyone else who has suffered from this illness and whether they have made a successful return to running/
  • Nigel
    could try one of those slendertone devices (either Gents for abdomen, or ahem, thighs and buttocks version)
    and/or Pilates/ Swiss ball stuff preferably under skilled supervision
  • Helen,

    You need to start a new thread. As V-rap points out, there are people in the forums who have been through what you're going through. Unfortunately, it is unlikely they'll find you on this thread.

    Go into "Injury" then click on "start new thread" The top line is the title (You could simply type M.E. if you wanted), and the bottom line is optional but I'd write something along the lines of "help wanted". Rewrite what you've put on this thread in the box and away you go. Good luck and I hope you get some useful information. I'm sure you will which is why you shouldn't be languishing here.
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