Langham 10km

Hi, I am running this one on 22nd September, its near to Colchester, apparently it is quite a fast course, anyone else fancy it?


  • Comeon someone else must be running this one, or will I get the trophies all to myself!
  • How flat is it?
    Flat with hills or flat as in flat?
  • oops, hi Pizza man, i must have missed your message the other week, Lyn and Fozzie drove the course yesterday and say that it really is reasonably flat, there is a downhill and uphill in the 2nd km, and a slow climb at about 7km, otherwise very flat, and judging by last years times very fast too....

    Fancy it?
  • I would love to do it NN but have had my pass taken away & will not be able to travel, so I'll have to stay local on the 22nd. I was realy looking forward to a flat 10k before the end of the year, just to see what I'm capable of. Never mind.

    Hows it going for Windsor? I see from the uphill downhill thread that you're simalar to me. I'm abit worried about how "undulating" it is. Still on for sub 1.30?
  • I believe that the only "real" uphill is in the first mile along the Long Walk, so it shouldnt be too bad, especially as the last mile will then be downhill!

    A sub 1:30 is certainly on, I tend to go off a bit quick and hang on towards the last few miles, are you good at pacing or do you run similar to this?
  • That's me exactly. I don't know how fit i am at the mo' so I'll just have to see what the god of running has in store for me. I'll make a sacrifice on the morning of Windsor to try & gain his/her favour.

    That last mile sounds like fun, lets hope we've got enough left to realy pelt it .
  • I feel at about 95% at the moment, so as long as I feel like this on the day then I am sure that sub 1:30 will happen. We are planning on getting there for about 10.30am so will be very relaxed by the start of the race.

    I look forward to the two of us pushing each other towards maybe a 1:28 with a nice sprint finish also :)

    Am not too sure about being able to see the finish from 1.2 miles away, that will be strange!
  • Superb, got my number through this morning, after last nights 5km PB I am really looking forward to this one.
  • Well done on the 5k PB, and good luck with Langham and Windsor. I'll be doing the Ingatestone 5 on Sunday so will not be able to make Langham.

    Also I have just noticed that I have the first 5 mile Metropolitan x/c race the day before Martleshamj, so that looks very shakey at the moment.

    I noticed on your website that you also have some Suffolk based x/c races. Are these open to anyone and are they part of a series?

    All the best

  • NN,

    Lamb is doing this race, although she has no acccess to the forum at the moment.

  • All the best to everyone in this race tomorrow, including, Lyn, Fozzie, Lamb, SlowButSure, and of course to myself :)
  • Just logged on to send you an email NN so had a quick look at the forum while I'm on and saw this thread.

    I aim to be there tomorrow but have been a bit sniffly today. I'll make a final judgement in the morning but should be ok.

    Looking forward to it - good luck to all

  • Well, what an excellent result for us all, havent got the official times yet but we all got PBs, somewhere in the region of the below times,

    Nattynoodle 39:17
    SlowMike 46:25
    SlowButSure 48:26
    Fozzie 48:30
    Lyn 50:25

    Unfortunately Lamb was not able to make this race in the end.

    I think it would be fair to say that we are all very happy, and will be off out down the pubs later :)

    Well done to all, and it was great to meet you at last Mike.

    Lets see what we can all do at Martlesham 10km in 3 weeks time!
  • Well done one all, congrats on your PBs.
  • Good warm-up for the Windsor half next weekend too
  • Official times now in at the scaa website. 46:26 for me. Well pleased with that.

    Excellent race I thought. Well organised and even an unexpected memento!

    Nice to meet you at last NN and SBS. Nice to meet you too Lyn and Fozzie.

    See you at a future race. Still aiming to do Martlesham but I have a clash of dates since we spoke this morning with a christening. I need to work around this somehow but not sure how yet.


  • Well done to all of you I was doing the Ingatestone race (see seperate thread)so couln't be with you. Did SBS run it twice??

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